Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for High Handicappers Review

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for High Handicappers Review

How often have you been on a golf course, and you are facing a shot that is between clubs, and thought to yourself that something like hybrid golf-clubs would be the right choice.Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for High Handicappers

You know that if you use the longer club, you could overshoot the green, but if you use the shorter club, you might not make it to the green. There aren’t too many scenarios that present this great of a paradox on the golf course.

And when this scenario is between a 3-Wood and a 3-Iron, it becomes even tougher, as the style of shot you can hit varies wildly, giving you very inconsistent results.

Golf Companies have figured out a solution to this paradox, which is the Hybrid golf clubs.

You are only allowed 14 clubs out on a golf course, and often, there were plenty of gaps between yardages of your clubs.

However, with the Hybrids in your bag, you can close that gap tremendously, giving you the confidence you need that you can tackle any shot which presents itself while out on the course.

A hybrid club will typically fill the gap between the 1-4 irons, which are very hard to make solid contact on the ball.

The hybrid allows you to keep the same style of a swing as you have with your 3-Wood or your 5 Iron, but with a greater distance and a different trajectory.

Due to the wide assortment of brands and styles with hybrids, it can be quite difficult to sort through all of the options to find the correct hybrids for your game.

Within this article below, we will cover a multitude of topics, including some hybrid reviews, which should allow you to narrow down the list of finding the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers that suits your game.

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for High Handicappers List 2021

1) Callaway Men’s XR Hybrid

Callaway Men's XR Hybrid, Graphite, Right Hand, Stiff Flex, 19-Degree

Last updated on July 19, 2023 13:21


  • Increased Ball Speed For Greater Distance The next generation of our Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup increases ball speed all across the face so you get distance and forgiveness at every impact location, even on off center hits
  • Higher MOI and Lower CG In A Hybrid We've completely redesigned the head shape to reposition weight; This creates even more forgiveness and a CG that's 46 percent lower than X2 Hot
  • More MOI and Ball Speed Our re engineered Internal Standing Wave is the ultimate team player; It's a refined way to increase MOI and still give the face cup the freedom to flex for more ball speed
This Callaway Hybrid is designed to give you increase golf ball speed, utilizing its forged hyper speed face cup.

This face cup provides you with more forgiveness when you strike the ball, allowing you to have greater distance and accuracy, even when you hit the ball directly in the center of the hybrid.

This Hybrid comes with a larger head, allowing you to have a lower CG and a higher MOI.

This hybrid is available to both the left-handed and right-handed players and has three options concerning the flexibility of the shaft.

You have four different degree options, including 19, 22, 25 and 28.

2) Adams Golf Tight Lies Hybrid Club

Adams Golf Tight Lies 4 Hybrid Clubs, Right Hand, Senior Flex

Last updated on July 19, 2023 13:21


  • Ghost Slot Technology hides crown slot but keeps benefits of higher balls speeds and increased forgiveness
  • Low profile upside down design creates large impact area low on face
  • Tri level sole reduces turf interaction for better performance out of any type of lie

This large headed hybrid from Adams is sure to help you out when you are in a tight spot on the golf course.

The head has a large impact area, allowing for more forgiveness when you don’t hit the golf ball directly in the center of the club.

This hybrid club allows you to hit the ball at a higher speed and is available to both left-handed and right-handed players.

There are three different types of flexible shafts to choose from, as well as 4 different degrees of loft – a 19 degree, 22 degrees, 25 degrees, and a 28-degree option.

This hybrid club is black with some blue accents to it.

3) Callaway Golf 2019 Men’s Big Bertha Hybrid

Callaway Golf 2019 Men's Big Bertha Hybrid (Right Hand, 4 Hybrid, 21 Loft, UST Recoil ZT9 460 F3 60g Graphite Shaft, Regular Flex)

Last updated on July 19, 2023 13:21


  • Long Distance and Fast Ball Speeds From Jailbreak Technology
  • Fast Ball Speeds From an Ultra-Thin Face and Hyper Speed Face Cup
  • Easy Launch From a New OptiFit Hosel
  • Easy to Hit From New Progressive Shaping
  • Feel and Control From New Premium Shafts

This Callaway Hybrid is a different version of their very successful line of drivers, the big bertha.

This hybrid is very light and thin, but also robust, as the large-headed face will allow you to hit the ball and have it launch off the clubface very quickly.

