How To Hit Accurate Wedge Shots : Hit Golf Wedges Precisely

It is not sufficient that you use power packed shots. The best way to conquer the game is to improve the approach shots.

For lower scores close hits are vital.How to Hit Golf Wedges Precisely

So if you are looking to lower your handicap the ideal way is to practice how to hit golf wedges.

And it is not true that only the pros can hit close and pure wedge shots. Irrespective of the ability level you have, it is easy to sharpen your wedge shots and steer them from skull and fat shots to crisp ones.

Here are top tips from experts to guide you on golf wedges:

How To Hit Accurate Wedge Shots :- perfect shot set up

Just like you would do with any other golf shot, wedge shots too need the appropriate set up. Here are the steps to arrange your wedge shot precisely:

    • Flex your knees slightly
    • Bend from hip region in a natural way
    • Ball position should be well back in relation to your stance
    • Use three quarter of swing to wield good control of the shot
    • Stance should be slightly open to clear the left side during downswing, if you are right-handed and vice versa for left-handed person

With the right stance, you can have the clubface come in contact with the ball in the right way setting it on a perfect path of attack.

Smooth effortless swings

Since wedges are not woods, it doesn’t take much force to hit wedges. By keeping the swing smooth and firm you can easily hit great wedges. And there is no lower body movement needed.

You have to use flat footed stance and do a simple turn of the ball. In fact, wedges are so simple that you can easily hit several shots without feeling the pressure.

Keep clubface open

Beginners usually do their takeaway shots with a closed clubface, which is very bad for the game. The rhythm is lost and it prevents natural rotation of the clubface.

Without a natural swing it is not possible to stay with the swing and accelerate on impact. On the other hand with an open clubface, you create a smooth acceleration leading to crisp and clear contact.

Rotate naturally

To keep the backward swing of the club smooth it is best to avoid rotating your forearms forcefully. Keep the rotation natural. For the clubface to be in open position, it is not necessary to twist your wrists.

There should be a gentle rolling motion of your forearm.

To know whether you are doing the movement correctly, check the way the club is pointed. If it is towards the front when the swing is completed it is the right movement.

On the other hand, if it points upwards, the rotation is a forced one.

Hand position

Wedges meet the ball at the central level. This position of the ball is the point where the natural swing of your wedge (the bottom) occurs ahead of the ball.

This position allows striking down but can happen only when you keep the swing path in descending direction.

To enable this, make sure the knuckles on your left hand point downwards. If they are upwardly pointed, you will not make a crisp contact.

Hitting the wedge shot

Once you master the right way to address, the next step is to lift your golf ball perfectly off the turf. Here are a few practice tips on how to hit golf wedges:

  • Choose log wedge, which has the highest loft degree of 60.
  • Grip the wedge with the club face in a horizontal position. The ideal way to hold the wedge is the grips base. This gives greater control.
  • Place the lob wedge on the turf with open clubface and immediately slide clubface below the ball. Lift the ball over the club face.
  • To prevent the ball from moving away, you have to block it with your shoe initially. Once you get adequate practice at this you will not need to block the ball with your shoe.
  • Once you have the ball on your club face, bounce it with quick wrist movements. This elevates the ball. Bounce repeatedly until the bounce is high enough for you to grab the ball.

How To Hit Accurate Wedge Shots : Hit Golf Wedges Precisely

Picking the appropriate shot according to the situation is necessary to make the ultimate wedge shot. With such a shot you can easily aim for putts. Here are vital how to hit golf wedges tips for setting up the precise shot:

1. If the pin is ahead of the ball, set up the shot so the ball is hit higher and with maximum spin. This will suck the ball back into the hole.

2. If pin is behind, hit a bit lower so it reaches the mid green position and bounces forward. But don’t attempt to have the ball fly all the way, as it can go beyond the hole landing you in a sorry state.

3. Make sure you evenly space the wedges such as have the pitching wedge at 48 and the sand wedge with a loft of 52 degrees. Too big a gap between the wedge lofts will force you to make several partial shots using pitching wedge.

4. With the proper wedge set, you can work using three types of swings namely half, three quarter and full. This applies for your follow through shot and backswing.

The swing on both directions should match. This gives a smooth swing tempo with different distances easily without having to resort to guesswork on your downswing. With practice this will keep your shots ultra-precise.

When you to know how to hit golf wedges, you can easily score just with the wedges. After you miss the green with your approach shot, mastering a wedge shot is the only way you can win the putt easily.

Although it is not easy to hit the precise distance for amateurs, with practice and the tips above you can deftly hit accurate, crisp and clean wedge shots.

When you master the wedge shots, you can reduce the shots needed and turn bogies to pars easily.



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