Bushnell Excel Golf GPS Watch Review : Tournament Legal GPS Golf watch

Bushnell Excel Golf Gps Watch Review

The new Excel Golf GPS watch is the latest addition from the Bushnell Company.Bushnell Excel Golf GPS Watch Review

The company has gone back to the drawing board to come up with an impressive watch that will give you an amazing performance.

The watch now has some additional new features that make it better than the previous version. It is an amazing watch to use based on how many people are buying it.

Even from the first look, it is easy to fall in love with this watch. It is aesthetically pleasing and with a sleek design.

The sleek design does not mean that the durability of the watch is compromised. It is still as hardy as any other watch from the Bushnell Company.

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Bushnell Excel Review :- Features

Bushnell Excel Golf GPS Watch, Charcoal Excel Golf GPS Watch

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  • Bluetooth allows for wireless course updates & smartphone notifications
  • Long battery life - play 3 rounds before charging
  • Preloaded with 36,000+ courses in 30 countries
  • Color display with auto brightness adjustment
  • Easy-to-read front/center/back distances

The GPS watch comes with over 35,000 preloaded courses. You do not need any more downloads and membership forever. It is dubbed as the lightest Golf GPS watch worldwide because of the material used to make it.

It can display the front, back, and center distance to the green. The watch easily makes an auto course update to give you the right distances with a simple press of a button.

The Bushnell Excel Golf GPS watches come with a long battery life that can last for 3 rounds of golf.

The battery can offer a battery life of 2 years when the GPS watch is used only in the watch mode.

With the USB port found on the watch, it is easy to sync the watch to your personal computer and offer quick course updates.

With a straightforward manual, it is easy to set up the watch and start using it. The watch comes with a one-year limited warranty.



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The benefit of Using Bushnell Excel

The most notable feature of these Bushnell Excel Golf GPS watches is that they do come with over 35,000 preloaded golf courses. This means that you do not have to pay an additional fee to download the courses to your GPS watch.

Many golfers would want such a watch, as it would have information about the most golf courses they will play on during their careers.

The other best part is that there are no membership fees when using these watches. You get to enjoy using the golf watch without worrying about the monthly fees.

The watch has an impressive auto course recognition capability to make it easy to find your current course from the 35,000 preloaded courses.

Think about the time it would take you to scroll through such a large number of courses. All that is eliminated by using this feature.

With a new watch, it comes with new features and capabilities. Most people would be worried about how to use the watch.

This best golf watch, however, has some easy ways on how to use it. You can easily explore the features and set the watch to whatever setting you want.

The Bushnell Excel Golf GPS watches are light, durable, and comfortable to wear. Sometimes you might find watches that are quite heavy making it hard for the golfer to use them for a long time because of the weight.

Since it is durable, you can always use it for a number of years before thinking about repairs to the watch.

The watches offer different types of modes a person can use. There is the time mode, which displays the time, date and day. The other modes of operation include Play Golf Mode, Tee Time, Hazard distances, Menu Screen, and Odometer Mode.

The watch is waterproof to ensure that you do continue playing your golf even when there is an interruption of rain. With long battery life, it is more reason why golfers love to use this watch for their golfing needs.

The Bushnell Excel GPS watches do lack the important feature of tracking score and statistics. The watches also present a clunky process for the initial course database update process.

If you are looking for the latest version from Bushnell, then you can have a look at Bushnell Neo ION 2 Watch, we reviewed it here.

Customer Score

Most golfers would want a watch that offers them as much information as possible.

The Bushnell Excel Golf GPS watches have proved to offer a lot of valuable information to help the golfers have an easy time on the golf course.

Most golfers have managed to have a great time when it comes to playing their golf on the new course thanks to such watches.

For such reasons, it is easy for the watch to have an impressive score of high stars.

Care and Maintenance of the Bushnell Excel Golf GPS Watch

From the features, it is easy to learn that the Excel watch is durable and waterproof, however, there are some maintenance tips you should consider in order to keep it working properly.

You should avoid exposing the watch to the extreme environmental conditions for long periods of time. Avoid the cases of severe impacts on the watch if possible.

Always clean the watch with a soft, damp cloth to avoid any cases of scratching the screen. Brush the clip contact found at the bottom of the watch occasionally.

Sometimes dirt can build up leading to some problems with charging and data transfer.

You are not to expose the watch to chemicals such as gasoline and alcohol, as they can easily damage the watch. Always store the watch in a dry place whenever not in use.

Bushnell Excel Review :- Pros And Cons


  • More than 35,000 golf courses.
  • Auto course recognition.
  • Free updates
  • Long battery


  • Stats can’t saved.
  • Slow in updates


Bushnell Excel Review:- Conclusion

With the new Bushnell Excel Golf GPS watch, you do get many perks that are not available on other watches. The watches come with an impressive number of preloaded courses making it easy to play golf on a new course.

The fact that you do not need to pay an additional fee to get the updates, expect to find more people buying these watches.

The watch itself is great based on the number of features it offers such as better battery life, accurate course positioning, and many others. There is no golfer who would give a pass to such a watch.


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