Best Golf Training Aids for Beginners

Best Golf Training Aids for Beginners 2020

A fact of life is that no matter whether you are playing the piano, preparing a meal or swinging your club on the greens, the only way to develop any type of skill is to practice. As the saying goes practice makes perfect.

If you are looking to improve your golfing ability or would like to become more proficient in one specific area, the good news is that you don’t need to travel all the way to the golf course.

Thanks to the progress of technology there are many forms of training aids that allow you to practice anywhere, anytime. You can perfect your swing, improve your strength or practice putting in the comfort of your own home or even at the office if you prefer. It’s totally up to you.

This article will look at products designed specifically to help you to become a better golfer. We will also describe which part of the game these items will help you to develop through using them.

Additionally, we will look at the best golfing training aids 2020 in each relevant section.

Indoor golf putting greens

Indoor golf putting greens allow you to simulate the experience of being out on the golf course anywhere you like.

They are portable which means you can place them indoors when it is cold or raining, or outdoors when the weather is pleasant and sunny allowing you to work on your game 365 days a year if you like.

Best Golf Putting Green 2020

Big Moss Augusta Putting Green

Size: 4 x 12 feet

How Will The Big Moss Putting Green Help Me Improve My Game?

The Big Moss Augusta Putting Green is a great buy. Due to its versatility, it allows you to practice by creating boundless contouring possibilities to improve certain shots.

  • Putting: The green can be adjusted to simulate both uphill and downhill scenarios
  • Chip Shots: A separate chip block is provided to create the setting for this type of shot

Features of the Big Moss Putting Green

Using patented technology, True Roll, the premium Big Moss realistically mimics the greens of a golf course that has been freshly cut.

It is very simple to use and does not require tools to place. To begin practice, you just roll it out and when you are done, you roll it up again making it ideal for any location even if space is limited.

This whole process will only take a few minutes. The material is of high-quality and very durable preventing it from easily suffering damages.

  • Takes just a few minutes to roll out.
  • Mimics freshly-cut grass.
  • Challenge with mounds.
  • Rises and dips

Different rises, mounds, and dips through slope customization prepares you for some of the more challenging types of shots you may encounter on the course.

This is achieved through a snake break dive and 2 target holes. Even the roll can be quickened or slowed down by vacuuming the Big Moss.

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Golf Rangefinders

To gauge a distance to a certain point, golfers have used various traditional methods like pacing and yardage charts. These methods only provide a rough approximation of the actual distance.

Rangefinders are designed to help you calculate the exact distance to a fixed spot. These are ideal for experienced golfers that have good distance control as knowing the precise yardage to the target area will help to perfect the shot.

These can be either a standalone device or, as is more often the case these days, they can be installed onto your Smartphone. Additionally, these types of mobile applications are less costly making them all the more popular.

Best Golf Rangefinder of 2020

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

Color: White with black and red detailing

How Will The Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Rangefinder Help Me to Improve My Game?

By knowing the exact distance required to be covered by the ball you will be able to make better and faster decisions during gameplay.

Features of the Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Rangefinder

The Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder comes out tops of the vast array of other choices and variances of this product due to the following factors:

  • Price
  • Superior Performance
  • Portability, Reliability, and Durability
  • Ease of Use
  • Patented Technologies

This easy to use award-winning standalone device is favored by 97% of players in the PGA tour as it is within tour regulations.

Moreover, the sleek compact design allows you to use it in a stable one-handed grip. It is ideal for any level of golfer both young and old.

Favored by 97% of players in the PGA tour

Amazing range: up to 5,000 yards with margin of error of 1 yard

Light and weatherproof

It only weighs a pound, making it effortless to carry with you when on the golf course and comes with a carry bag and 3-volt battery. The Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt is also 100% weatherproof.

The accuracy of this device is amazing as it has a range capability of 5 to 1,000 yards and 300 + yards to flag within a frame of 1 yard give or take. Swing yardage is also compensated for depending on the declining or inclining degree by Bushnell’s patented Slope Technology.

