8 Effective Tips for Using a Golf Laser Rangefinder in a Better Way

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8 Effective Tips for Using a Golf Laser Rangefinder in a Better Way

There are variety of laser rangefinders available in the market that often confuses on how they should be used and how users can make the best use of it.8 Effective Tips for Using a Golf Laser Rangefinder in a Better Way

It is normally believed that laser rangefinders are complicated devices that need some practice before you can master the art of gauging the distance through it.

Laser rangefinders are common in a competitive sport like golf and we believe that most golfers are good at how to handle it, but that’s not always true.

These small devices have become an important part of golfers around the world because they work on batteries and therefore they don’t need to be charged everyday and they can fit in easily in the bag and works perfect on any golf course in the world.

However, laser rangefinders need some practice to master it and here are some effective tips that can help you to use it in an easier way.

Designed for Golf

A better way to use laser rangefinder is to buy the ones that are designed for golf.

If you are a newbie you need to know that there are certain brands that come up with laser rangefinder designed for the game of golf.

Hence, you can start by looking for the best golf laser rangefinder that provides better features that you can use it in a simple way before you shoot for the pin or prepare for your drive off the tee.

It also simplifies your work by calculating the distance at the push of a button.

Some of the top brands that produce these spectacular laser rangefinders are Bushnell, Leupold and Callaway.

Few laser rangefinders are designed for hunting and other activities and therefore they are not built to locate a golf flag or pin easily, although they have the capability to locate it after setting it correctly.

It is recommended that you read golf laser rangefinder reviews in order to buy the best ones.

Watch Video Tutorials

If you don’t know how to use a rangefinder all you need to do is look out for some tutorials on how to use it on YouTube or any other online website.

There are many websites that not just review it, but also show demonstration of how to use it, and the best features of the laser rangefinder you’re interested in.

These video tutorials are self-explanatory and it can help you master the art of using these rangefinders quickly.

Read the Manual

These rangefinders come with manual that you can read to know more about the model you bought.

This will help you to understand different parts of the device and understand how you need to operate it to get better experience.

If you haven’t received the manual, you may look for it on the manufacturer’s website where you can get the online version of the manual which you can download it for referring it whenever you need help.

Try Out the Features

One of the best ways to get used to the golf laser rangefinder is to try using it frequently. It is important for you to get accustomed to the features and button that are provided on it.

There are various settings that you need to keep in mind to make use of the technology that’s built-in the device.

You may watch the tutorials and read the manual that comes along and then try out the features so that you get better hang of it before you take it on the golf course.

You also need to understand various terms and technicalities that are associated with using the device which will help you to get a clear understanding of how to use its features.

You need to be patient and understand the features and technology of the device, so take your time to learn it well.

Recommended Products

Focus at Large Targets

These particular rangefinders are designed to help you calculate the distance wherever you point it and therefore you can start with larger objects or targets right outside your home.

Pick any home or garage or a local store and practice using the device with ease.

If you have problems handling it, you can read the manual and retry it again until you get used to focusing at the large targets that are not too far away .

Go for a Practice Game

A better way to try it out for the first time is that you use it on a practice game that will allow you to use your new device without any game to lose.

Practice games are designed to improve your skills and you can use laser rangefinders for such games where you don’t have to bother about winning or losing.

Even if you take time to calculate the distance, there is no hurry because it is just a practice match after all.

You may focus at large pins or flagsticks that are closer to you and that way you will be able to gain confidence on using the rangefinder device appropriately.

Be Patient

It is quite understandable that once you have your rangefinder, you sort of become anxious to master it and learn the art of calculating distance so that you can win some golf games and showcase your sporting talent.

However, you need to be patient because it takes a little practice to get consistent readings and determine the correct distances to help you get to those wins.

Initially, don’t be too hard on yourself if the calculations are wrong and if you missed it by a fraction. This happens to all golf players initially.

Do Pre-Game Research

Half the battle is gained by being prepared. Golfers are not just dependent on their laser rangefinders, but also on their research and knowledge about the location.

This allows them to make accurate calculations that help them win big games. Always research more about the location and the golf course which will help you to understand whether your readings are right or wrong.

If you believe its not accurate, you may try it one more time before you take the shot.


Golf laser rangefinders are available in different brands and designs and they have technological features that allow you to make the most of your golf game.

However, it requires some amount of patience to try out the features and get used to it so that you can use it effectively on the golf course to convert those games into memorable wins.



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