Hit Golf Ball Farther :- 10 Simple Tips For Hitting Golf Ball Farther

Almost all the golfers at some point in time trying to keep up the pace and for that matter, they struggle to hit the golf ball farther.

This is the common need of all golfers in order to reach a particular hole or corner; you need to take a long drive and a proper game plan to hit the ball farther.hit golf ball farther

It is surely going to be a delight for any golfer if he could play the ball longer and even straighter.

Short drives may give your frustration but these should not dishearten you or pull you away from playing this interesting game of golf.

Many of golf-playing beginners may face this frustration but here we have outlined some guiding tips that would help you in hitting the ball farther easily.

Play shorter clubs first

In order to become able to play golf ball fartheryou must have good directional control. For awareness of control and direction, it is best to begin playing with hitting shorter clubs.

With shorter clubs, you will be able to place the ball closer to the hole.

Practicing with these shorter shorts will benefit your game in the long run for hitting your ball farther for longer distances.

The shorter ones enable you to hit a ball farther than 20 to 40 yards. For golf games, accuracy and distances calculation are both important and this hunt may appear to be a daunting task for beginners.

Many of the golfers may be fed up with searching for hitting for various yards. This frustration may end up in having a desire of hitting the ball farther.

10 Simple tips for hitting the ball farther

If you are looking for greater tee length and wish to become one of the long hitters of the golf game, you must study some of the important aspects that can make you hit the ball farther, and by following these tips you can win the game.

Have your left foot open out:

If you open out your left foot at a 45-degree angle, you get more power of hitting.

This can be easily done by quickly clearing your hips and lower body while you swing through.

You must not fan the foot out too much that may result in restricting your back movement for swing turn.

Slow down your swing

Swinging your arms through in a wild manner wouldn’t prove beneficial;

in fact, you need to use your arms and hands slowly heading towards the clubhead in a manner that your swing is lowered down and you can balance out your body to create a swing at a greater speed.

Your body should be relaxed so that your muscles prove productive towards offering greater clubhead speed for hitting the ball.

Try making a full backswing

Hip and shoulder turns must be limited restricting golfers on how far they can hit the ball.

You must be able to wind up your entire body by turning these muscles of hip and shoulder to a possible extent.

This full backing up would give a longer swing along with higher head speed and longer drives.

Make a wide swing arc

If you want to have a faster head speed for the club, you make a wider swing arc.

When you make a wider swing arc, the faster the swing will travel which would give you an increased head of the club speed.

Loading club at the swing top

In order to have your golf ball hit farther, you must check if the wrists are fully cocked or in golf lingo, the club is loaded at the top of the swing for later release with full speed.


Uncocking is a term that relates to releasing the loaded club at impact.

This should be happening later according to the possibility. When you have delayed uncocking, you get the time and energy to accelerate arms that would increase the overall head speed of the club.

Thus as long as you keep the clubhead cocked, the golf ball will travel farther. Releasing the lag should be done only after you have reached the impact zone.

Clubhead speed maximization

In order to have the ball hit farther, you need to make sure that the maximum clubhead speed occurs at the point of impact.

Many of you may be thinking that you need to increase arms speed for hitting the ball farther but in fact, you need to have maximum clubhead speed in order to give longer drives.

For each 1 mph speed of club head, you get 2.5 yards of distance.

Have strong muscles and a fit body

Your physical fitness matters a lot. Perform exercises that are related to strengthening your back, legs, abdominal muscles, hand, and more. You can follow the guidelines of professionals for improving your physical fitness.

Fitness is important if you want to make a full backswing where you can hit the ball with maximum clubhead speed. Have a flexible and strong body.

Hit a draw

Slicing the ball may lose distances. You can add extra yards by learning to hit the ball inside and outside swing.

Have the right ball for playing

along with other gears like golf rangefinders, there have been aerodynamic advancements made in ball technology used in golf playing.

Enhanced games have been a result of a ball design. 

Choose a specific distance ball that is available in the market today to improve your golf game with maximum distance coverage and minimized spinning. 

It is possible that you may be playing with a high spinning ball than the spin you need. So check ball specifications for improvements.


Golfers look for covering more and more distances and there are many inspirational golfers for new players who have made longer drives with ease.

Following the aforementioned tips and guidelines, you can cover large distances with no trouble.

Many new technologies have now been introduced including advanced ball technology, the use of a golf laser range finder, and many others that result in gaining some extra distances for golfers.

Learn to play golf with increased intensity by getting either a GPS device or golf rangefinder device and you will find golfing made even easier.

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Hit Golf Ball Farther :- 10 Simple Tips For Hitting Golf Ball Farther
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