This club comes with an adjustable head, which allows you to change the lie and loft of the hybrid, up to eight different combinations, allowing you to be flexible in the kind of shot you need to take.

Due to the size of the head, this hybrid is a forgiving club, so even if you do not hit indirectly in the middle of the club, you will still have a decent looking shot.

This hybrid golf club is available to both left-handed and right-handed players and has 3 different shaft flexibility options.

You can buy this club in three different loft angles; 19 degrees, 22 degrees, and 25 degrees. The large head is mostly comprised of black, with some red accents.

Recommended Product



4) Cobra Men’s 3-4 W Bio Cell Hybrid Club

Cobra Men's 3-4 W Bio Cell Hybrid Club, Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff, Black

Last updated on July 19, 2023 13:21


  • MyFly8 Technology with SmartPad provides eight adjustable loft settings to maximize distance, manage trajectory, and optimize yardage gaps
  • Forged thin, shallow high strength steel face inserts enables more face flex for faster ball speeds, longer distance, and higher trajectory
  • Forged BiO Cell and E9 Face Technology creates a larger, faster sweet Zone that delivers maximum distance with high launch and low spin
  • Neutral/Draw Bias Weighting allows the golfer to easily square the face at impact which delivers longer and straighter shots from the fairway
This Cobra hybrid is equipped with MyFly8 Technology, allowing you to make eight different adjustments to the loft, which is ideal for being a versatile club within your bag.

This hybrid also had steel face inserts, which have been thinly forged, allowing for longer distances due to higher trajectories and faster ball speed.

There is a large sweet spot on the large head of this hybrid, which allows for a little bit of forgiveness if not hit directly in the center of the face.

This hybrid comes in black, but you have the choice of four different accent colors – black, silver, red and blue.

This Hybrid can be bought for either the left-handed or right-handed golfer and has three graphite shaft flexibilities for you to choose from.

5) Callaway Men’s X2 Hot Pro Hybrid

Callaway Men's X2 Hot Pro Hybrid, Left Hand, Graphite, Stiff, 20

Last updated on July 19, 2023 13:21


  • Highly engineered thin Speed Face, delivers fast ball speeds on shots hit across the entire face resulting in longer shots more consistently
  • Max Forgiveness: Internal club weighting increases forgiveness reducing hooks and slices and making miss hits fly further and straighter
  • These Hybrids have precise loft, CG and sole designs that result in easy to hit, high launching shots for more distance and accuracy

This large-headed hybrid from Callaway has the Speed face feature on it, which results in faster ball speeds, which creates longer shots.

The forgiveness factor with this hybrid is quite high, which will reduce the number of slices and hooks, which will mean your ball should travel further and straighter every time.

This hybrid comes in black with orange accents and can be purchased for either the left-handed or right-handed player.

Its graphite shaft comes in two different kinds of flexibility, and there are four different loft angles you can purchase – a 16 degree, an 18 degree, a 20 degree, and a 23-degree loft.

6) Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids

Pinemeadow Golf Men's Excel EGI Hybrid Club, Graphite, 19-Degree, 3, Regular, Left Hand

Last updated on July 19, 2023 13:21


  • CLUB/LOFT: 3 Hybrid/19°, 4 Hybrid/22°, 5 Hybrid/25°, 6 Hybrid/28°, 7 Hybrid/32°, 8 Hybrid/36°, 9 Hybrid/40° & PW Hybrid/45°
  • HYBRID MOVEMENT: More and more players are trading in their traditional irons and replacing them with hybrids. The EGI hybrids allow you to do this for every iron in your bag. Join the movement and expect an improvement in your game
  • BIGGER SWEET SPOT: All hybrids feature a nice balance of weight throughout the entire club head that increases and widens the sweet spot. The shape of the club head allows you to use these clubs from various lies, good or bad
  • GRAPHITE SHAFT: Hybrids are equipped with a Pinemeadow Graphite shaft. The hybrid shaft paired with the stainless steel clubhead gives you the best combination you need in a hybrid
  • HEADCOVER: All hybrids come with a headcover to protect your club while it is being transported in your golf bag

The Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids has a cut-thru slot, which is intended to give your golf ball more of launch and have a greater distance, while also traveling at a higher speed.

The lower part of the large head is bigger, which is intended, as most golfers tend to hit the golf ball towards the bottom of the head.

It also has some forgiveness to it, but if you do hit is square in the center, this sweet spot will be sure to give you the greatest distance possible.

