Best Golf GPS Watch Review And Buying Guide

Best Golf GPS Watch 2021 Review And Buying Guide

Looking for Best Golf GPS Watch To Buy? But not sure which one to select? Best Golf GPS Watch

Various watch companies and even GPS-enabled technology companies have come up with different versions of GPS golf watch that allow golfers to make the right decisions before taking the shot.

You can take a quick look at the best golf GPS watches below

Top Golf GPS Watch in 2021 for Golfers.

1. Garmin Approach S62 Golf GPS watch

Garmin Approach S62, Premium Golf GPS Watch

Last updated on December 22, 2021 06:40

The Approach S62 has a combination of 3 buttons and a touchscreen, which proved to be an excellent combination, to begin with.

The Approach S62 is slim, lightweight, and comfortable on the wrist during the swing, however, and the yardage numbers are bold and clear.

Best features

Like all good golf GPS watches, the Approach S62 presents the golfer with yardages at a glance to the front, middle, and back of the green, but also provides something extra.Best Golf GPS Watch Review And Buying Guide

The Approach S62 allows you to automatically zoom in on the area of the hole map that corresponds to your typical driving distance (which you input into the watch when you set it up).

This is a neat touch as it paints a picture of the hole, which is rather unusual for a watch.

From here, the user can then draw an arc on the screen through that point and display the distance to reach that arc – perfect for playing precision golf.

Aside from being just a GPS, the Approach S62 can also be used as a training aid with its “TempoTraining” and “SwingStrength” features, with a preference for the latter that promotes better rhythm and timing in the swing.


Setting up the Approach S62 is a very simple process as you select your data such as language, measurement, and typical driver distance – which determines where the hole on the map will be zoomed when you are on a par four or five.

It is charged by plugging the USB cable into your computer. We recommend you download “Garmin Express” and create a “Garmin Connect” account in order to keep track of those vital scores and statistics.

Weight: 0.13 ounces
Dimensions: 7 x 3 x 5 in (without wristband)
Touchscreen: Yes
Battery life: Up to 14 days (watch mode), 20 hours (GPS mode)
Course maps: Pre-loaded with over 41,000
Colors: White, Black.

Key features

  • CourseView – preview doglegs, hazards, and green shapes from wherever you are on the course, or even from home
  • Precise yardages– distances to the front, middle, and back of the green
  • Lay-up distances– yardages to doglegs and hazards
  • SwingTempo– measures your backswing compared to your downswing times and expresses this in a ratio
  • SwingStrength– allows you to compare how hard you swing with your normal full swing



Although the Garmin Approach S62 is the dearest GPS in our test, it’s well-deserving of one of our gold awards because it’s easy to use, provides clear yardages in color, and at a glance, as well as overhead maps of the course. In many ways, it’s like having a handheld GPS device on a watch.

As with other devices in the Garmin family, it carries no additional fees for course map updates. It also has a suitable battery life that will likely see you get through 36 holes – depending on the pace of play.

If you are looking for a premium golf GPS watch, the Approach S62 is well worth the plunge.

Best Golf GPS Watch Review And Buying Guide 1


  • More than 40000 Course maps
  • Sleek Design & Functionality
  • Smartphone Notifications
  • No Subscriptions
  • Yardage Information
  • Watch Mode : 8 weeks
  • GPS Mode : 15 hours
  • Color-LCD with touch screen
Best Golf GPS Watch Review And Buying Guide 2


  • Pricey


2. Garmin Approach S10:- Best Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch

Garmin Approach S10, Lightweight GPS Golf Watch

Last updated on December 22, 2021 06:40

The Garmin Approach S10 Golf GPS Watch with a total of 4 buttons for a watch seemed a little too many on first look, but after getting used to the product, it quickly became second nature.

We found the product to be light, comfortable, and small enough on the wrist not to be a distraction in the swing or putting stroke.

Best features

Garmin Approach S10 Best Golf GPS Rangefinder WatchThe best feature of the Garmin Approach S10 Golf GPS Watch is how the yardages to the front, middle and back of the green are based on the golfer’s angle of approach – perfect for when finding yourself playing an approach shot from the adjacent fairway.

We also appreciated the “Shot Distance” measurement to find out how far we “really” hit that drive.

In addition to telling the time and helping with your golf, there are several fitness features included in the S20 that make it not only an everyday watch but also fully functional for multiple sports.

This watch can be paired with a TruSwing golf swing sensor to track and improve your swing consistency.

