How To Maintain Golf Rangefinder? Top Tips & Tricks!!


How To Maintain Golf Rangefinder?

A good Golf Rangefinder can prove to be a great asset if it is selected carefully and thereafter maintained well.
Top Tips and Tricks to Maintain the Lens of Golf Laser Rangefinder

They are the best option available to a golf player to make a difference in the quality of their performance.

A decent lens of the golf rangefinder will help him identify distances of various objects on the field and assess accurate time.

So proper functioning of the lens is of utmost importance else a player will face a lot of challenges on the course despite carrying such a gadget.

You may buy the best golf laser rangefinder in the market on basis of Golf laser rangefinder reviews and other researches.

However if you are faltering on looking after its lens, your investment will soon go into drains because if lens is not maintained well there are high chances it will not serve you for a long time and you soon will be bound to buy a new device or incur heavy costs in replacing its lens.

Many professional players are aware of this reality however do not completely know the ways to take care of it. With these handy tips, you can surely make the most out of your device on the field.

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How to Maintain Golf Rangefinder Lens?

Keep Safe 

  • The lens is a very delicate part of the Golf Rangefinder hence needs to be handled with an extra care to avoid breakage, fall or even a crack.
  • You must avoid banging or dropping it on the ground or hitting with a solid surface.
  • Keeping it in its padded bag, away from edges of a surface and far from children when not in use is an important precaution one must take.
  • Remember, rangefinder is a heavy investment for a golfer and if handled with care and given due protection from external damages, its lens will provide hassle free service for many years.

Keep away from direct light 

  • The lens is sensitive to ultra-violet rays of the sun and excess exposure to sun-rays can harm it beyond repairs.
  • The intense light overwhelms the lens and confuses its sensor thereby reduces its effective range and image.
  • So when not in use, always keep it covered and unexposed to direct sunlight and bright artificial lights as much as possible.

Cleaning – 

  • Dirt and dust are common challenges to the lens and if remain accumulated will give horrible images.
  • Regular and thorough cleaning of the lens is important practice to follow to ensure its quality life.
  • Just clean with light strokes on the outside of a lens with a lens cloth made of microfiber and a few drops  of cleaning solution meant for lens use or even using brush with soft bristles.

Removing stains –

  • It is not difficult to remove a stubborn strain from your lens using a soft velvet cloth with a pure alcohol.
  • This can be gently rubbed against the strain to avoid any scratches on its surface in the process.
  • Regular dusting of the lens is a crucial practice in maintaining its long life to avoid any stain to get imprinted on it.
  • Utmost care must be taken while cleaning it with right tools else you may encounter crippling scratches on your lens and there is no good way to repair them.


  • Any potential damage to the lens call for a professional help. You must avoid troubleshooting it yourself since it might harm the lens more than correcting it.
  • While it may cost a considerable amount showing to a professional, you can rest at peace that it is dealt in hands of an expert.

Cover up –

  • Always keep your rangefinders in the cover or a padded bag when not in use to protect it from harmful sunrays, infrared rays or harsh weather conditions and even dust.
  • It will go a long way in keeping your device newer, safer and protected.

As golf rangefinders are expensive items, you would want to have them for a long time to serve you so follow these simple and easy tips and tricks to keep your lens in a good running condition and to give you the value for money you deserve.

How To Maintain Golf Rangefinder Battery & Body

One of the most essential tools for anyone interested in golf is a laser rangefinder. As it is one of the more costly golf items, it is critical to read golf rangefinder reviews so as to make up your mind about buying the right product.How to Take Care of the Body and Batteries of Golf Laser Rangefinder

It is an innovation like no other and assists a golfer in every possible way. Apart from doing away the need for a caddie in the golf course, this is an all in one product designed to help the golfer in every possible way.

The excellent product provides fast measurement and with high accuracy, even in wooded areas! Thanks to the latest technologies and present day engineering, one can get precise yardage on any golf course.

Already an increasing number of golfers are taking advantage of the product.

As the rangefinder is an essential product, one must take good care of it. To achieve this, one must follow some tips and the right guideless to take care of the body and the batteries.

Tips to keep the body in good shape

  • The fastest way to spoil the body of the golf rangefinder is to let it fall.
  • It is a sensitive tool and the right way to offer 100% protection is to place it on an even surface. Avoid those devastating falls by handling it with care and look for a place that is not uneven.
  • Make sure to prevent any bang against any hard surface to prevent the damage.
  • Expect dirt and moisture outside on a golf course. You can also include the possibility of rain and sandstorms.
  • Thus, there are all possible chances of dust, moisture or sand depositing in the range finder.
  • Always clean the rangefinder with a clean, dry cloth and make sure it doesn’t get damaged by those impurities. Keep those impurities away and from damaging the rangefinder.
  • Regular maintenance of the body of golf rangefinder is very important.
  • Always use a soft cloth for this purpose and do not use any chemical agents, or it can lead to erosion of the rubber body and can even cause discoloration of the product.
  • Use a good carrying bag to carry your golf rangefinder to protect it against any damage. Carrying it in a proper case will prevent its body from any breakage or chip. The package should have a soft lining so as to absorb some of the pressure.

Tips to keep the batteries healthy

  • Always place the batteries corrections and in the right position. Avoid any premature damage with properly aligned poles.
  • It can be catastrophic to short circuit the battery chamber terminals under any circumstance as it would completely damage both the batteries and body.
  • It is essential to keep the batteries at the right temperatures and avoid their exposure to drastic changes in temperature.
  • Battery life gets reduced drastically under sudden temperature changes.
  • In case you are not going to play golf for a long time or need the use the product for a long period of time, do not forget to remove the batteries or chemical can get deposited in the battery terminals.
  • Do not insert any foreign materials into the battery chambers as this can damage the cells as well as the rangefinder.


Nothing can be a better innovation for both professional and amateur golfers than the golf range finder.

Do not ignore the maintenance aspect of the equipment and carry a proper and good carrying case. Take good care of the batteries to extend  their life. Keep the lens clean for best results.

Keep the above tips in mind to take good care of the body and the batteries of the golf laser rangefinder that is a vital tool for you as a golfer.

The body of the rangefinder should not lose its luster, and the batteries should retain their long life.  Keep the rangefinder out of the reach of children so that it is safe and doesn’t get misused or dropped.

With proper care, you can enjoy you golf range finder for a much longer time and extract more value for your money.

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How To Maintain Golf Rangefinder? Top Tips & Tricks!!
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