6 Health Benefits of Playing Golf


Top 6 Health Benefits of Playing Golf

The scientific studies demonstrate that any sort of physical activity or sport has a positive impact on your lifestyle.

It can cast long lasting favorable effects on your health in terms of keeping chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, depression and cardiovascular diseases at bay.6 Health Benefits of Playing Golf

More particularly in young people it can assist in development of healthy bones, efficient lung and heart functioning and also promote improved cognitive function and motor skills.

Remaining physically active in any form like walking, jogging or playing any sport like golf can keep elderly and middle aged people functionally independent thereby improving their quality of life.

Playing golf has a lot of benefits on your health and heart. Known to be a leisure game of the rich and the famous, it is played in plush greens which enable a golfer to have a good long walk while taking pleasure of the niche sport.

Burns calories

Golf can be played by people of all age groups and abilities and this beautiful feature of golf makes it a unique sport.

It is played on a large course spanning to approximately 200 acres and taking a round of the course means walking five to seven kilometers and burning around 1000 calories.

Imagine the amount of calories you can burn by just playing golf three to five times a week and carrying your clubs along.

Increases endurance

Once you start burning your calories, you begin on a wonderful journey of losing weight and staying fit. You can see the difference how it has improved your muscle tone and increased your endurance.

If you play golf regularly, walking on the course with clubs will not make you feel fatigued easily and provide the necessary overload to improve your endurance over a period of time.

So when you get a chance to play on a hilly course, you will be fitter to climb up and down the elevations at much ease even in late stage rounds.

You will have the stamina and endurance to hit the ball on Hole 18 with same velocity you hit Hole 1.

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Strengthens bones

Golf can play a major role in making your bones healthy and help in averting risks of bone related diseases like osteoporosis thereby enhancing the bone renewal system.

As women are more prone to bone fractures on falling than men, walking and swinging hands while making a shot make a great exercise to strengthen your muscles, assists in maintaining balance and making you less susceptible to falling.

You also benefit by absorbing a lot of Vitamin D while playing in the sunshine which is very essential to keep bones from fragmentation.

Reduces stress

Studies have shown that golf helps in reducing stress level of a player to a significant level.

Stress is the root cause of all the health related issues in today’s world and playing golf can be great in alleviating stress as you tend to interact and play with like minded people who make you forget your worries.

Walking in the green and pleasant surroundings of the course with friends is a good way to enhance your positivity.

It is said that playing golf releases endorphins in our brain and makes you more cheerful and relaxed by remaining connected with the playing community.

Improves mental health

Once you feel less stressed in your mind by mingling with friends on the field, you will see amazing results how it has helped you develop a positive outlook of things.

Once negativity gets eliminated from life, you tend to enjoy and live every moment without complaining and regretting . It thus promotes better sleep and a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Longer life

With so many positive things in your life like regular exercise, walking, disease free body, reduced stress, positive outlook, profound sleep and above all a healthy mind, your body can survive many years without becoming a burden on anybody.

You can live a longer, healthier and life of your choice by playing golf.

Being a low injury and a leisure sport as compared to other strenuous sports, golf is now becoming increasingly popular in all parts of the worlds.

An awesome combination of mind play and physical activity, golf can be a big contributor in your overall well-being.

So stay healthy and happy by playing golf and encourage others as well to join you on the pleasant greens.

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6 Health Benefits of Playing Golf

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