A built-in odometer tracks location, distance, speed, time, laps, pace, and calories burned during walks, runs, or bike rides.

In terms of slight niggles, the Garmin Approach S10 Golf GPS Watch took a little longer than ideal to pick up our local course and the user is required to splash out on annual fees to enjoy full access to all the targets, hazards, and green shapes available.


The Garmin Approach S10 Golf GPS Watch can be paired with either your computer or your smartphone, but we recommend siding with the latter option as it’s much easier.

Once your phone is paired with the Garmin Approach S10, you’ll be able to easily add courses, upgrade your membership and receive notifications from your phone on your watch.

While an 8-hour battery life is decent enough, the Garmin Approach S10 Golf GPS Watch doesn’t fall short against some of the others in this test.


Arguably one of the most fashionable golf GPS watches on the market right now, as well as one of the most effective with its precise distances to the front, middle, and back of the green.

While these additional features add to the full GPS experience and are certainly worth the extra money, this your decision will likely depend on how seriously you take your golf.

Weight: 1.23 ounces
Dimensions: 1.6 x 0.4 x 1.4  inches (without wristband)
Touchscreen: No
Battery life: Up to 12 hours (GPS mode)
Course maps: Pre-loaded with 41,000 TrueGround course maps
Colors: Black, White, Midnight Teal, slate

Key features

  • Precise yardages– accurate distances to front, center, and back of green based on the golfer’s angle of approach
  • TrueGround target list– layup targets from tee to green
  • Bluetooth-enabled with new complimentary Garmin Mobile app– digital Scorecard syncs to Garmin Mobile app for further stat analysis.
  • Intelligent automation– auto-course recognition and auto-hole advance
  • Fitness– stopwatch and odometer features

3. Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch:- Affordable Golf GPS Watch

Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch - F/M/B + Hazard Distances

Last updated on December 22, 2021 06:40

The Shot Scope V3 Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch is one of the lightest and thinnest Golf GPS watch with more than 36,000 preloaded courses with no need for downloads and no fees for membership.

This device is legally used in golf tournaments.Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch - Affordable Golf GPS Watch

The device is capable of giving distances from the middle, back, and front along with the ability to give one button shot distance.

Shot Scope V3 comes with ShotScope golf App included, which has several useful features 3D FLyovers & Hole layouts with distances. You can update the courses wirelessly over a Bluetooth connection.

It has a good battery life that runs for over 10 hours in golf GPS mode.

This lightweight watch is simple to use and comfortable to wear. It includes a USB charging cable with which you can easily charge the device, update courses, and a quick-start guide.

Shot Scope offers a 2-year limited warranty for this watch. Amazon offers an amazing discounts with free shipping.



4.TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch :- Best Value GPS Golf Watch 2021

TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch

Last updated on December 22, 2021 06:40

The all-new TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch is certainly the lightest and thinnest golf watch in the TecTecTec lineup.

If you’re looking for the best golf watch for beginners, TecTecTec ULT-G is certainly on the list.

It has the right contemporary design and is lightweight making it an everyday watch. It comes with preloaded golf courses in over 30 countries.TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch

This best golf watch for the money also comes with features like auto hole advance and auto course recognition that improves the gameplay of the user.

In terms of ruggedness, the watch is rainproof and features a comfortable sports band, and comes with a charging USB cable.

The rechargeable battery can last for 2.5 rounds and for 2 months in the regular mode.

Auto Hole Advance

– Not many beginner golf GPS watches come with this feature, but the TecTecTec ULT-G Golf Rangefinder watch provides golfers with options where they can play the round based on the geographic location on the course.

In case, golfers need to advance to a specific hole the arrow on the right of the unit makes it convenient for the users for easy hole changes.

TecTecTec ULT-G does a pretty good job when it comes to auto hole advancing when the players are next to or near the tee box and playing from other fairways.

Automatic Display

– TecTecTec ULT-G  Rangefinder GPS watch provides users with an automatic display that works well as the players are busy playing their game.

During the round, the watch displays the front, middle and back distances of the green on the current hole from the exact location of the user.

When the user presses the right-center button, the watch displays four hazard locations along with the distance to the hazard.

This Best Affordable GPS Golf Watch also displays the on-course ability to measure shots from one point to another at a press of a button, we recently reviewed Garmin G12 GPS Watch. which is another affordable golf GPS watch from Garmin.