You can get this golf club as a left-handed or right-handed hybrid, and you have three different shaft flexibilities.

There are also eight different angles you can purchase as well, including 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees.

This hybrid comes with a larger head, in a silver color with red and black accents.

7) Adams Golf Tight Lies Hybrid Club

Adams Golf Tight Lies 5 Hybrid Clubs, Right Hand, Senior Flex

Last updated on July 19, 2023 13:21


  • Ghost Slot Technology hides crown slot but keeps benefits of higher balls speeds and increased forgiveness
  • Low profile upside down design creates large impact area low on face
  • Tri level sole reduces turf interaction for better performance out of any type of lie

This next version of the  Adams Golf Tight Lies Hybrid Club contains Ghost Slot technology, which allows you more speed and flexibility across a larger amount of the larger head face.

This hybrid club is meant to be used as a lower trajectory club, allowing you to have more speed and more spin on more of your golf shots.

It comes with a .335” tip, which means you can launch your ball faster and easier compared to some other models.

You can purchase this Hybrid for both a left-handed and the right-handed golfer.

There are three different types of flexible shafts available, and there are four different degrees for your loft.

You can choose a 19-degree loft, 22-degree loft, and 25-degree loft.

The club has a blue top on top of a silver face, with red and blue accents along the bottom of the hybrid.

8) Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Alpha 815 Hybrid Club

Callaway Men's Big Bertha Alpha 815 Hybrid Club, Left Hand, 20-Degree, Stiff Flex

Last updated on July 19, 2023 13:21


  • Ball Speed All Over The Face High speed at every impact location from a Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup
  • Controlled Trajectory Penetrating ball flight and less spin are what you get from an Internal Standing Wave and Sole Weighting that move the CG low and forward
  • Compact Head Shape With Less Offset The compact shape and rounded half pear toe profile provide a look that many players prefer
  • OptiFit Adjustability 8 way adjustability for loft and lie angle
  • Lightweight Performance Shaft A Speeder shaft comes standard for even more speed

Another hybrid in the line of the Callaway Big Bertha series, it comes with the Forged Hyper Speed face cup, which is found across the entire large head of this hybrid.

You will have less spin when utilizing this hybrid and have a more controlled trajectory.

It also comes with the 8-way adjustable head, where you can change the lie and the loft of the head into eight different combinations.

It is a lightweight hybrid club, allowing you to generate more club speed with every swing.

It is available to both left-handed and right-handed golfers and has three standard shafts available to you.

You have three different degrees to choose from for a loft – 18 degrees, 20 degrees, and 23 degrees.

This large-headed hybrid is mostly black, with some red accents.

9) Adams Golf Super S Hybrid Golf Club

Adams Golf Super S Hybrid Golf Club (Right Hand, Graphite, Regular, 19-Degree)

Last updated on July 19, 2023 13:21


  • The SUPER S Hybrid has a new sole slot featuring Cut-Thru Slot Technology, which really ramps up the ball speed This new sole slot increases the Characteristic Time (CT) up to 23 making it an ultra-hot stainless steel clubface
  • The SUPER S Hybrid has a redesigned crown slot that is thinner, deeper and longer that provides a new level of performance
  • The matte white crown makes the clubhead look larger, and a contrasting PVD face improves alignment The combination of these features provides the golfer with increased confidence at address
  • Cut-Thru Velocity Slot Technology in the sole increases CT (Characteristic Time) up to 23 creating an ultra hot stainless steel hybrid

This large-headed hybrid from Adams has its cut-thru slot technology, which helps increase the ball speed as it comes off the face.

The clubface is made out of stainless steel, meaning it is a little bit of a heavier club to swing.

The PVD face on this hybrid club helps improve your alignment, to ensure you hit the golf ball more in the direction you desire.

This hybrid golf club is available to both left-handed and right-handed players, with a graphite shaft.

You have five different shaft flexibilities to choose from, along with six different loft options.

You can choose 15 degrees, 17 degrees, 19 degrees, 22 degrees, 25 degrees, and 28 degrees. The club has a silver-colored top to it, with blackface.


