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Golf Wedge Buying Guide: Crucial tips to pick the best wedge for your game


Golf Wedge Buying Guide: Crucial tips to pick the best wedge for your game

Wedges form an important part of a golf game although many underestimate their power.

This is the reason for wedges being used by many as an afterthought.Golf Wedge Buying Guide

In reality, a professional uses the wedge to give his or her game the best advantage.

With the appropriate wedge shots, you can easily save your game and be on top.

So it is it important to know the different wedge information, so you save the pars and hit birdies effortlessly.

And most important of all you will no longer struggle at the shots because of your ignorance.

Here is a complete golf wedge buying guide to help your golf game.

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Golf wedge buying guide on what you should look for in a golf wedge

Let us first look at the different parts of a golf wedge and how they help your game:


This is the angle in a wedge created between a fictional vertical line and wedge face.

Higher loft causes a higher elevation. This results in a higher flight of the ball and it covers less distance.

The loft influences the choice of wedges you use in a game. In general, a minimum of three to four wedges are used by a professional golf player. This allows a selective and variable short game.

Loft selection

To ensure you leave no loft gaps between the irons you loft the lowest and your first wedge, and also the edge wedge, you need to select specific wedges set.

The ideal way to accomplish this is by maintaining the loft gaps to about 4 degrees between the clubs.


This is the club surface of the wedge that touches turf. It is named so because of the bouncing action of the club beneath the ball on impact.

Bounce is actually given to a set of elements responsible for sole design including.

  • Sole width
  • Rocker
  • Leading edge
  • Wedge camber
  • Rocker
  • Bounce angle

Most often when you hear about bounce, it is in context to the bounce angle.

The wedge does not come into flat contact with the ground but at a particular angle termed as bounce angle.

This is an angle formed between the meeting point of the sole with the ground and the wedge’s leading edge.

Bounce, particularly bounce angle, prevents the plunging of the wedge into the turf or sand which stops the clubs impact momentum via the ball.

Wedge selection based on bounce angle

In this golf wedge buying guide, wedges are classified into three types namely Low, Mid and High bounce angle wedges based on bounce angle:

Low Bounce

The bounce angle is between 4 and 6 degrees in this wedge type.

This is apt for sweeping shots with shallow divot on sturdy turf conditions, in coarse and heavy sand bunkers and in bunkers with very little sand.

Mid Bounce

The bounce angle is between 7 and 10 degrees.

This is the most ideal option that fits a varied set of swing types and conditions.

High Bounce

The bounce angle is over 10 degrees. This implies a higher leading edge position when you rest the sole of the wedge on the turf.

These are ideal for forceful impacts with deep divots, softer turfs and in sand bunkers of deep and fine sand.

Sole Grinds

This is the shaping of wedge sole near the toe or heel. You can find a wide range of such sole grinds in wedges besides the standard type of wedge sole.

A heel grind enables the club face to be closer to the turf making it easy to open club face on address.


Finishes are just the outer color and appearance of the wedge. Though they do not influence your game they may wear over the long term, so you need to pick a quality finish that lasts. Nickel or Chrome finishes are highly durable.

Raw finishes are unplated and rust or wear easily. This enhances friction and improves spin.

Dark finish may look good when new but soon the paint will fade away leaving behind wear marks which some players prefer to have.


All wedges have steel shafts except in cases where the wedges belong to a graphite club set as a whole.

The steel shafts have wedge flex designed for a short sized club. It helps improve accuracy and feel.

Golf wedge buying guide to choose wedge types

Here is a detailed guide on selecting the wedges to add to your club set.

Pitching Wedges

Pitching Wedge is the most prevalently used wedge type.

This wedge is mostly for full green shots and a few of the longer chip variety. The present day wedges have certain modifications such as a lower loft or a powerful pitching wedge, which pairs well with the long hitting irons. These also create a gap for the gap wedge.

The loft is between 44 and 48 degrees.

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Gap Wedges

Gap Wedges, true to their name, are used to compensate the gap left by the sand and pitching wedges.

Based on their action, they are also called as Attack or Utility wedges.

Type of shots these wedges are used for include fuller shots, diversified green shots and to reduce distance gap.

Most often such wedges are used in pitches which don’t support longer chip or full swing shots.

The loft carried by such wedges is from 50 to 53 degrees.

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Sand Wedges

Sand Wedges were created initially to escape the green side bunker shots due to the wider and heavier sole design.

Most often the sand wedges were used effectively for bunker shots and chips.

The loft range is between 54 and 58 and this wedge remained as one with the highest loft until the lob wedge was created.

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Lob Wedges

Lob wedges are the latest entrants in wedge innovations.

The wedges are used by golfers to increase height as well as spin. All shots are aimed near the golf green.

Flop shots, bunker shots and hot chips are the type of shots the wedge is used for instead of the full shots.

Loft range is from 60 to 64 degrees.

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Choosing the ideal wedge for your game

Now that you know about wedges, the next step in this golf wedge buying guide is choosing the right one.

Number of wedges needed is based on your handicap level.

Sand and pitching wedge: For beginners and players with handicap of 25 or more.

Lob, pitching and sand wedge: For a handicap between 10 and 25.

Lob, sand, gap and pitching wedges: For a handicap less than 10.

  • Pitching Wedge
  • Gap Wedge
  • Sand Wedge

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With the guidance of this golf wedge buying guide, you can pick the right wedge set at hand and hit almost 70 percent of your shots when under 100 yards.

So go ahead and give your game the edge it needs by using the perfect wedge collection.




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