Kids Golf: Sports and Fun -Things You Might Overlooked!

Kids Golf: Sports and Fun

Kids at four, five, and six ages make fun with simple activities: playing miniature; throwing balls; bicycling; hanging out with friends while soaking themselves in the rain, and get dirt all over the body at muddy puddles.

These activities paint smiles on every child’s face.

While others are developing their motor skills in those few of the many activities, some kids are missing such fun!


They have other ways of developing their skills and at an early age, spend most of their time becoming the best players. They have their other unique way of having fun! Sports!

Pretty serious, huh?

Kids Golf

Yes! Some kids are into sports at a very young age. And have you ever met champions in different Sports?

Most of them are into their chosen Sports before they reach the age of 10!

And as they grow older, they become more passionate about Sports, and well, they are groomed to be great players!

Now let’s take a look at how you can prepare your kid to be like Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus in the near future!

10 Ways Children Play and Learn Golf.

1. Offer all the resources to a kid who needs to be introduced to golf at an early age.

2. Recruit friendly coaches who can help kids love such Sport and not just merely chasing white balls and hit them.

3. Let Children get the chance to play with other players of the same age and with the same level of skills.

4. Encourage young ones to be the best player that they can be.

5. Let young golfers/beginners play on yardages appropriate to their age and level.

6. Find & take your family to family courses where kids and other family members can play and bond together while learning.

7. Offer a kid-friendly learning program.

8. Plan to Include local tours where children are introduced to kiddie tournaments and meet friends who are also golf lovers.

9. Custom design golf equipment that best suits children.

The Benefits of Golf To Children

Are your kids love to be with you when you play golf? Do they exhibit interests in such Sports? Well, you must have to know the benefits Golf could offer to your children. Check this out!

Social Skills Development

Young people nowadays mostly spend their time with gadgets, forgetting that they also need to socialize. In playing golf, they’ll have the chance to hang around with friends and meet new faces. This could improve their social skills.


Because golf has certain rules to follow during the game, young ones are trained to follow rules. Such attitude could also be applied in other walks of life.

Because golf has certain rules to follow during the game, young ones are trained to follow rules. Such attitude could also be applied in other walks of life.

Spending Time with Nature

Since golf is played outdoor, children and teens are able to spend time with nature and soon value the environment. Locking on one’s room with movies and online games would be minimized which is also good for them.

Promotes Good Health

Physically, golf helps children stay fit. On the other hand, golf also helps children become psychologically healthy. This could be their way of distressing themselves.

Playing in a safe environment

There are nothing more safe places for your children to play than the golf course. The game promotes personal responsibility and doesn’t lead to a single idea of mischief or non-constructive activities.

Moreover, responsible adults are always found keeping an eye on most junior golfers, then, there would be many eyes roving around children in the golf course.

Learn to Manage one’s emotion

Golf could be a very tough game. If one can just hit without making a good shot, it’s going to be so frustrating.

And because your kid really wants to succeed in golf, he/she is going to learn to manage his/her emotion and learn to manage to keep going.

Helps children prepare for business

Starting and running a business needs wise decisions and great strategies. Through playing golf at an early stage, children’s skills in decision making, planning, and formulating tricks and strategies would be honed. Not just in business! Those skills are necessary for all areas of life.

Assuming responsibility

There would be no teammates, so, it’s you and your golf ball alone in the game. Whatever happens to your shots and your ball, it’s your responsibility. No room for blaming others!

Spend quality time with family

Fact: most junior golfers are children of adult golfers. Parents, who share the same passion with children also become so excited with their children’s swings. And of course, they are often caught cheering for their kids. This makes this Sport a great time for family bonding.

Playing golf close at home

Kids do have a lot of needs, hence, it’s best that they engage in activities closer to home.  Local tours where children get the chance to participate in tournaments to places not far from their homes.Kids Golf Sports and Fun -Things You Might Overlooked!

By participating in the kiddie tournament, young players would experience how it’s like to be in a real game.

Did you know that there are many kid’s golf academies that conduct Kids Golf Tournaments for kids to experience a real game? Yes, they do! Check out the different tours where your children can be encouraged to participate:

Local Tours: 

This is the perfect venue for parents to introduce golf where children get the chance to participate in games closer to their homes.

Aside from the comfort that parents can give to their children where needs are easily addressed, familiar faces around the same city could be possible, hence, helping children to be at ease on their first golf sessions.

Regional Championships:

This is not just an ordinary tournament where the game is merely the activities. In regional championships, families get the chance to bond aside from games. It is held in multi-day invitational activities participated by families. It’s more than just a game of golf, you could say!

Assistance to parents of tournament newbies:


Not all young golfers have parents who are golfers too. Some are not and do not understand the golf thing at all.

It could be that their children just found golf too fascinating, that without their parents’ encouragement and not as golfers, they pursue such sports.

If you are parents like them, here’s the help from the kids’ golf academy! You can be assisted to familiarize golf through basic sessions. This is for you to understand your children’s passion and help them achieve in such Sports.

Tips in Choosing Golf Clubs

Admit it! Our parents are hesitant to buy golf clubs for our not-so-little ones! Why? Because we always think of how this stuff could make our children happy and satisfied and… well, we always want to please them as they embark in their journey in golf.

We all look for comfortable shoes to wear on a certain occasion. Sporty, Casual, Formal, School, or even for just simply strolling around town.

Looking for golf clubs is likely looking for your own shoes.