While surveying the vast area of yardage in SCAN mode, the Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder provides a continuous update on the LCD display of the distance.

Once the flag is detected by the laser within a matter of seconds the V4 JOLT will vibrate in short bursts confirming that it has successfully locked onto the target using Pin Seeker and JOLT Technology.

An adjustable eyepiece allows you to view and focus on your target. You can also zoom into it and magnify it up to 5x for a clean, clear close-up view. The Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT also has a 24mm objective.

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Golf Hitting Mats

These mats are ideal if you cannot practice your swing on real grass. This makes it a must-have item for winter practice and if you are not able to get to the golfing range as regularly as you would like to.

They are also portable so you can practice your swing just about anywhere.

When choosing a golf hitting mat, quality really matters. A mat of poor and inferior quality can actually cause your golf club to break.

It will also impact the quality of your training and practice session as your golf club will either bounce back or skid off of the mat.

Best Golf Hitting Mat of 2020

Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat

Size: Two options – 4’x4 or 5’x5’

How Will The Real Feel Golf Mat Help Me to Improve My Game?

Golf hitting mats are designed to assist you in practicing your swing. The Country Club Elite allows you to do this in your own backyard, the park, the shed, your basement, or wherever you like.

Additionally, this high-quality golf mat provides you with the next best thing to an actual golf course. This is ideal for ensuring that your game becomes more consistent with a lower score rate and an improved swing.

Features of the Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat

As explained, a bad golf hitting mat can actually damage your golf clubs. However, this is guaranteed not to happen with Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat (which costs less than a new driver) due to the Long Dense Fiber system.

Its patented grass-like fiber  gives the perfect imitation of real green Resistant to abrasion. Used at many golf training academies

The authentic feel of the mat allows you to swing down and through the ball as you would on a real fairway.

When you play a good hard shot your club will move freely through the synthetic turf but will be held up by the long dense fibers if your shot is short as if you had just broken off an actual chunk of turf.

It is so real and deep enough that you can even place your tee in it without wobbling!

The Long Dense Fiber system used for these mats solves all problems associated with its competitors in regards to bounce.

The patented grass-like fiber of the mat makes the Country Club Elite mat the best mat due to its perfect imitation of the reality of the green.

In addition, the fibers used are resistant to abrasion meaning you can swing over and over again even with your wedge without worrying about undue wear and tear.

Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mats are used for training at many golfing academies and schools including Mike Bender’s Golf Academy, FL, Steve Dresser’s Academy and Annika’s Academy at Reunion.

The Elite range is available in a wide variety of sizes for both consumer and commercial use.

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Golf Putting Aids

These are ideal for when you specifically want to work on your putting method and stance. Many golfers make the faux pas of focusing too much on developing their long shots.

In fact, 4/10 times the putter is actually used during gameplay as opposed to other golfing clubs.

There are also many different types of putting aids on the market from putter wheels to steel golf balls.

Best Golf Putting Aid 2020

Eyeline Golf Edge Mirror Training Aid

How Will The Eyeline Training Aid Help Me to Improve My Game?

Most other putting aids simple help you to improve putting by straightening your shot or making it more solid.

The Eyeline Golf EDGE Putting Mirror helps you to work on your stance. You need to be able to master the setup for a perfect putt to ensure that the ball rolls smoothly.

What the Eyeline EDGE does is to provide with a full view so that you can practice putting setup. This includes the eyes, shoulder, shaft, arms and the putter face as in relation to the golf ball.

For a perfect putting shot you simply need to square the putter to the alignment lines. You will be able to improve your game by being able to identify and fix your stance for optimal putting.

In time and with practice, your setup will be more accurate with more holed putts within a lower score range.

Features of the Eyeline Golf Edge Mirror Aid

Lightweight and portable

Non-skid backing for

indoor practice

Full view of  eyes, shoulders, shaft, putter, face and arms

The Eyeline EDGE Putting Mirror is lightweight and portable so you can practice your putting stance anywhere. A quick start guide, a premium carry sleeve and putting posts use are also included.

