How To Choose The Right Shaft For My Driver 1

How To Choose The Right Shaft For My Driver?

  One of the most important decisions in choosing the best golf driver for you is the shaft option. Using a golf driver with an improper shaft can adversely affect distance, accuracy, and trajectory of your drives. The shaft is often mistakenly referred to as the “engine” of a golf club. In fact, it is …

What’s a Gap Wedge

What’s a Gap Wedge

When you want to cover a distance that the sand wedge or pitching wedge cannot accomplish because of being too long or too short, gap wedge is the ideal wedge

8 Steps To Perfect Golf Pitching

8 Steps To Perfect Golf Pitching!

A golfer always strives to improve his scores by overcoming his handicaps. One must not get swayed by the quick tips and clever ways without getting the fundamentals clear in order improve your skills.