Garmin Approach G8 Review:- Smart Handheld Golf GPS Device.

Garmin Approach G8 Review:-

The Garmin Approach G8 GPS device is here to revolutionize the way you buy golf devices. The device is a fusion of what the G3, G5, and G6 lacked previously.

It presents a great way for people to enjoy the new features that it has to offer. It has a 3″  size color screen, it’s large enough to help the golfers get their readings.

When it comes to weight, the device is lightweight to ensure that it does not seem like a burden for the golfers carrying it around the whole day.

As usual, the Garmin Company gives it an impressive number of preloaded courses for you to enjoy. You do not have to worry about updates since it can be done for free.

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Garmin Approach G8 Review:- Features

Garmin Approach G8 Golf Course GPS

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  • Plays like Distance Gives The Golfer Distances To The Target, Adjusted For Uphill Or Downhill Shots. Display size : 1.5 Inch x 2.6 Inch (3.9 x 6.5 cm). 3.0 Inchdiag (7.6 cm)
  • Smart Notification Receive Email, Texts And Alerts From Your Iphone (4S Or Later) Directly On Your Golf Handheld;Physical dimensions:2.1 x 4.4 x 0.6 inches
  • Garmin Connect Online golf community lets you play, then share and compare your round; visit to find out more
  • Club Advice Remembers how far you hit each club, and provides recommendations on which club to use based on your shot distances PINPOINTER Provides blind shot assistance by pointing you in the right direction when you are unable to see the pin (G8 only)
  • Big Numbers Mode For easy viewing on your screen, increase the font size for distances to the front, back and middle of the greens AUTOMATIC COURSE UPDATE Device automatically updates courses with a Wi-Fi connection for no additional charge (G8 only)

Its Playslike distance feature gives adjusted uphill or downhill distance to the target, this slope feature helps find the actual distance to the target.

Garmin Approach G8 device has a smart notification feature, which lets you receive emails, texts, and other alerts remotely from your smartphone.

A new scorecard has been integrated that can support up to four players. It has more features added to the scorecard such as the Stroke Play, Match Play, and Stableford.Garmin Approach G8 Review

The maps on the device have the layup arcs. These arcs ensure that you do have a better contrast that ensures you get the best images of the course.

It also gives you the distance of the layup arcs in yards up to the holes, thus easy to make decisions.

Tracking the stats has never been this easy when using this device. It comes with a new technology that makes the tracking part quite simpler than you can expect.

You can easily download the stats from the device and print them on your personal computer for more in-depth analysis. It is now easy to get the club averages with this new Garmin Approach G8 device.

You can learn about the performance of your club from the different given averages. The team can know where to put more effort to become the best.

The device comes with an expanded scoring feature that helps to analyze the cases of Skins, Handicap, and Match.


Garmin Approach G8 Review:- Video


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Garmin Approach G8 2021 Review:- Advantages

Think about how many GPS devices can offer a stat tracking system. They are only a few and the Garmin Approach G8 GPS is one of them.

With such a feature, it becomes quite easy for the golfers to know how they are performing on the golf course on an overall look.

With such a comprehensive understanding of the course, you can know about your strengths and weaknesses. It is how a golfer can now improve on their weaknesses and become better.

It is easy to say that the Garmin Approach G8 is a perfectly sized device for your use around the golf course.

The device still presents a nice-looking and colorful touchscreen to make it easy for seeing in direct sunlight and extreme conditions.
The rule of playing better golf is the ability to know the golf course.

You do get over 30,000 preloaded courses on your device. This makes it easy to ensure that you have an easy time playing golf events on a new course. The G8 has a button to help in switching to the Green view instantly.

Getting more courses for your device has never been this easy. Within no time, you should have all the new courses once downloaded from the device website.

Sign up for a newsletter to be updated about the new courses whenever they are released.

Its battery life is for those people who love a device that can offer better performance. Its battery can last up to an impressive 15 hours of play per single charge.

It is easy to track your stats with new improved features. You can always check to see who is making more strides than you, by using the Garmin Approach G8.



Garmin Approach G8 Review :- Pros & Cons

Garmin Approach G8 Review:- Smart Handheld Golf GPS Device. 1


  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Plays like a Feature for the actual distance.
  • 15 hours of battery backup.
  • Free course updates.
  • Color display.
Garmin Approach G8 Review:- Smart Handheld Golf GPS Device. 2


  • It is hard to determine the target when touching the screen.
  • Several people have experienced some minor bugs and crashes when trying to view the scorecard on the device.


Customer Score

Which golfer would not want to be associated with the use of a device that can handle stats tracking? The stats tracking capability has helped many golfers to improve on their overall golf game within a short time.

Other than stat tracking, the device still presents an amazing feature of using the digital scoreboard.

This scoreboard can be shared among four people. It will be easy to learn just how your friends are performing in the game. This means that you can get to work on your skills and catch up. With a high overall score of 4.2 out of 5 stars, it is more reason to buy the device.

Caring for the device

The Garmin Approach G8 device is only great when it is functioning. There is the need to ensure that you do keep is under proper guard to ensure it does not spoil easily.

You need to avoid exposing the device to extreme temperatures. It is likely to cause some serious permanent damages. Such damages might lead to a person buying a completely new unit.

Just use your hand to operate the device touchscreen. Some people tend to use sharp objects that might result in damaging the screen in the end.

When cleaning the device, do not use chemical cleaners. Such solvents are known to damage the plastic components of the device.

It might easily lead to the corrosion and erosion of the device parts with time. Only use the recommended cleaning solvents are stated in the guide.

Garmin Approach G8 2021 Review:- Conclusion

The bottom line is that all the Garmin G8 reviews will share the idea that it is the best GPS device on the market right now for golfers. It can help you with the limitations of other devices such as getting to know about the scores and stats.

With the auto-advance feature, more people have learned to appreciate the advanced information they get from the device.

Now that you connect the device to the personal computer and download the performance records, it has helped many golfers to analyze their performance during the game.

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Garmin Approach G8 Review:- Smart Handheld Golf GPS Device.
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