10) Cobra Golf 2021 Speedzone Hybrid

Cobra Golf 2020 Speedzone Hybrid Black-Yellow 3 Hybrid (Men's, Left Hand, UST Recoil ESX 480, Senior Flex, 19.0)

Last updated on July 19, 2023 13:21


  • Hollow Split Rails-The Flex Zone-Hollow rails flex more the solid rails, creating a 70% larger hot spot area from heel to toe that promotes higher launch and more ball speed with the aid of a speed channel.
  • Dual Baffler Rails-The Stability Zone-Baffler rails provide excellent stability and speed through the turf, allowing the club to glide effortlessly out of any lie.
  • Back Weighting-Weight concentrated low and back creates the most efficient transfer of energy to the ball for high trajectories that land softly into greens.
  • Refined Shape-Slightly larger than a traditional hybrid, the shape features a high MOI and square leading edge for longer and straighter ball flights.

This Iron shaped hybrid has a very high MOI. This Cobra Golf 2021 hybrid also comes with their cut-through slot technology, which gives you more flexibility and added forgiveness with each of your shots.

It is encased in black, with some red accents, and its graphite shaft is available in three different flexibilities. You have the choice of three different loft options – an 18 degree, a 21 degree and a 24-degree angle.



Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for High Handicappers Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to selecting the Best Golf Hybrid for your game, there are a variety of factors involved.

It’s not just simply the style or the weight of the hybrid, or the grip on your hybrid, or even the brand of the hybrid; it is a combination of all of these factors.

Even if you have figured out two of the four, you still don’t have your ideal hybrid.

The best golf hybrid is the one where all four of these aspects line up, which will provide you with the best chance to hit the right club at the right time while on the golf course, to allow your score to be lower every time.

Factors to Consider

Type of Club Head

With each hybrid club, it is typically one of two styles; it is either head shaped like iron or ahead which is a smaller version of a 3-Wood.

If it is more like an iron, it will have a muscle back or cavity back design, whereas the Hybrid will have more of a bulging back to it.

What makes the Hybrid so effective is that it gives a higher trajectory than a typical iron, but also a lower trajectory than a typical 3-Wood.

This in-between club gives you a multitude of shot options and depending on if you hit an iron better, or your 3-Wood better will determine which kind of head you should have on your hybrid club.

Weight of the Hybrid

The first thing which truly determines the weight of your Hybrid club is the shaft.

If you go with a steel shaft, then you will have a higher weight to your hybrid, which is recommended for those of you who like to hit the ball as far as possible with as hard of a swing as possible.

You can also use a graphite shaft, which is a lighter material and allows you to swing the club faster if you have a hard time generating club speed as you accelerate through the ball.

The weight of the Hybrid is truly dependent on what you are comfortable with swinging, but if you have the steel shafts, and are not hitting the ball as hard as you used to, then going with Graphite might be the answer.

If you have Graphite, and it’s too light and you swing the club way too fast, then you might need to step over to the Steel shaft.

Shaft Length

Although you may think to take the approach that a one size fits all with the shafts, this is not necessarily true.

You should not have to change your stance to utilize the hybrid you purchase. The standard shafts changes depending on which hybrid club you are going with.

The standard shaft length does vary between 36” and 40”.

However, just because you buy a standard hybrid, this hybrid may or may not work for you and your stance.

You can have the shaft either lengthened or shortened by a professional, or by sending it back to the manufacturer to have them take care of it.

To know the proper length, you should stand in your normal stance in comparison to where the ball is laying on the ground, and then place your arms where they feel the most natural.

Depending upon where they land on the grip will tell you how you should move the shaft.

If your hands are towards the top of the grip, then you need to lengthen the hybrid. If they are more towards the bottom of the grip, then you need to shorten the shaft.


There are a variety of grips available to you on each golf hybrid.

Most hybrids come with a standard grip, and those can be any assortment of grips that the manufacturer puts on their clubs.

You might have a grip made out of leather, or out of rubber, and it could be a smooth grip or a rigid grip.

This is why it is important to try out a few different types of hybrids, along with their grips, as the grips on a hybrid can be easily changed out.

Most local golf stores have a large selection of grips to choose from, and can easily change out the grip that is on your hybrid club for the best grip that meets your needs.

After you have selected what aspects of each hybrid are important to you, you will then need to decide which brand of hybrid you want to go with.

It is recommended that you stay with one brand for all of your clubs, as they will typically have the same feel and balance. If you continue to use different branded clubs that have a different balance, it will throw your swing off, which will lead to worse scores overall.

Here are some of the brands of hybrid golf clubs out in the market today.

