How to Choose Golf Club for a Shot?


How to Choose Golf Club for a Shot?

Every avid golfer knows that selecting the right club is one of the most important decisions to make before every shot.How to Choose Golf Club for a Shot

They know very well that every round of golf is different, and a lot relies on the weather, the golfing course, and the day.

Fortunately, they can feel confident about the game if they have the right golf clubs in their bag.

Generally, every player is allowed 14 clubs in their golf bag, and they may use five or six of those clubs depending on the gaming conditions and situation.

Know your golf clubs

It is essential to know and understand your golf club. Therefore, start with a single club at a time and see how it feels in your hand.

Repeat with the second club and go for one that feels more comfortable. It takes lots of practice and confidence to choose the right club and how far you will be able to hit with that club.

Here are some guidelines to make the right start.


  • Know the difference between the Long Irons, Mid Irons, and Short Irons.
  • The long irons are nearly perpendicular to the ground, and the shots will go a low and long distance. These irons are hard to hit and not meant for the beginners.
  • The mid-irons are among the favorite irons as they give a good distance and are easier to hit. You can use mid-irons if you end up in the short rough and still have a long way to the pin.
  • The short irons are used closer to the hole, and one should go for one depending on the distance they plan to hit each of these clubs.


  • The longest club in the bag is known as the driver and is known as the #1 club. It is also the most difficult to hit.
  • Those who are new to golf wall not even consider using the Driver.

Fairway woods

  • The Fairway woods are numbered, and the lower number means lower loft and longer distance.
  • The higher number means higher loft and is used for getting out of the short rough. In a golfer’s bag, you are likely to see two woods.


  • One of the most important clubs in your bag is the putter as it is used on every hole.
  • The success in a golf game relies on how well one putts. There is no “right” putter, and each one has to find the right style that fits their gaming style.

Know the range of your golf clubs

The whole distance achieved by a golf club is the range of the golf clubs and it relies on various factors such as the achieved loft and carry distance, the speed of the swing and the weather conditions.

The typical ranges vary among professionals and amateur golfers.

Know the lie of your golf ball

Although bad lies are part of golf, one should know the lie of their golf ball. The ball may hit your tee shot into the rough or may have landed in a divot.

One must learn how to deal with the bad lies and remove those crooked figures from their scorecard.

Always move the golf ball back in your stance so as to set your hands in front of the ball. In order to give the golf ball a backspin, swing down more on the ball and take more loft.

Know where to draw the line

It is perfectly fine to draw a line around your golf ball so that you know how to line up your putt.

All you need to do is raise the ball carefully and spin it around to match the line. This is an excellent way to help the golfer to start the ball on the correct line and get help with aim and alignment.


There is so much to get excited about the golf game. After all, each day and every game are different.

It is like a celebration when the golfers return to the game after a period of hibernation.

It is a stimulating experience to play golf every time, whether one is a beginner or a professional. Just know your clubs and understand the game well.

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How to Choose Golf Club for a Shot?
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