Multiple Modes

– With a press of a button, users can quickly change the modes allowing them to use the watch in various ways. The Time Mode displays the date, time, and day and users can set between 12-hour and 24-hour format.

It also provides daylight savings settings for users. In the Odometer Mode, the GPS gets activated and the watch tracks speed, distance, and activity time for various fitness activities.

In the Play Golf Mode, the watch tracks the hole number, par information, front, back, and middle of the green and activates the auto hole advance feature.

Best Golf GPS Watch Review And Buying Guide 1


  • 38,000 Course maps
  • Auto Hole Advance
  • Automatic Display
  • Multiple Modes
  • Watch Mode: 2 months
  • GPS Mode: 2 rounds
  • Mono-LCD
  • Check with the manufacturer regarding the warranty
Best Golf GPS Watch Review And Buying Guide 2


  • Random Issues with GPS signal.


5) Garmin Approach S12:- Best Budget Golf GPS Watch 2021

Garmin Approach S12 Golf GPS Watch

Last updated on December 22, 2021 06:40

Garmin Approach S12 is a lightweight and Best GPS Golf Watch For The Money that provides advanced features to those who want the best golf GPS watches.

It comes with preloaded more than 40,000 golf course information that makes it convenient for the users to use the watch right out of the box and get information on courses across the globe.

The S12 has a round analyzer to auto-record the course details for post-round analysis using Garmin connect account, you can use it to track the improvements to your game.

It also keeps a record of your score, you can even share your round information with your buddies.

Never worry about missing important calls/messages while playing golf, the  S20 can display mobile notifications using blue-tooth technology once it’s coupled with your smartphone.

You do need to carry both a smartphone and S12 while playing golf, you can safely leave your smartphone in your bag.

The watch is available in multiple colors and is rugged and waterproof. This is one of the Best Gps Watch For Golf available in the market.

The golf watch comes with a 0.9-inch monochrome LCD and high-sensitivity GPS that provides accurate yardage information to the front, back, and middle of the green.

The watch can also double up as a regular watch as it comes with an odometer, alarm, and time zone functionality. The battery performance can stand up to 30 hours in GPS mode and 8 weeks in regular watch mode.

Yardage Information

– Approach S12 is ideal for users that want accurate yardage information to stay in control of their game.

The watch comes in with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that provides accurate yardage information to the front, middle, and back of the greens.

The watch also has a monochrome display which is perfectly readable even in bright sunny conditions

. Approach S12 can measure accurate yardage from anywhere on the course and also comes with an inbuilt odometer to keep track of how many users have traveled across the course.

Garmin S12 can provide accurate yardage to green! However, there is a slight discrepancy in hazard yardage accuracy.

No Subscriptions

With Garmin Approach S12 users never have to worry about added subscriptions because S12 is ready to use out of the box and comes preloaded with worldwide course information along with the United States and Canada.

There is no additional setup required and therefore, the watch is ready to tee right from the moment you’ve opened the box.

Sleek Design & Functionality

The sleek and elegant design of Approach S12 makes it an ideal regular watch as well. The design factor makes it look sporty and suited for formal dressing as well.

The watch comes in multiple colors and therefore, users have the option to decide which colors they want.

The watch also has alarm and time zone functionality that makes it an everyday watch.

Best Golf GPS Watch Review And Buying Guide 1


  • More than 40000 Course maps
  • Sleek Design & Functionality
  • Smartphone Notifications
  • No Subscriptions
  • Yardage Information
  • Watch Mode : 8 weeks
  • GPS Mode : 15 hours
  • Mono-LCD
Best Golf GPS Watch Review And Buying Guide 2


  • No Touchscreen


6) Garmin Approach S60 Highest Rated GPS Golf Watch 

Garmin Approach S60, Premium GPS Golf Watch

Last updated on December 22, 2021 06:40

Garmin continues to expand its lineup of golf GPS-enabled watches with Approach S60.

The watch certainly has features that make it a better model than the Approach S20 and comes with handy features that can allow golfers to improve their game.

Garmin-Approach-x60The watch has a high-resolution 1.2-inch color touchscreen which is readable in the bright outdoor environment.

It comes preloaded with 40,000 international courses without any subscription fees.

It has detailed stat tracking for better analysis of the game and it can work with smartphones and provide alerts on emails and texts that you receive from your Android or iOS devices.

It also has improved battery life that offers 10 hours in GPS mode and 10 days in regular watch mode.

Green View

Garmin Approach S60  comes with a dedicated Green View button that shows a true shape and layout of the green that enables the player to have a better view of the green.