Amazon Top Rated Hybrid Golf Clubs In 2021


Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for High Handicappers Brands


Over the last few years, Odyssey has become known as the go-to brand with professional golfers around the world.

Since 2010, they have helped golfers win more than 75 PGA events, 450 worldwide tour events and close to 700 million dollars in winnings.

Callaway specializes in the larger head hybrid, as a majority of the hybrids they have available have the larger head, rather than the iron shaped looking head.

Their hybrids are completely customizable to fit your needs. With the customization, you can shorten or lengthen your shaft by up to 2” either way (in .25” increments), and they have a very large selection of grip options available to you.

You can also add up to 1/8” of Grip Wrap onto the club. The larger heads come mostly in black, with some red or blue accents, and their iron hybrids are in the classic silver color.


TaylorMade has ten different hybrid golf clubs for you to choose from, all of which have different starting loft angles and size heads to start from.

All of the hybrid models from TaylorMade have the larger head, compared to iron, to have the feel of a 3-Wood, while still swinging the club like an iron.

They have models for men and women, as well as both left-handed and right-handed. The prices can range quite a bit, and come mostly in black with an orange accent color, or in silver with a blue accent color.

All of their hybrid clubs are completely customizable, allowing you to change the length of the club by 1.5” in either direction (in .25” increments), as well as changing the tipping adjustment up to 1” in either direction.

You can add up to 1/8” of extra grip wrap, and you can even decide if you want the logo to be facing up, or facing down.


They have eight different kinds of Hybrid golf clubs available in their line currently, all at an amazing price, and all with large heads.

They have hybrids that are available for both men and women, as well as left-handed or right-handed golfers.

When you customize your Cobra hybrid golf club, you can choose from thee different loft sizes, as well as a large variety of different shafts.

Some are standard, so they cost no extra, but some shafts are specially made, and can end up being pricey. For the length of the shaft, you can go 1” in either direction, in ¼” increments.

There are over 30 different grip types to choose from, with some being standard, and some costing more. You can add extra grip, up to 1/16”, in 1/64” increments, all of which is free.


Although they are known more for their golf balls than their golf hybrid clubs, Titleist has two Hybrid golf clubs to choose from, both of which have the larger head on them.

Both of the models of the Hybrid golf club sell for more than some other model features in our top 10. Both of their hybrids are fully customizable, as you can adjust the shaft length by 1.5” in either direction, in .5” increments.

You can change your grip size up to 1/16”, in 1/64” increments.

You can also change the loft angle, as they have 19, 21, 23 and 25-degree options available.

However, you cannot change the grip on these clubs when you order them, but you can choose the type of shaft you want, and they should be available in black, white, blue and red.


Ping has two hybrid clubs available, both with the large head. They are both made out of a Stainless Steel material, and can be used off the tee box, in the fairways, or if you get caught up in some sand or the rough.

Both models come with an adjustable loft option, which are 17, 19, 22, 26 and 30 degrees.

Their difference comes in their shafts, as the lower option only has three shafts available, and the higher option has four different shafts to choose from.

Both produce a low to medium spin velocity on the golf ball, and the forgiveness factor is quite high with both hybrid clubs.

The higher model is not that much pricier than the lower model. These hybrid clubs come in black with blue accents.

The Right Light Technology for women delivers even faster head speeds with the same effort; High CT, custom 455 maraging face insert, coupled with improved face shape, maximizes ball speeds on all hits; Low profile crown design provides confidence and an easy-to-hit complement to the D200 irons


Adams has four different hybrid models to choose from, mostly all large head models. The prices vary but are very affordable, and the modes come in silver or black.

You can order these hybrids for both the left-handed or right-handed golfer, and come with a graphite shaft.

They have four different lofts to choose from, and each of those comes with three shaft flexibility options.

There are no length or lie adjustments that can be made initially to these clubs.


Wilson has three hybrid models to choose from, two for men and one for women. All three hybrids have the larger head on them.

The lower model, which has a separate model for men and women, will come for a fair price. The higher-end model for men only costs a little bit more than our average hybrid.

For the lower model, you have some options available to you, including the loft angles, which are available as a 17, 19, 22, 25, 28 and 31-degree options.

You have three different flex options, depending on how much flex you want in your hybrid golf club. You can also choose a left hand or right hand.

For the higher-end model, you can choose between 17, 20 and 23-degree angles, also with three shaft options and the ability to be played by either a left-handed or right-handed man.