The non-skidding backing makes putting practice possible indoors as well. For outdoor use, a tee is not required to keep it in place on the green.

You can also use any putter due to the slots/drills for ball gate, putter gate, and release.

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Golf GPS Watches

A Golf GPS Watch is a wearable device that analyzes your swing. The data that is provided can then be used to help improve your handicap score by making better decisions during gameplay.

They also provide you with relevant information in terms of the golf course.

Best Golf GPS Watch 2020

Garmin Approach S60 GPS Watch

Color: 3 Options – Dark/Light/Black and Orange Combination

How Will A GPS  Watch Help Me to Improve My Game?

The sleek and futuristic looking Garmin Approach S60 will tell you everything you need to know in the game from previews of the course to tracking your stats and more.

All this information can be used for you to monitor your progress and identify what needs work to determine the best course of action. This is a versatile device that will improve your overall game in many different areas.

Features of Garmin Approach S60 GPS Watch

The Garmin Approach S60 is extremely easy to use and provides you with the necessary information you require about the game through a touchscreen interface that can be accessed even when wearing gloves.

It also has a high resolution and can be clearly seen even in sunlight, unlike many other mobile devices. It will not leave you in the lurch as it has a long battery power.

  • Touchscreen
  • High resolution
  • Long battery life

The following applications provide the relevant data:

  • Swing Strength and Swing Tempo

These features analyze and track your swing to improve rhythm and timing. It also gives you suggestions as to which clubs you should use to obtain a better score.

  • Course View

You have access to full-color maps of 40,000+ courses. Strategy can be planned prior to the game in regards to hazards, doglegs and the layout of the course.

  • Digital Scorecard

Ideal for score analysis as it records and saves your handicaps.

  • Touch Targeting

Precision in yardage point display for the front, middle and back of the green is given.

  • Enhanced Stat Tracking

The tracker logs putts per round, regulated greens, and fairway hits.

  • Pin Pointer

This shows you where to line your shot up through a directional arrow.

  • Green View

The arrangement and true shape of the green is provided in accurate yardage from pin placement.

  • Smart Notification

Leave your iPhone/iPad at home because emails, text messages, and alerts will be received by the S60.

  • Timer

Keep track of time with the round timer, alarm clock, and odometer

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Golf Swing Correction Aids

There are many different products on the market that can help you with correcting your swing for improved performance.

Some of them focus more on specific points than others like grip, club angling or stance.

For this review we looked chose the GolfJoc PivotPro Training Aid as the best one of the lot for 2023.

It helps you to improve your swing technique in regards to wayward shots through the development of muscle memory.

Best Golf Swing Correction Aid 2020

GolfJoc PivotPro Training Ad

Size: Shoe 7-14 (Right handed golfers)

How Will The GolfJoc PivotPro Help Me to Improve My Game?

Many novices err by shifting their weight when performing a swing to their front leg which makes the body sway unnecessarily.

The key to success is to ensure that your back leg is always braced to follow through with a strong swing. Pro golfers actually shift 90% of their weight during a back swing.

The PivotPro will help you if struggle with the reverse pilot and if you find yourself slicing or hooking too often during swings. It will also train you in adding more distance to your play.

Features of the GolfJOC PivotPro Training Aid

As the name suggests, the GolfJoc PivotPro Training Aid will help you to manage your pivot like a true professional. The PivotPro is a boot that is placed over golf shoe.

Your weight distribution, as well as your footwork, will improve as you are forced to use your back leg and large muscles for support. This, in turn, will make your golf swing constant and strong.

Comes with DVD with

tips from world class golf instructor

  • A boot placed over
  • a golf shoe
  • Convenient to be used
  • anywhere and anytime

This swing correction aid can be conveniently used anywhere and anytime you would like to practice your swing.