And because we like to give as much comfort as possible to our children, we also apply such tips in choosing golf clubs for our kids.

Now: Pick a Golf Club like Picking out your Shoes.

1. Length matters!

Just like measuring the size of your foot, we also need to measure the kid’s size in choosing a golf club that fits his height.

By measuring the height, you get to select the right length of the club: not too long and not too short.

2. Lightweight Rocks!

One thing I for sure: Your child would complain about a heavyweight club and that makes him produce a better golf swing. Just like length, the weight of the club really matters.

3. Flex Too Matters!

Here’s how:

Picking up a golf club with the right flex makes your child’s every game great!

With the right flex, your child could launch a good trajectory and of course, it could maximize distance. A very stiff club’s shaft gives your child difficulty at hitting.

Kids Golf Academy: Unleashing Kids’ Passion in Golf

Most of the kid’s golf academies are committed to serving every member of the family. Yes! Not just the kids but also the parents. Most of the programs will be unique so that every student enjoys golfing while developing their ultimate skills.

Benefits? Here’s what:

Your child will learn golf essentials through proven models of learning appropriate to his/her age. Believe it or not: at their age, they get to learn simple yet effective golf swings.

They’ll be introduced to basic goals through planning booklets. And what makes it more special? Golf becomes a family endeavor because everybody in the family will involve themselves in assisting the kids.

5 Reasons Why Golf Academy is good for your Kid

1. Children can learn best when they are with groups of almost the same age.

As children are starting to develop their socialization, they like it best when they are surrounded by people of the same level. To play in the course with children with the same passion would likely make your child develop their golfing ability.

2. Goals of a particular age can regularly be monitored. Because the academy wants children to master skills appropriate for their age, they regularly monitor kids’ performance and regularly updates parents and family members on the child’s progress in Golf.

3. Parents play an important role in children’s progress. Parents are considered as first teachers. Most of the academies encourage parents to be a model to their children in learning. Not just in the field of golf, but in all aspects.

Parents are given sessions and assisted in handling children while they are learning such as Sports. Moreover, they are encouraged to pay attention to what their children love to do.

4. Game is fit to one’s ability. The institution promotes golf courses that are non-threatening, giving children the chance to explore such Sport and eventually love it. They always believe that having a passion for such Sport makes the player a successful one.

5. Every training means FUN! Admit it! Everyone hates something that bores! So, academies make everything in the institution fun while children are learning.

Kids Golf Equipments/Accessories

What’s Great:

you should never fail junior golfers in assisting them to develop their hitting skills. Aside from making every learning session and golf tournament fun, you should offer golf clubs that are most fit for young ones.

FACT: Not every junior golfer is a beginner. Some play like a pro and need hi-tech equipment while maintaining the philosophy of learning.

When young ones explore the course with golf clubs that fit, they become comfortable in their grip and quickly develop golf swings. These basics influence the way they swing during their lifetime in golf especially when assisted properly and corrected appropriately.

The length of the club and weight are fundamentals that’s why, it is important to make sure that kiddie golf clubs would fit players not according to age, but to height.

Did you know? Junior Golf has three lines of club namely Yard Club, Ultralight, and Tour Series.

Yard Club

Do you wanna give your kids a lovely impression of golf? Try these super-lightweight clubs designed for a perfect start! Featuring an oversized aluminum head that provides more hitting area and poof!

Off your ball goes into the air! A fulfilling moment is hitting the first shot truly will give your children a sense of achievement in their first games.

And the grip? Well, as it is the most important factor in making the perfect hit, the Yard club comes with a special training grip that leads the player to an appropriate hand position. This club indeed is great for developing basic skills.


So, your child has already mastered the basics of golf. What’s next? For sure your junior golfer would ask you a club that would look like him/her an intermediate.

This is where Ultralight Clubs come in. These clubs are designed and engineered to promote maximum clubhead speed.

Ultralight is designed for those who have experience in golf but can already manage a lighter job.

They are actually called a “transition club” too as they facilitate the transition of beginner golfers to intermediate ones.

Tour Series

Well, determined players eventually turn themselves into advanced ones. What’s good? They are too assisted by the institution with these Tour Series that would make their every hit and shot a pro!

These clubs are used in competitive events and are considered to be having a higher-than-average swing.

What makes it better? These clubs prepare every kid for adult clubs in terms of gripping and ease of swinging.

Develop your child’s golf skills!

One of the great things your child will experience while playing golf is the process of learning with experts in the field.

These coaches exhibit exceptional skills in golf, thus, are the right people to assist your kids, but you need to give him/her a head start.

Do you have a junior golfer who wants to be trained? Let him unleash his potential by playing golf under your guidance.

SKILL also means.

S is for Strength! Your children need to have a stronger body in swinging your club. Give them the right nutrition and proper exercise so they could combat golf courses.

K means knowledge. If your child is trained with the basics of golf, everything follows. 

I goes with Inner Meaning. Your child must understand what golf means to him or to his life.

Does she like what she’s doing? Is she enjoying such Sport? What does golfing contribute to his whole being? As a child?

L means Loving what he is doing. Everyone becomes successful if he/she likes what she is doing.

L is for Laughter! When we laugh, it indicates happiness. Laughter means enjoyment of what your child has been doing.

It’s not just merely playing, but creating memory while enjoying his childhood.

Remember you are his first teacher and role model

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Kids Golf: Sports and Fun -Things You Might Overlooked!
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