Should I Get A Rangefinder With Slope


Should I Get A Rangefinder With Slope? Are Slope Rangefinders Worth It?

When one is planning to buy a hi-tech device such as a Golf Rangefinder for his loving sport, one juggles to find answers to many questions.

Since it involves a considerable investment, deciding to choose one with most useful features will take quantum of your time.Does Having a Slope in Your Golf Rangefinder do any Good

Out of many features such as range covered, clarity, compactness, ease of operation and water proven, the most technical point is to decide upon having a slope version or a standard one.

A lot of in-depth study is needed on how to best use this feature as the slope version comes with a lot advantages and disadvantages too.


  • If you are a beginner and focusing on improving your skills, using a gadget with a slope version will help you exactly measure the distance as well as the slope of the course.
  • Though this is strictly prohibited in tournaments, there is no harm in using it in practice and casual sessions to make better and improved shots.
  • Trees, waterfalls and buildings too count for major hurdles in the game and so if you are a pro, you can easily gauge and assess possible distances between handicaps on the ground before you tee off in the actual game.
  • Apart from just slope , you can even gauge the weather and wind condition in advance saving you enough time before adjusting your angle and shot on the course.
  • The device is so quick that it first gives you  the measurement of distance  from the flagstick followed by an instant pop up showing yardage by taking slope into account, if any.
  • The action is so quick that it lessens your time in taking a right decision on where to play your range.
  • It helps you assess best angles to strike so you can make a calculated shot every time.
  • Knowing every nook and cranny of the ground before making shots will help player soar success and fame in golf community.
  • Some of the courses are purposely designed to make winning a very difficult task for golfers.
  • The slope feature helps one to play with confidence on an elevated or a new ground, making winning easier than those using a standard version only.


There a couple of flaws also and one should keep them in mind while planning a purchase:

  • The rangefinder with a slope need to be accurately balanced and held still in hands while taking the measurement.
  • Any shakiness in your hand will give unreliable results leading to inaccurate shots.
  • The expensive range of slope versions do not make it a very pocket friendly option for every golf lover.
  • Some of the popular brands have come out with very heavy and bulky pieces making it very tedious to carry it through the whole game.
  • Apart from one time big investment, its high cost of maintenance and repair is another factor one should be mindful of. So if you are on a low budget better go for a standard version.
  • If you are seeking to participate in the international competition, then practicing it on the slope version will reduce your manual assessment of slopes on the course, hence reducing your chances to win.
  • These high tech devices are completely banned in such tournaments hence over dependence on this feature will handicap your abilities.

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In the conclusion, one must be guided by his own judgment after weighing all pros and cons.

Remember, it is you who is playing in the field and you deserve the best golf laser rangefinder whether it is with or without a slope feature.

Choose the one you can operate with ease and grace and not let technology be a stumbling block in the game.

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Should I Get A Rangefinder With Slope
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