There is also a DVD included with tips and advice from world class golf instructor Jim McLean to help you to perfect your swing sequence through the correct shift and transfer of weight.

It will also help you to increase in power, consistency, and resistance.

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Golf Swing Trainers

As with many of the other golf training gadgets and gizmos, there are several types of golf swing trainers that focus on certain areas.

Our Best Pick was chosen as it will help promote coordination, rhythm, and strength of your shots when swinging.

Best Golf Swing Trainer 2020

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer

How Will The Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer Help Me to Improve My Game?

The Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer will help you refine your technique when following through with a swing. You find that your club head lag will become better through practicing with the Orange Whip. This precision crafted trainer will:

  • Improve the fluidity of your individual style when swinging
  • Help you to make adjustments to your swing through feedback
  • Improve your tempo in swing sequence by promoting muscle memory

As it can be used literally anywhere this golf swing trainer is great for those who don’t have much time to practice.

Features of the Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer

Consisting of a premium quality highly flexible shaft, a counterweight, and a weighted orange ball, the Orange Whip lets you practice your swing wherever you desire even in an area where space is restricted. It is also great for a warm-up session before a game.

You only need to use the trainer for 5 to 10 minutes a day to begin to see noticeable improvements in your play consistency. The product is highly durable and will last for a very long no matter how much you use to practice with.

Selected by the PGA as the #1 Golf Training Aid, the Orange Whip provides instant feedback when it wobbles. This will indicate to you that your arms and body are not properly coordinated when you swing.

  • Practice in small spaces
  • 5 to 10 minutes a day
  • to start seeing noticeable
  • improvement
  • Selected by the PGA as

#1 Golf Training Aid

While practicing your swing through repetition you will be also working your core which improves both strength and suppleness. The overall result is a smoother and well-balanced swing.

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Indoor  Golf Simulators

Indoor Golf Simulators let you experience the golf course at home where you can virtually play, practice and perfect your game without actually physically visiting the local golf course.

The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator ranks above other products within the same category due to its affordability.

Best Indoor Golf Course Simulator 2020

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator

How Will A Golf Simulator Help Me to Improve My Game?

By simulating a golf course, the Optishot 2 Golf Simulator provides you with all the same benefits that you would receive from practicing at the golf course except you don’t have to leave your home.

Features of the Optishot 2 Golf Simulator

This indoor golf simulator was created by some the world’s best golf analytics engineers and virtual designers to provide you with the authenticity of a real game – all in the comfort of your own home using True Simulation technology.

You can practice with your real clubs or balls. The Optishot Shot 2 Golf Simulator is very strong and durable so you don’t need to concern yourself if you hit the device accidentally as it really can take the punch.

In fact, it outshines the real deal by providing you with live and instant feedback and data about every single shot or swing you take.

This lets you learn and adapt your swinging technique to play consistent and good shots, thereby guaranteeing the overall improvement of your golfing skill.

What’s even better is you don’t need to play the same course over and over again. The simulator comes with a wide variety of golf courses including Valhalla, the Palm Desert Mountains, West Maui Plantation and even The Golf Club Scottsdale.

Each course provides useful information to optimize your game such as the distance to the pin, elevation data and the direction and speed of the wind.

Designed by world’s best

  • Golf analytics engineers
  • Practice with real
  • Clubs or balls

Strong and durable

Packed full of features you have boundless options such as just training in Practice Mode which allows you to magnify the scene when attempting to hit a ball into the hole.

You will be able to clearly see what needs to be tweaked and you can replay any hole as much as you like for optimal practice.

If you are looking for a bit of competition and entertainment, you can even challenge other golfers online to a game.

This item is available in different options including a bundle and with free foam balls.

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Golf Strength Aids

Irrelevant of how much you practice your technique or whether you play with the best of the best equipment, you will not be a good golfer without adequate strength.

To improve power in the forearm, which is particularly vital to a golfer’s swing, a strength aid can be used to exercise the muscle.

