8 Reasons Why Golf Has Not Become a Popular Sport


8 Reasons Why Golf Has Not Become a Popular Sport

Golf is an interesting game that involves the use of a club and ball, and the players are required to hit the golf ball using different types of clubs.
8 Reasons Why Golf Has Not Become a Popular Sport
The player has to hit the balls into the holes in the golf range.

Just like other games, golf involves the social qualities of friendship , cooperation, and competitiveness.

The player’s perseverance, determination and skill determine the level of his or her achievement in the game.

However, unlike other games, golf has not been able to become a popular game. There are many reasons to its lack of popularity.

Reasons of Low Popularity

Cost of Basic Golf Gear

Golf can be pretty expensive and may burn a big hole in your pocket. The essential golf gear is also very expensive.

Golf clubs range from $300 to $700, and not many people can afford such an amount.

Because of the high cost of the gears, golf is mainly played by the wealthy. The middle and the lower classes can no longer afford the expenses that come with learning to play golf.

Cost of Other Golf Equipment

Other golf equipment includes golf balls, ball markers, tees, golf cart, golf bag and other equipment that are necessary.

These equipment are also very expensive and are beyond the reach of the middle-class people.

Because of this, this game has limited itself to only a few and particularly the rich and business executives. This is not it. There are innumerable overhead expenses.

Exorbitant Price of Golf Lessons

The price of a single session of the game will burn a big hole in your pockets. Usually, these sessions are for 30, 45 or 60 minutes, and accordingly their fee varies.

If you are taking lessons from an expert, you will pay a lot more than what you will pay at your municipal course.

This is the reason why golf is not very popular. Most people cannot afford the lessons because of the exorbitant price.

Cost Of Golf Club Memberships

Forget about the exorbitant lessons. When it comes to golf club memberships, it is when you start thinking about the expenses and the various overhead charges.

These days memberships to the golf clubs are so unrealistically high that it is beyond the reach of ordinary middle-class man.

Even when you buy that membership, you are still required to pay those dollar bills for the hourly golf sessions.

Golf is an expensive game, and that is why many people drop the idea of learning to play this game.

Low Media Presence

Unlike other top games, the media does not pay adequate attention to golf. Golf is an important game that requires refined skills and determination.

Golf is not given that much importance which is another reason behind its low popularity.

The general public is not even aware of the various tournaments and events that are organized.

It is a regret that such an exciting game is not getting the kind of attention it deserves.

The Basic Attitude of the People

It is the mindset of the people that affects the popularity of golf. This game is not promoted amongst children by their parents or schools.

Games like baseball and soccer take away the limelight from golf. That is why golf is not a common topic of discussion amongst children as well as adults.

Specifications of the Game

Golf is an interesting game. However, it is also very complicated. All its specifications and the various techniques that are involved to get a perfect strike can be overwhelming for many people.

This is why most people are not very keen to learn this game.

Dedication Required

Just like any other sports, golf requires a lot of dedication, perseverance, and determination.

It takes much time to master even one swing. It takes years to become proficient at it.

So this is the reason that golf is not preferred by many people.

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Golf does not receive the attention of the masses that it deserves. It is mainly because of the high costs of learning this game. Its equipment are really expensive.

This game is out of the reach of an ordinary middle-class person because of which it is not as popular as other sports like baseball, soccer, and basketball.

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8 Reasons Why Golf Has Not Become a Popular Sport
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