Which Golf GPS Watch to Buy?


Which Golf GPS Watch to Buy?

Golfers and the accessories they wear have long been bedfellows.  Getting the best golf GPS watch is the dream of any avid golfer.Which Golf GPS Watch to Buy

After all, using a quality GPS watch can help make him better decisions as well as help him play better.

Before one invests in an expensive golf GPS watch, it is essential to know what to look for and read a couple of Golf GPS watch reviews on the top models out there.

Take benefit of the new technologies and use them to your advantage in the game.

Checklist of what to consider before buying a GPS golf watch

Distance measuring capabilities

One of the prime reasons behind buying a GPS golf watch is to find accurate distances in all directions, to the front, to back, and to the center.

With better GPS receivers, you can expect the top models to come up with accurate better GPS receivers. Laser rangefinders are well reputed in terms of accurate distance measurement.


The costs of the GPS golf watch cannot be ignored, and a lot depends on your budget and needs.

Depending on the features you are looking for, and what is allowed in the competitions, you will have to make your pick.

It is best to strike the right balance between the costs and the features. A good quality GPS watch starts at about $100.

Course availability

The availability of the course maps of the golf course is an important concern in a GPS golf watch.

There are us salty more than twenty thousand golf course maps loaded on the GPS watch. However, it is essential to check out if it carries the golf course map that you are interested in. Ask for the extended list of available course maps with the manufacturer.


The GPS golf watch can be heavy, and it is worn on the wrist. Thus, focus on the size and weight when buying the watch, as the bigger size and heavyweight can hinder the correct golf swing.  Go for a gadget that is lighter in weight and easier on size and doesn’t interfere with the way you play. You should not be compromising on your game and movements, even if you are loaded with data.


GPS golf watch you buy should be easier to use and even for nontech-savvy golfers. This is why the manufacturers of GPS watches for golf are trying to churn out the best possible devices that are easy to follow and use. Go for the model that offers simple navigation and excellent customer care.

Battery life

Your GPS golf watch should not run out of juice just when you need it the most and leave you stranded in the middle of the game. Thus, check out the battery life and read reviews about the product information. Ask how long the battery lasts and if its life decreases with age.


Study the features of the GPS watch and know if they align with your needs. Do not buy a watch simply because it is loaded with new features. Focus on your needs when you go hunting for a golf GPS watch.


The display of the GPS golf watch is important and you might have to peer into the screen under the glare of sunlight.

Ask the sales personnel for opinion especially while shopping indoors and ensure that the display works fine in all weather conditions.

Style and design

The style and design of the GPS golf watch do matter. Apart from working well, the watch should look good on your wrist.

There are plenty of classy and stylish designs available in the market. Make sure that the design is comfortable to wear.

Long-term performance

A good quality GPS golf watch is sure to last you for a long time and offer you the best bang out of your money.

Trust your gut when shopping and make the right choices. After all, you do not want to deal with lower battery life or broken bands.


GPS golf watch can help one manage their game better with the help of satellite technology.

Get pin-point yard readings of your position and know the precise distance in any direction before you decide to play the next shot.

There have never been more choices for those devices that are getting advanced and are more accurate to use.


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Which Golf GPS Watch to Buy?
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