This higher version does come with a technology called fast fit, where you can adjust the loft angle of the club without actually taking the club off the shaft – each of the three heads can adjust up to 1 degree, giving you a hybrid that can go from 16 degrees to 24 degrees with just the easy replacement of ahead.


Pinemeadow offers their hybrids at a discounted rate compared to the rest of the industry. They specialize in seeing what the trends are, and then implement those trends into their hybrids, but at a lower cost.

A majority of their hybrids have a large head on them and come in black, silver, and white.

Most of their hybrids are priced low, with a couple of sets that sell for a higher price, including two sets that have the iron head to them.

They only have 2 Hybrids which are available to left-handed players, and only one set which is available to left-handed players. All of their hybrid clubs can be customized for a man or a woman player.

You can customize your hybrid with five different levels of flexibility within the shaft, and up to 1” shorter or 1 ½” longer, in ½” increments.

You have eight different shafts to choose from, and 15 different grips; the grips do cost extra.

Inexpensive Hybrid Golf Clubs

When it comes to buying golf clubs, most sets do not include a hybrid club.

This is done on purpose because not everyone wants a hybrid; even if you do want a hybrid, the challenge is finding the right loft size, shaft length, and clubhead to fit your style.

It is much easier to just purchase your own hybrid, then to have it included in a set. In comparison to Irons and Drivers, which can be more standardized, the hybrid needs to be much more precise.

However, with the variety of golf hybrids on the market, it is not hard to imagine that you could spend up to a few hundred dollars just for one hybrid golf club.

If you have saved up for as set of golf clubs, but don’t have much money left over for a hybrid, you have a few options available to you.

The best brand of cheap hybrid clubs you can purchase is the Pinemeadow brand.

Most of their hybrids are very affordable and offer you some of the same technological advances that the major brands have, but at a discounted rate.

The reason for this is that Pinemeadow does not want to be the trendsetter in the market.

However, they will see what the trends are, and will come out with a version of a hybrid that matches what is happening in the marketplace.

Due to them not coming out with it first, they can get the materials needed for less compared to when they were first made available.

As with all products across the board, the longer you wait for something, typically, the more inexpensive you will be able to find it for.

This is what Pinemeadow specializes in, and they have leveraged this thinking into making some of the better golf hybrid clubs out on the market.

Another brand to consider is Adams.

Three of their four hybrids are under $100, and these hybrids will serve you well as you are out on the course.

Their balanced weight and grip system will have you striking your golf ball in a smooth motion, while also delivering fastball movement and distance.

Adams branded hybrids are available nationwide and are a good hybrid to consider for those who are just starting out or want to spend more on Irons and Drivers, and just need a hybrid to help them get by for now.

Another option for the thrifty golfer is to go to your local golf course pro shop and see what kind of hybrid golf clubs they have that were found on the course.

Even though you might not ever lose your clubs when you are golfing, there are plenty of people who drop their hybrids near the green and forget about them, and consequently don’t remember where they left them.

Most pro shops have a section just for clubs they found on the course, and typically sell them for much less than what you would find at a store.

These kinds of hybrid golf clubs will work in the short term, but as discussed, you will need to get them fitted for you correctly if you are going to effectively use that hybrid for the long-term.

Another few options for you when looking for an inexpensive hybrid is by either looking for hybrid gold clubs at a garage sale or going onto a site like e-bay and seeing what is available.

Although some people understand the value of hybrids, more times than not, they are just wanting to get rid of them, and are willing to sell them for a deeper discount than you would be able to find at any retail store.

Of course, you always have to be conscious of what you are buying, and ensure you are getting the hybrid golf club you intended to buy.

No matter which avenue you choose for your hybrid, if you want one that is inexpensive, you can either go with a brand that offers more discounted hybrids, or stay patient, and find the hybrid you want at the right time through using a variety of different sources.

How to Make the Right Decision When It Comes to Purchasing Your Own Hybrid

When it comes to purchasing a correct golf hybrid, there are many factors to consider:

Hybrid Balance

Each hybrid golf club weighs a different amount, from the head to the shaft to the grip.

Because this is the case, the actual balance of the hybrid is very important to how effective it will be for you.

Not only this but how the hybrid is weighted within the head will have a big impact on how you swing through your golf ball.

