Golf Beginner’s Guide: Golf Wedge Questions

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2019)


The golf wedges are something that can’t be totally ignored while you are planning to achieve new heights in this game.Golf Beginner’s Guide Golf Wedge Questions

However, with a lot of important things that a golfer should have in order to achieve the excellence, choosing an ideal wedge often gets ignored by the players, especially by the beginners who are starting the game career.

If you are really willing to boost up your preparations and clear out the way of becoming a successful golfer, then we would advise you to choose the golf wedges very carefully.

And in case you are a beginner and are not aware of things that really matter while purchasing the golf wedges, then these tips can really help you out and you will end up with buying the best golf wedges for your next match.

1. The bounce

The thing that heavily depends on the wedge, is the bounce. Formally, the bounce can be defined as the angle the wedge’s bottom and its edge.

And we all are well aware about the importance of bounce in the game golf. Typically, the wedges have the bounce categorized into standard, low, and high.

And the right amount of bounce normally depends on the conditions you usually play the game.

So, make sure that you know your golf course well, and then decide which golf wedge will provide the perfect bounce in the game.

Buying a wedge with perfect bounce can be extremely helpful to enhance your game in the field, and it will also help you to control your shots better than ever before.

2. The loft gap of the lob wedge

Typically, the loft gap highly depends of the category of player and his experience. It’s been seen that the players with a lot of experience in the field prefer the wedges with higher loft gap.

The reason behind this preference is that although they are great for the players, but they require high amount of skills and patience in handing than the wedges with less loft gaps.

For the beginners, the 5-degree gap wedge would be a perfect choice. So, rather than going for the wedges with high degrees, go for the wedges with 5-degree gap.

And once you are experienced enough to judge the wedges accurately, you can go for the more professional wedges with higher degree of loft gap.

3. Required number of wedges in your kit

This is a crucial thing to recommend. Although it is better to play with four wedges (each one of the pitching wedges, gap wedges, sand wedges and the lob wedges), but it also depends how well you are adapted for the situations of the golf course.

So, try to figure it out by yourself that how many wedges are perfect for you without ignoring your level of experience and skills you have.

4. Custom fittings for the wedges: are they helpful?

Well, the market is full of custom fittings for wedges that can eventually enhance your performance in the game.

You can get the custom-made fittings for the wedges, shafts, and the bounce angle in order to maximize the efficiency.

So, search for such custom-fittings, and make sure that they are intended to make your game easier and more efficient than ever before.

5. How to deal with the dig

Dig is something that most of the novice golfers encounter while playing their shots. Although it can be associated with your swing of the golf-stick, changing the wedges can be really helpful to stay away from the dig.

IN order to do that, make sure that you are choosing a wedge with more bounce, and wider sole. This will help you avoid contact with the ground and will avoid the awkward situation of digging.

So, next time when you are out in the market for purchasing the new set of golf wedges, then keep the above listed questions in mind, and make sure that you have a clear mind about what you are looking for in your wedge.

By doing this, you can not only save your precious time which would have been wasted while trying and testing different wedges, but also it will help you save some money.

Moreover, choosing the right wedges will definitely improve your performance in the game. So, what are you waiting for, choose the right set of wedges and make your first step towards becoming a pro golfer.

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