8 Steps To Perfect Golf Pitching!


8 Steps To Perfect Golf Pitching!

A golfer always strives to improve his scores by overcoming his handicaps.

One must not get swayed by the quick tips and clever ways without getting the fundamentals clear in order improve your skills.
8 Steps To Perfect Golf Pitching

Never spend too much money on buying the so called flawless golf equipment unless you know where you lack.

The art of perfect pitching is not acquired only by the equipment but from the creative mindset that sets a ball on a correct trajectory for a great result.

It can be scary before making a swing but can be fun too if you learn the right lessons.

Position Of Golf Ball

Before you make a pitch, ensure that the ball is correctly placed to earn you desired yardage on the greens.

Most of the poor shots are a result of the bad ball positions.

The most reliable way is to always keep position of the ball consistent and tailor your stance according to the club’s length.

For a normal shot, the ball should be right in the middle of your stance helping you make a balanced swing without your weight swaying from one direction to the other.

If you want to hit higher, slightly move the ball up in your position and for a lower shot move it back and bend down on the club a little for a better control.

Take An Open Stance

For making a full normal shot, the perfect position requires that our feet, shoulders, hips and knees are parallel to target line. This is called the square stance.

For shorter pitches, chips where you use short irons one must take an open stance.

You can move the left foot a few centimeters away from the parallel line and rotate your hips, shoulders and knees counter clock wise a  bit so that you are positioned  little bit left of your target.

This will help you make a decent upright backswing and a descending hit.

Correct Body Alignment

Correct posture is very crucial for accurate ball striking. The knees, shoulders and hips must be parallel to the feet and the club angle should be at the right angle to the ball.

You many even ask your friend to stand behind you in correcting the body alignment.


Press Hands Forward

For a successful swing and great timing, you can opt to forward press and move your hands an inch or so above target line so that the club is a little bit off the ground before hitting the ball to avoid getting stuck in the grass.

This will not affect the rhythm and speed of your swing before taking off.

Length Of Back Swing

The length of the backswing can be played parallel, short of parallel and beyond parallel.

Depending on the length of your arm and difference between your bicep and forearm, you can decide which backswing is apt for you irrespective of what the professionals teach on the importance of a parallel swing.

Remember there is no perfect backswing that suits everyone.

Accelerate Through The Ball

It is important that you know how to swing and accelerate your ball with your club head seamlessly through the finish and not end at the ball by just hitting it.

The body must lean depending upon your stance and arms must trail as they come in the impact position.

The simple technique of swinging the club through your ball will give you greater shots, provided your posture and backswing are seamless.

Complete Your Follow Through

Follow through means continuing movement of the stroke after a ball is struck. A follow through and a finish are two different things.

The finish of the swing can be all the way until the ball actually leaves the club however the best follow thorough position is a foot past the golf ball once you hit it in an impact position.

This can be best achieved if you practice follow through in slow motions keeping your hand, arms and body moving together with a perfect timing in mind.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

There is no substitute of deliberate practice which is the only thing that makes you perfect in the game of golf.

If we stop practicing it will reduce our muscle strength and take away the confidence in you.

You can practice with the club at the greens, back of your yard or even watch golf videos and tournaments, read a golf book and hire an instructor compatible to you.

The key to a better player is practice, practice and practice.

There are enough techniques available and in order for you to be a master, one must be equipped with all aspects of the game.

Since it is technical game involving mental calculation and foresight, you must learn to play it right from the beginning and get your basics right.

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8 Steps To Perfect Golf Pitching!
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