With the help of a dedicated button, the user does not have to scroll through the list of options and menus and can directly switch to Green View mode as and when required.

The touchscreen option allows the users to manually move the pin to the day’s location which helps allow users to take a confident shot.

Smart Notification

– Garmin Approach S60 also has better connectivity options with smartphones and mobile devices. It works in sync with your iPhone resting in your golf bag and provides smart notifications whenever you receive texts or emails on your phone.

The watch also provides an RSS alert and displays whatever your phone does right on your watch and keeps you connected with the world and information that matters.

Approach S60 uses Bluetooth technology that makes it easier for you to stay in touch with your game and with important things that matter to you.

Detailed Stat Tracking

Approach S60 comes with a high-resolution touchscreen that provides all the stats right on time to improve your game. The watch provides exact yardage information to the front, back, and middle of the green.

It also provides distances to doglegs and layups and the exact layout of the course you’re playing on. The touchscreen is glove-friendly and allows users to manually move the pin to the correct location.

It helps to customize yardage points like water hazards and bunkers and keep track of your scores including Stroke Play and Stableford so that users can save, review and share scorecards from the computer.

Best Golf GPS Watch Review And Buying Guide 1


  • Over 40,000 Coursemaps
  • Smart notification
  • Detailed Stat Tracking
  • Green View
  • Watch Mode : 10 Days
  • GPS Mode : 10 hours
  • High-res touchscreen
Best Golf GPS Watch Review And Buying Guide 2


  • Overpriced


Recommended Products


7. Garmin Approach S42:-  Best Smartwatch With Golf GPS 2021

Garmin Approach S42 GPS Golf Band and Activity Tracker

Last updated on December 22, 2021 06:40

Approach S42 is another top-of-the-line golf GPS watch by Garmin that offers tons of features to golfers who are serious about their game and want to improve it.Garmin Approach S42, GPS Golf Smartwatch

This feature-packed lightweight and contemporary design watch comes with a high-resolution touchscreen that makes it convenient for the users to use on the golf course.

It is packed with the CourseView button that offers the Green View option and allows manual pin positioning.

It can quickly provide yardage information and keep users connected with their smartphones using Smart Notification.

It is powered by a lithium-ion battery that provides 15 hours of GPS mode performance and 10 days on a regular watch mode.

The watch is rugged and waterproof and can handle heavy rain and harsh conditions.

If you’re looking for the list of Garmin GPS watches, S42 certainly fits the list.

Instant Information

– Approach S42 certainly takes the guesswork out of the picture as golfers can access all the information instantly.

The watch comes with preloaded courses that provide information on the geography of the course.

It automatically detects the golf course and handles the hole-to-hole transition.

It shows correct yardage information to the front, back, and middle of the green. It also measures the doglegs and layups and allows users to customize yardage points.

Approach S42 can keep and track all your scores and measure shot distances and provide comprehensive stat tracking.

Smart Notification

– Approach S42 offers a Smart Notification feature that allows users to stay connected discreetly.

The watch connects with smartphones through Bluetooth technology and alerts the user when the phone receives an email or text message.

The watch acts as an extension of the smartphone and provides all the information right on the display to keep users informed about the emails and texts they have received during the game.

Using Smart Notification, users can concentrate on their game while also get alerts on the watch whenever they receive emails and texts.

Garmin Connect for Golf

– Garmin Approach S42 allows you to stay connected with the golfing community no matter wherever you are. You can play, share and compare your scores on Garmin Connect which is an online golf community.

The watch lets you download the score, compare it with your previous performances, and track improvements.

With Garmin Connect for Golf, you can check your game performance with the other golfers and check where you stand.

You can also combine your best score for each hole to calculate your unmatched 18 for that course.

Best Golf GPS Watch Review And Buying Guide 1


  • More than 42,000 international courses
  • Smart Notification
  • Garmin Connect for Golf
  • Instant Information
  • Watch Mode: 10 days
  • GPS Mode: 15 hours
  • High-res touchscreen
  • One Year Warranty
Best Golf GPS Watch Review And Buying Guide 2


  • Can’t store or play Music.


8. Garmin Approach S40

Garmin Approach S40, Stylish GPS Golf Smartwatch

Last updated on December 22, 2021 06:40

– If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line best golf watch, the S40 can offer you plenty of features. It is the first of its kind and considered to be the slimmest and lightweight GPS watch in the market.Garmin Approach S40

Approach S40 is a feature-packed golf watch that sports glove-friendly, full color, high-resolution touchscreen, and various swing metrics.

