10 Golf Driving Tips For Beginners – Learn How to Hit a Driver

10 Golf Driving Tips For Beginners - Learn How to Hit a Driver

Driving is considered to be a frustrating aspect of golfing by a high percentage of beginners.

In reality, it can be one of the most difficult parts of the game, but it can also be fun for those who are ready to learn and master the necessary skills and tips to hit a driver.

As a beginner, you must be willing to improve your golf drive. Here are the best golf driving tips for beginners that will improve your skills and abilities.

1) Ball Positioning

Some golfers believe that the golf ball should be placed inline with their front toes, but this can always cause an out-to-in swing which results in a slice. 

You should place the ball in front of your stance in order for the clubhead to make contact with your golf ball during the upswing.

Align it at approximately three to four inches of your front foot before you can strike.

The forward alignment helps you to achieve maximum distance by getting the ball up in the air.

2) Maintain the Right Distance between the Ball and Your Body

Ensure that you find a perfect distance between the ball and your body by going to the range and using your stance as a starting point.

Try hitting the ball as you make adjustments up to the point where you will feel that you have achieved a perfect distance between the ball and your body.

As you practice, ensure that you change the width of your stance, your distance from the ball as well as the ball position.

3) Keep Your Arms Attached to Your Body

Always keep both arms connected to your body. As you proceed with your swing, keep your front arm straight and the back arm tight to your body throughout.

This increases the probability that your club will be on the right swing path.

4) Posture

Your posture is important as it provides you with the foundation on which your driving force is built. 

Perfect postural control, muscle balance, and spinal mobility will help you have excellent club control. Before you can hit the ball, ensure that you loosen up your body as you swing the club.

Take a slightly wide stance with a slight bend in your knees and arms. Your legs should be shoulder-width apart.

Maintain the speed of your arm to the finish. Don’t just throw the club at the ball. It can lead to misses.

5) Eyes On The Ball

As you swing the club, you should never take your eyes off the ball. Try to match your eye-line to the target line.

This will enable you to get your club on the correct path.

6) Visualize your Shot

Try to imagine that the ball is flying directly to your target. This will help you to focus on your execution and build your confidence before you can strike the ball.

7) Proper Grip

Too hard grip hinders the ability to achieve and maintain a consistent distance. The tighter your grip, the less it will release throughout the ball.

Your grip pressure should resemble holding the bird without letting it go or crushing it, as put forward by the instructing legend Phil Galvato. Your hands should be free of tension.

8) Let The Club Do The Work

Most beginners are always excited and attempt to hit the ball with force in order to increase their drive distances and to impress their mates.

You don’t have to swing as hard as possible in order to drive the golf ball successfully.

Shots that are overpowered can be counterproductive and can prevent you from hitting the ball long and straight down the fairway.

A controlled backswing accompanied with moderate speed can still send the ball soaring further than when the ball is smashed with a fast swing and a lot of force.

Place the club in such a way that it faces your actual target, concentrate, and be in control from the moment you come forward with the driver.

Hit the ball with the club by applying a proper amount of force.

9) Finishing Your Golf Swing

If you are a right-handed golfer, you should finish your golf swing over your left shoulder.

The reverse is true for left-handed golfers. Never be in a rush to check the direction of the ball. The ball will always travel towards the target if you hit it correctly.

10) Practice and Exercise

Practice and exercises are basic in golfing. You should start working on your fitness levels as early as possible so as to avoid back pain, spinal injury, or hand injury as you get to the higher levels of your game.

If you are ready to improve your mobility as well as muscle balance, you will have to work on agility stretching exercises every day.

You should be able to practice your posture, ball positioning, and all the above-listed tips regularly, in order to master and improve your golf driving skills.

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10 Golf Driving Tips For Beginners – Learn How to Hit a Driver

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