A strong forearm will ensure that you are able to hit the ball faster and straighter with force while a firm wrist allows for better handling and control.

Best Golf Strength Aid 2020

NSD Power Essential Spinner Gyroscopic

Wrist and Forearm Exercise

Colors: 4 Options – Blue/Amber/Crystal/Green

How Will This Exercise Ball Help Me to Improve My Game?

Despite its small stature this patented design gyroscopic exerciser will give your wrist and forearm a full workout. Within one minute of using the Power Essential Spinner, you will already feel your muscles burn.

Your forearm and wrist which is the core muscle group for any golfer will be effectively exercised to improve overall strength and grip. You will also find an improvement in terms of balance and tempo during your swings.


The small handheld device weighing 9-ounces requires no battery to work. Once you give it a spin with the pull string, you just need to keep it spinning.

This action has the same results as doing curls with a dumbbell.

You can do this anywhere – On the train, waiting for a client at the office or in front of the television when watching a game.

It is also very durable as its shell is made from military-grade plastic so it won’t break if you accidentally drop it.

  • Requires no battery
  • Can be used anywhere –
  • train, office, in front of TV
  • Made of military-grade plastic

The inner gyroscopic rotates without vibration up to a speed of 15,000 RPM. It glows brighter the faster you spin. Make exercise more fun by competing in a challenge with someone else.

You only need a few minutes to achieve a good, maximized workout that will definitely set you on the road to improving your golfing skill.

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Golf Practice Nets

When practicing your swing it stands to reason that the balls need to go somewhere if you are not at the driving range. Practice nets act the same as soccer nets when scoring a goal by catching the ball.

The RukkNet is one of the best because it is 100% portable and extremely easy and fast to setup. Additionally, it returns the balls to you!

Best Golf Practice Net of 2023

Rukknet Golf Net with Ball Return Feature

Size: 10ft (W) x 7ft (H) x 5ft (D)

How Will This Golf Net Help Me to Improve My Game?

You can practice your swing anywhere you like and prevent any damages from the flying balls.

Features of the Rukknet Practice Golf Net

The Original RukkNet Practice Net is a high-quality product that you can use anywhere. It folds up easily for storage and travel. When you are ready to use it you simply pop it out like a camping tent.

Constructed of a double stitched heavy duty material and a double net barrier, you don’t have to worry about it tearing even with your most powerful shots.

The balls are returned to you through the construction of the net so you don’t need to go and collect them every time or bring a bucket filled to the brim. This optimizes the amount of time that can be used for real practice.

Folds easily for storage and travel

Double-stitched heavy duty material Balls are returned to you.

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Golf Swing Analyzers

Golf swing analyzers are used to track your swing. As they provide immediate feedback in regards to the shot you just took, you are able to determine what you need to change to better your shot.

What makes the Zepp superior is that there are no devices that need to be attached to the club. Instead, you attach it your glove.

Best Golf Swing Analyzer of 2023

Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

How Will A Golf Swing Analyzer Help Me to Improve My Game?

The Zepp Golf Analyzer gives you a complete analysis and summary of every swing you take. All you need is a cell phone to immediately to access the feedback and begin to improve your swing with the very next shot you take.

Features of the Zedd 3D Golf Swing Analyzer

The sensor device is attached to your glove for and connects through Bluetooth to your mobile to transmit instantaneous results.

A vast array of points are recorded to provide the result including backswing position, hip rotations swing plane, clubhead speed, tempo and more. The report is comprehensively displayed on your smartphone.

If you are wondering how you compare to the PGA tournament players, the app allows you to do just that so you can see how close you are to being one of the best.

Connects with Bluetooth

Compare your swing

with PGA tournament players

Comprehensive report

displayed on smartphone

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Top 10 Golf Training Aids 2020

With any of these products, you will be able to focus on and improve certain areas of your play that you feel are lacking. You will be well on your way to being the golfer you want to be through practice.

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Best Golf Training Aids for Beginners
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