Tips for Teaching Kids Golf


Tips for Teaching Kids Golf

Teaching your kids to play golf can be challenging and at the same time a lot of fun.

There are many benefits of teaching this sport to kids that will stay with them for rest of their lives until the time they can swing their arms to make a shot.

The sooner you begin, better will be its results in terms of acquiring expertise with more practice time at their disposal if they decide to be a golfer later in their lives.

This game is a wonderful way of inculcating patience, honesty, good manners and discipline in them.Tips for Teaching Kids Golf

Many seniors still prefer to play golf over any other sport like hockey or football in their old age as it keeps them healthy and fit.

So if you teach your kids how to play golf, you are providing them a lifelong channel of staying on top of their health.

Walking a golf course with clubs hanging over your shoulder is a terrific way to burn extra calories.

Besides, you tend to spend time with your kids in a sporty way while you teach them golf.

Don’t forget to add the fun factor in learning session as it might then bore them to death.

Learning should be interactive, engaging and mind stimulating with fun element at the highest degree to give the most rewarding results.

The Golf Industry has become a big business and not just for the adults but the children too.

Today, there are plenty of equipment, apparel and training aids for the children.

Needless to say, the Junior Golf Industry is thriving because of the growing interest in the sport among the children.

A child can take to the sport even when he is a few years old, and the opportunities for junior golfers are fast growing.

Teach them the spirit of golf

When teaching golf to your child, keep in mind that for his the sport is just like any other game and to be played for fun.

How you introduce the game to him will rely on the age of the child and his interest in the game.

First things first, no matter what are your child is, introducing the game the right way is essential.

Make sure that he is having fun and this is the right way to make him love the game and understand its spirit.

Keep showering in plenty of positive words and encouragement.

The serendipity of golf

With time and experience, your child should understand that while golf is a game of skills and practice, they are sure to discover new things and lessons as they progress in the game.

The most amazing thing about the sport is that it teaches the children the aspects of etiquette within the game and how to show respect and concern for others.

Don’t force your method

When teaching your kid golf, you need to keep certain tips in mind. To begin with, know that each develops his or her style gradually and thus, you should never force your method on them.

Let him make mistakes and learn each day. Keep them positive so as to keep them engaged in the game.

Choose the proper equipment and offer minimum instructions in the beginning. Playing golf for fun is essential when teaching the kids.

Start with a bigger ball

Always begin with shorter sessions and bigger balls. Make sure to select the right club for your child.

Starting right will lead to creating good golfing habits. After all, it is not uncommon to come across several golfers with poor swing habits.

The right size and weight of the club heads and balls will allow your child to develop good speed and improve balance.

He will be able to develop a smooth, natural swing with the right equipment and instructions the right time.

Refit the golfing equipment as your child grows and progresses in the game.

Stance and swing mechanics

When taking your kids to the golf course, keep in mind that they do not want complicated instruction or advice on golf.

Thus, keep any advice on stance and swing mechanics to the minimum.

Give them a simple and good understanding on the stance that is important for a solid golf swing. This is an essential point to cover when teaching kids to play golf.

Teach them on how to hold a good posture that can help them get the best possible position to craft a great swing.

He should be comfortable with his grip.

Start putting

Well, it is time to start Putting, and it is 40% of the game. Make the start at a miniature golf course which is simply ideal for learning a putting stroke.

You need to keep patient and show them how their arms and putter should form the letter “Y”. A visual is always better than a lecture, so show them how to make the right put.

Learn to enjoy with the kids

It is very necessary to make your child’s golf learning experience enjoyable. You should know when to step in for guidance and when to hold back.

Give them a good basis to start on and always encourage the good shots.

However, be careful to correct the bad ones as every good shot at this stage wall develop them into a confident golfer with good etiquettes.

Make a note that a lot wall relies on how you make the start with your children when teaching them golf.

If they grow up with some bad golfing habits, you should know whom to blame. After all, those bad habits that get ingrained into young golfers take many years to go away.

So, teach them the golf right way as each child is thirsty for knowledge and eager to learn.

Four tips that will help you to get your kids interested in the game

Make It Fun

Tips for Playing Golf with KidsIn order to give a positive impression of the game , one of the first most things you must do is to engage them in a funny manner.

Kids tend be naughty and it is difficult to maintain their focus and concentration on a single thing for long till it is made exciting and engaging in a different manner.

You must avoid few things like giving downloads of the dos and don’ts in a typical manner and just let them swing and chase the ball freely.

Let them do all the crazy stuff with the ball and set them free on the course to explore it on their own way.

If they develop reluctance in coming to the course, you have lost half the battle which means you are lacking in your training somewhere.

Don’t focus on developing a perfect swing or a right grip, just let them ask questions and resolve their curiosity so that they enjoy and have fun with ball and club in the sunlight.

Play Cool Mind Games

Be smart and deal them on a psychological level if you want them to remain interested in the game.

Give them lessons only when they ask and don’t mix instructions with the fun element you create on the field.

One more interesting way is to engage their best friend in the game so that they continue to play when you are too busy to accompany them on the course.

Take them to a course with a water hazard and let them enjoy water splashing out with their golf ball.

Talk Their Language

You must get to the kids understanding level and speak in a language they understand.

You may start bringing your toddlers on the course, however there is a right time to begin teaching them how to swing no sooner than 5 or 6 years old.

Kneel down to talk to them in a simple manner without using any typical golf terminology like you can say a “big circle” rather than a “wide arc” or ask them to “hit the ground” in place of making a “downward blow”.

Flexibility is the key to teach them in any game. It is also worthwhile that you select the right equipment meant for juniors only.

The club should be neither too heavy nor too small or stiff which create difficulty in playing.

Reward Them

Everyone admires being acknowledged and so are the kids. Appreciate them on a good shot by an unadulterated praise in front of others.

This stimulates their confidence and maintains their interest. Even if the ball lands up in a water hazard, pump up their spirits and exclaim” Good Swing”.

You may even buy them a candy or an ice cream or take them for movie after a daylong visit to the golf course.

The whole idea behind teaching this niche game is to engage them in a sport in a positive manner and not over burdening them with any of high expectations of becoming the second Tiger Woods in the world.

Give them time to explore the game of golf at their own pace and let them grow naturally in skills.

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Tips for Teaching Kids Golf
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