How To Hold A Golf Club For Beginners :- The Right Golf Grip

While there is no perfect way of making the correct golf grip as their many ways and individual preferences which can work for a player. What works for one may not be perfect for others.

But making the correct golf grip is an important aspect of the game which cannot be ignored. There are some basic tips that you can use to improve upon your grip.How To Hold A Golf Club For Beginners

The correct golf grip has to be learned with practice.

There is a difference in the way a professional golf player will hold up his clubs and the beginner holding them.

The right grip will help a player taking out the maximum in his every shot.

You should learn the right techniques from the very beginning when you start learning the game. It is easy to form a habit when you are practicing.

If you are not using the right grip from the beginning you will continue to do so and your style of playing will be affected negatively.

It also becomes difficult for a player to get out of his playing habits especially when it comes to changing his playing style.

So it is always better to learn it the right way from the very beginning.

This aspect might look simple and not so important as others involved in playing golf, but it’s actually an essential detail that contributes to a good shot.

The golf clubs vary in length and weight so the way you hold each club could differ from shot to shot but the basic rules remain the same regardless of the club you are using.

Our simple tips below will help you discover the right way to grip a golf club so you won’t have trouble launching your ball.

Tip 1

Many people ignore to know which is the right club position in their palms so they draw lines, which is not illegal during a golf game.

The side of the grip should sit against your fingers and the handle should rest under your heel pads and point to your index finger.

For an ideal grip, the palms of both the hands have to face each other so that they can work together in an aligned movement.

They should not be working against each other which will mean lesser speed of the clubhead and inconsistent performance.

The pressure of the grip is also important here, it should not be too light so that you can hold the club without letting it slip or turn in your hand and it should not be too hard to restrict the free movement so that you can get maximum clubhead speed.

There are a few gripping styles like overlapping grip, Interlocking grip, and ten-finger grip which can be used by the players.

It actually depends on what kind of natural grip a player has, he may be having long or short fingers, a strong or weak hand so the grip also changes accordingly. Again practicing will give you the perfect way to use your clubs.

Tip 2

Precision is the key to a good grip as well as comfort so a grip should not be too tight and neither should it keep you from moving your hands freely.

For the best grip pressure and wrist hinging, hold the club at 45-degrees and maintain a pressure of 4 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Tip 3

When touching the club handle, the palms should face each other and the wrists should be able to hinge up and down.

Make sure the hands don’t override each other so both of them will work together in the grip.

Tip 4

When you take a grip of your club, start with your left hand first so you will feel the alignment of the clubface.

Never put the right hand on the club first because this will keep you move freely as you will launch the club to the left and your body will follow the movement.

Tip 5

Your left thumb should point to the right of the top-center of the club’s shaft and you can slowly separate your right index from your other fingers.

The grip should touch the middle joints of your two middle fingers and the right-hand lifeline should fit over the left thumb.

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How To Hold A Golf Club For Beginners :- The Right Golf Grip
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