How to Test a Golf Laser Rangefinder?


How to Test a Golf Laser Rangefinder?


Golf Laser Rangefinder is a heavy investment equipment and calls for a thorough survey of the golf laser rangefinder reviews before picking the best.

A Golf Laser Rangefinder comes with a lot of features and basis on your requirements and experience; you can single down your choice which is within your budget.How to Test a Golf Laser Rangefinder

The most advanced device includes features like detecting temperatures, determining shot angle, climate conditions and elevation of the ground.

As a novice you may settle for a basic version with fewer features. Laser rangefinders use a high end technology than GPS units in estimating distance between objects whether it is a ground feature or a pin.

Each type of rangefinder has its own advantages and it is not easy to find the best golf laser rangefinder which is a clear cut winner for you.

It is like comparing apples with oranges and you should choose the one that best fits your game basis your seriousness to play with it.

In case you have pinned your eyes on this expensive gadget, here are a few handy tips on how to test a Golf Laser Rangefinder before you buy it:


  • Laser rangefinders claim to give accurate measurement of objects within 1 yard of distance with help of laser or infra rays under ideal weather conditions as per manufacturers.
  • Its slope adjustment feature will help you in determining your shot uphill or downhill too. Checking the device for its accuracy is rather very simple.
  • Set a target on the ground with a known distance. Say for example on a football field the distance between 2 goal posts is 100 yards.
  • You stand on the middle of a goal line and press the power button of your device and locate your target through its lens and lock it.
  • Then push a button on your device to send out laser rays to the target which will display the distance of the target on the screen.
  • You can compare the distance displayed on its screen with your known information and check that they match.
  • Important point to note here is that the range finders must be a minimum of 5 feet away from target to provide correct measurement. Few models may necessitate a greater distance gap.

Convenient to Use

  •  It is important that the rangefinder has an easy to follow interface and has ideal size and weight for you to carry it on the field.
  • With varying specifications of each rangefinder like number of buttons, batteries required , focus, magnification, option of cross hairstyles available for aiming the target, horizontal or vertical form and display details of the screen, you must determine what best suits you after going through various models in detail.


  • Laser rangefinders come with many modes and features, including slope adjustment option which not only provide you distance after adjusting the degree of incline or decline but also advises on which club to hit, considering altitude and air temperature .
  • The modes can vary from a PinSeeker, Line of Sight to Automatic Scan and slope compensated.
  • You must also find out how and what type of information is provided on its screen for it to be really useful on the field.
  • Some devices give you the reading by pressing and holding the button while others require to press the button and point it to the target and then release. Some are water resistant while some are normal.

Ease of getting readings

  • Another feature you must test is how fast and easy is to obtain the distance readings under various modes.
  • Features of a rangefinder like how it gets activated, magnification, weight and how the device needs to held in hands will offer different readings in rangefinders.
  • You can speed test various models on the course to determine which gives you maximum value of money as per usage.

Value for Money

  •  It is crucial that you test the various rangefinders under different parameters to get your money’s worth.
  • There is a considerable difference in prices of rangefinders with a slope adjusted feature and ones without it.
  • The warranties also differ from one manufacturer to the other and it is best to check with a reseller before making a purchase.

Testing the device ensures that you make a well thought decision before shelling out your hard earned money. After all you deserve the best when it comes to making a significant impact on the game.



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