Which are the Best Golf Wedge Brands?

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2019)


A golf wedge plays an important role in a golf game. Although, many people underestimate this type of club, it nevertheless should be there in your golf bag.Which are the Best Golf Wedge Brands

Moreover, you should carry the right wedge for your game and not just any other type of wedge. This is because with the right wedge you not only improve your golf game, but you also get to hit some great shots, which in turn can help lower your score.

It is crucial to have superior golf wedges, since you need to hit as much close as you can get to the pin. Thus, the wedge you buy should have the right mix of sole grinds, lofts, as well as bounce angles.

However, since there are a lot of wedges available in the market, it becomes a tad tricky to choose the best one for yourself.

And not only wedges, there are many different brands for wedges. This makes people confused as to which brand they should trust on.

But, now this confusion can vanish with our list of the best golf wedge brands. These are the top most brands that offer the finest golf wedges.

They are reliable and can be counted on. No matter whether you are a scratch golfer or a high handicap golfer, you can get the right set of wedges for your golf game.

So, have a look at the top brands for golf wedges in the market. You may hear different opinions vis-à-vis the best golf brands, as there are a lot of golf brands that offer really good wedges in different models. However, we have come up with the top 4 brands.

1. Titleist

This is one of the top most golf wedge brands right now. The head of this brand, Bob Vokey, is behind its success. He is popular for his classic Vokey Design clubs.

Since 1976, Vokey has been tinkering and innovating with different types of golf clubs. This brand has a nice reputation as it listens to the suggestion of pro players and then makes its clubs according to their requirements.

Moreover, Titleist also keeps the amateur golf players in mind while making its golf clubs, in turn offering a wide range of golf wedges for players of every skill level.

During the initial 5 PGA Tour events in 2011, most of the putters, irons, and wedges were from Titlest than any other golf brand.

A lot of Titleist clubs have got gold medals, including categories like the driver, hybrid, woods, game improvement irons, and wedge.

Moreover, the Titleist AP2 Irons have got the award of ‘Mixed Metal Iron Design’ by Golf Tips. It described the iron as having a heavy, tungsten sole insert with a great feel.

2. Cleveland/Sxiron

Cleveland Golf is founded by Roger Cleveland. This brand is one of the top 5 brands that are preferred by players for their superior wedges. Among other golf clubs, the 588 model of golf club is one of their best selling wedges.

This is the first brand that created wedges with different bounce choices on the sole. Moreover, Cleveland has also introduced other types of club technology such as the drivers.

However, Roger Cleveland sold off his company in 1990, after which he designed clubs on his own for other competing brands. For instance, he recently created the Callaway Mack Daddy Wedge for Phil Mickelson, who is sponsored by Callaway now.

In 2011, golf legend Ben Crenshaw was added by Cleveland to its list of consultants and golfers. Sxiron is the sister brand of Cleveland, which endorsed Peter Jacobsen.

This brand has won many gold medals in its wedge and driver categories from Hot List. Moreover, it was named as the top-selling golf brand for its wedges by golf.com in 2010.

The designers of Cleveland took the feedback from pros of the Tour and then created popular wedge shapes in order to control vibration in the best way possible and thus create a great feel.

3. Callaway

Callaway has a lot of famous names in its stable, one of those being Trevor Immelman, who was the winner of the PGA Championship 2008.

The brand has also been sponsoring Phil Mickelson for nearly 10 years now, before which Titleist was sponsoring him. He is a five time major champion and active player with a nickname of ‘The Magician.’

Callaway is known for producing a wide variety of cutting edge golf wedges using the highest quality material as well as the latest technology.

This brand has won a lot of gold medals in various categories. In fact, Callaway was the top-selling brand for its superior irons in 2010, as cited by golf.com.

In the early ‘90s, Callaway introduced its original Big Bertha iron and since then the brand has been innovating new iron designs.

It has also given birth to technologies such as 360 degree undercut channels, short hosels, and different face thicknesses, which were very different from the norm when they were first launched. But, now they have become standards in the golf industry.

4. Adams

Some of the PGA tour stars represented by the Adams brand include Tom Watson, Aaron Baddeley, and Bernhard Langer.

This brand has been promoting the senior player Tom Watson for many years now, who was an eight time major champion in the late 70’s and early 80’s and now endorses the golf clubs of Adams with his own signature.

This brand has won a lot of gold medals in various categories from the Hot List. Moreover, the Adams Speedline FAST 10 Woods was praised by Golf Tips and was given the award of ‘Speed through Geometry.’

It was described that the club cut through the air and helped in faster swing speed, along with having a slick look and fast drive.

So, these are the best golf wedge brands in the market. If you want to play the best game of golf in your life, then you should buy high quality wedges from these brands only.

Ensure that you research all the setups and features that you prefer in your golf wedge and then buy one. A perfect wedge can give you confidence around the fairway.


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