It also comes with a dedicated CourseView button that provides Green View for manual pin positioning.

The watch also features PinPointer Blind Shot Assistance that tells you where the pin is even when the player cannot see it.

This Best Value Golf Watch comes preloaded with 40,000 golf courses around the world and has no subscription fees.

The rechargeable battery provides 15 hours of GPS mode performance and 10 days in regular watch mode.

Green View

– Green View is important for various golfers where they can get information about the golf course.

With the dedicated button on Garmin Approach s40, players can activate Green View that showcases the true shape and layout of the green even when the players are behind it.

The color touchscreen enhances the experience as users can manually drag and drop the pin location.

When the users move the pin, the distance to the PIN numbers changes respectively. This is extremely helpful for par 3s where users can get the exact distance measured to fire a great shot.

Swing Metrics

– S40 comes in with swing metrics that are unique and improve the overall performance of the game.

Using swing metrics, users can improve their swing movements. Swing Tempo and TempoTraining are two options that come inbuilt in S40.

Swing Tempo measures the relationship between upswing and downswing and provides it as a ratio.

While TempoTraining focuses on providing audible tones to synchronize your swing mechanics and fine-tune your swing movement. This allows the users to train and improve their swing movements in a better way on the course.

Customize Information

– The full-color touchscreen makes it convenient for the users to customize the information they need to improve the game. Using the Green View option, users can manually drag and drop the pin’s location and get a confident shot.

The watch also provides accurate yardage information from the front, back, and middle of the green.

It can provide distances to doglegs and layups and users can customize yardage points such as water hazards and bunkers from anywhere on the course.

Best Golf GPS Watch Review And Buying Guide 1


  • More than 41,000 international courses
  • Smart Notification, Swing Metrics
  • Customize Information, Garmin Connect Compatibility
  • Green View
  • Watch Mode: 10 days
  • GPS Mode: 15 hours
  • High-res touchscreen
  • One year warranty
Best Golf GPS Watch Review And Buying Guide 2


  • Issues with Charging & Battery


Amazon Top Golf GPS Watches 2021

What Types Of Golf GPS Rangefinders Are Available?

GPS units for golf are available in two different styles including handheld golf GPS devices and golf GPS watches. Both types serve their own benefits over the other to suit the playing needs and lifestyles of individual golfers.

The devices provide many of the same advantages, but they often differ significantly in their capabilities. Even within each category, individual models vary in their features when compared to one another.

Those looking to buy the best GPS for golf are often concerned as to whether they should buy a handheld or watch unit. The type of GPS will not enhance or hinder your game by default, but it is still helpful to understand the differences between the two.

Handheld GPS devices provide larger and more colorful screens that are not capable of being created in smaller watch models. These devices are usually more advanced and provide more features in addition to more details when returning readings. They also offer more information on shot execution or the conditions before making a shot.

GPS golf watches offer the benefit of being smaller in size compared to handheld devices. They are more lightweight as they are only placed on the wrist or clipped to hats, pockets, or belts.

For this same reason, they are also easier to carry around. These watches can usually be changed from GPS mode to watch mode to help preserve the life of the unit’s battery.

Final Thoughts

Best GPS Watches For Golf is available in various shapes, sizes, and budgets and they come in with different basic and advanced features.

These golf watches are designed to offer accurate yardage information and helpful tips to the players and also add to the style factor for users.

It is important that you read through various golf watch reviews to ensure you get a value for money experience and you can improve your game and track your progress.

By now you have been provided with a collection of information to help you in your buying process.

Even with all of the information you’ve been given, the decision rests solely in your hands. Start the process by getting down to the basics of what you expect in your GPS Rangefinder.

Read and analyze Golf GPS Rangefinder reviews or those for watch models if those are your preference. Find the models that meet your needs above the others. Narrow down your choices by removing units that are just not suitable for your style, budget, or expectations.

Take the models you have selected at this point and proceed by comparing them to one another. Consider all factors that come into play even if smaller ones may not seem very significant.

The smallest difference between models can have a huge impact once you make it this far into the selection process. The GPS for which you should aim should make your playing improve while making your experience better in general.

You have the tools you need to choose a Best Golf GPS Rangefinder that will totally transform your game, so get started with your search, get out there, and buy one.

I hope this article was helpful to find out what is the best golf GPS watch available in the market.

Amazon Hot New GPS Golf Watches 2021

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