Peakpulse Rangefinder Review (6Pro Slope Version)

Hello golfers! The Peakpulse Rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders that I see on the market right now.

You wouldn’t know that by the price though.  I had the opportunity to take this bad boy out for a couple of rounds.

To make this review seems unbiased I’m going to have to think of something to say that isn’t overwhelmingly positive.  

Read further down for my “scathing negative remarks”. But really, this rangefinder comes with a load of features:

Peakpulse Rangefinder Review:- Features

PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder

Last updated on July 22, 2023 03:10

  • 2021 Industry-Leading Golf Rangefinder with Slope: Built in slope technology gives you an adjusted distance based on the hole’s incline/decline and helps you select the correct club for the shot. Slope-Switch technology lets the golfer easily toggle in and out of our patented slope function for legal tournament play.

  • Flag Acquisition with Pulse Vibration Technology: Flag Acquisition Technology makes it effortless to lock on to the flag (even for those with shaky hands). Flag Acquisition with Pulse Vibration Technology provides the golfer with a short vibrating burst to verify the laser has locked onto the flag verifying that you have the right distance. With Pulse Vibration technology all doubt will be eliminated.

  • Fast Focus System: Even with glasses on, you will not have any issues adjusting the focus to see the target clearly, simply turn the eye piece to focus on your target. To help save battery the rangefinder will automatically shut down after 8 seconds of inactivity. To turn it back on, simply press the power button again.

  • It is the perfect combination of size, speed, accuracy, and verification. Built with crystal clear optics, 6X magnification, and precise technology, the 6 Pro Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder produces quick yardage to the flag and is extremely easy to use. Accurate to 1 Yard, Ranges 6 to 500 yards, 6X Magnification.

  • What You Get: 1x 6Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder, 1x Carrying Case, 1x CR2 Battery, 1x Instruction Manual, 1x Lanyard, 1x Cleaning Cloth, 2-year Warranty and Lifetime Customer Support. (905nm Class 1 laser with less than 0.5 mW average power output)

Simple Design

The unit fits well in the hand and is easy to use. Soft-touch buttons for stable operation – None of these clunky radio buttons here. Worse yet are the rangefinders that don’t have buttons.Peakpulse Rangefinder Review slope

This rangefinder is easy to use and it is accurate. It quickly locks onto flagstick and gives consistent and reliable readings. 

The Peakpulse Pulse is water-resistant, weighs about 150 grams, and is 4”x 3” x1.5” in size.

Sleek and practical, there is no necessary clutter.

Many devices out there feel like you need a mechanical engineering degree to work properly.

This isn’t one of them. If you like a simple and functional this is a rangefinder.

Easy Toggle

Easy toggle between yard and meter measure option. Not everyone uses yards or vice versa. Gone are the days of rangefinders where you couldn’t switch.

The mode button is right next to the button you use to get the yardage and it’s really easy to change the mode if you would like to toggle between yards and meters.

However, since the Meter/Yards button is close to the activation button. So you may accidentally switch from Yards to Meters and vice-versa if you’re not careful.

Slope Switch Peakpulse Rangefinder Review slope switch

Its easy-to-use Slope-Switch technology lets you easily toggle the slope function for legal tournament play.

You would also like the slope indicator to be pretty accurate and would love the vibrating feature when it finds the pin.

With Peakpulse rangefinder you can see the true distance and slope adjusted distance on the same screen. This is a nice functionality to have in this low-cost rangefinder. 

Its Built-in slope technology with Slope Adjusted Distance On/Off switch for USGA Tournament play, gives you an adjusted distance based on the hole’s incline/decline and helps you select the correct club for the shot. 

A+ for Accuracy

Peakpulse Rangefinder Review flag-onA rangefinder doesn’t do much for you if it isn’t very accurate.

 Many devices are decent when you are close enough not to need them.

But the Peakpulse Pulse has a good range, and as far as I could tell, very accurate.

 The box says it is accurate on a 400 Yard general range/250-yard range to flag.

The flag acquisition works really well and the vibration on the lock is solid and works well.


More magnification than you will ever need – 6x Magnification (plus adjustable focus).

It has an awesome zoom feature with clear optics.

However, You have to keep a very steady hand if you are even going to use the 6X.

From what I could tell it had great battery life. It has good battery backup and lasts long enough for regular usage. 

Doesn’t hurt that it comes with a fully charged battery (CR2 3 volt).


The scan mode on the Peakpulse Rangefinder is pretty fun. The scan mode picks up the closest object.  

This helps with the speed and accuracy of the measurement. On top of that, this mode has a Vibrate Mode.

You can choose from General mode or Flag Lock mode. This is great for novices. It also has a crosshair/flag lock display which makes things a lot easier as well.


The Peakpulse Rangefinder Is a Serious Rangefinder

The Peakpulse Rangefinder is not for the granny golfer. This rangefinder could easily be used for the I’m-going-to-golf-every-day-no-matter-what golfer or the competition player.

It really is just one of the most amazing, inexpensive devices you can find on the market today.

I suppose the Peakpulse Rangefinder could also work for the leisure and infrequent golfer.

Don’t throw your money away on the $300-$400 newest rangefinder.

If you are buying a rangefinder with all the whistles and bells, you’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference between your top-of-the-line doodad and the Peakpulse Rangefinder.

There’s nothing I don’t love about this rangefinder and there is no reason I wouldn’t recommend it. I know that I’m not on the PGA tour but it perfectly suits my needs when I am out on the course.

Peakpulse Rangefinder Review – Video

Peakpulse Rangefinder Review – Pros & Cons.

Peakpulse Rangefinder Review (6Pro Slope Version) 1


  • Accurate
  • 6x zoom
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Quick lock-on with vibration feedback
  • Slope-switch for for USGA Tournament play
  • Great battery life
  • Low cost
  • clear optics
Peakpulse Rangefinder Review (6Pro Slope Version) 2


  • Intermittent issues with accuracy
  • Not for very long range

Peakpulse Rangefinder Review:- FAQs

Peakpulse Rangefinder Review:- Conclusion

The Peakpulse Rangefinder is compact and lightweight with high-quality performance. It is everything you need for Breaking 80.

If there is one thing it needs improvement on it is the stabilizer when it is fully zoomed in.

It is likely that no one is ever going to need it at 6X, but my 70-year-old father had a hard time holding it steady from a Par 5.

But we were just trying to find something we didn’t like about it.

 If there is criticism, that is it. However, I still think it is well worth the price and can be comparable to many of the costlier models you can buy.

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Peakpulse Rangefinder Review (6Pro Slope Version)
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