You typically have to choose between a large-headed hybrid or an iron-headed hybrid. With the large-headed hybrid, this golf club is better for those people who swing a driver better than an iron.

This hybrid style is the preferred style of most of the professional golfers playing today.

If you can swing your Irons better than a driver, then you will want a hybrid that looks more like your typical iron The Iron hybrid will typically have a higher trajectory compared to a large faced hybrid, but you can achieve your desired results with either faced club.

It is all about what is most comfortable for you, and once you figure that out, you can move onto the next step.

Hybrid Weight

There are typically two kinds of weights when it comes to the hybrid club; you have the heavier hybrids and the lighter hybrids.

The heavier hybrid is typically better for those who might want a little bit slower of clubhead speed, which allows you to have more control.

In contrast, if you want a faster clubhead speed to generate a further distance with your shots, then you want a lighter hybrid.

By using a heavier hybrid, you will typically hit the ball where you want it to go, but the ball will spin less, meaning less distance from a long roll.

By using a lighter hybrid, you have less control over the placement of your golf ball down the course, but it has faster ball spin, which allows you to hit the ball further.

Hybrid Length

When you purchase a standard hybrid, the standard length does vary by which hybrid you purchase, but for the most part, they all are between 36” and 40”.

When it comes to utilizing your hybrid golf club, as we are sure you are starting to see, it should not be considered a one size fits all category.

You need to find out where you are most comfortable when swinging at a golf ball so you can have the highest results.

Do you like to be hunched over more? If so, a shorter shaft would be better for you. In contrast, would you rather stand up more upright? This means you will need a longer shaft.

There is no weakness in having a hybrid golf club which is a different length than the standard form, and no matter how much your golfing buddies might laugh at you, if you are hitting long shots all day long, they will not be laughing at your game for too long.

Finding the Right Angle

Most of the standard golf hybrids come with a present angle unless you have a Hybrid club where you can change the loft angle on the fly.

No matter what kind of hybrid you choose, a universal truth when it comes to striking a ball is that you want the bottom of your golf club to be lying flat on the ground when you get ready to take your shot.

You may need to take your hybrid into a pro shop to have them adjust the height of the shaft or the angle of the head of the shaft.

However, be very cautious with this, as you don’t want to give to a shop that does not have the proper equipment to change the angle. It’s not just simply hitting it with a hammer in a vice.

To feel even more comfortable, you may want to send your hybrid back to the manufacturer, so they can change the shaft or the angle of the head on your hybrid golf club.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to finding the right hybrid, and taking the proper steps to ensure you have the right setup for when you will be taking your next important shot will give you the confidence you need in order to make that shot when it counts.

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for High Handicappers FAQ

When it comes to finding the right hybrid golf club for you, as you can see, there are a variety of different components involved with finding the best hybrid for your golf game.

It is not as easy as just picking up a hybrid, liking how it feels, and going with it.

Although you could be successful in this approach, you are settling for something that is good, when you could have something that is great.

It does take extra time to find the right hybrid for you and your style. However, that extra time could mean the difference between shooting par on a hole, and shooting for a birdie (or, if your equipment doesn’t fit right, a bogey).

When it comes to finding the right hybrid golf club, there are plenty of questions out there, and here is a sampling of a few of them.

Q: How do I measure for Correct Length?

When you are determining the correct length for your hybrid, there are some steps you should take.

First and foremost, you should be in your normal stance when you are taking your shot.

There is a wide assortment of stances you see with golfers, but the most standard approach is bending at the hips slightly, with your shoulders back.

Your eyes should typically be looking at the inside of the heel of the hybrid club. By having your eyes looking at the heel of the hybrid, this allows you to move your arms and hands back without attempting to adjust your swing as you are in the middle of it, and overcompensating.

If you have to bend over more than just slightly, or if you are not bending over at all, then you have the wrong length of hybrid.

Remember – it is important for you to not change your stance based on your golf hybrid, you need to have a hybrid golf club that naturally fits in with your normal stance.

This may change over time, which is perfectly acceptable, but make sure you have a hybrid golf club that meets your needs today.

Q: How do you measure for the Correct Lie of your Hybrid?

Once you have found the proper stance for your hybrid golf club, now you will take the hybrid into your hands, and have the bottom of the clubface lay against the ground.

The bottom of the hybrid golf club should by lying straight down on the ground, and if it is not, then you need to have a different angled hybrid.

It is okay if it is slightly off the ground, but not by more than 2 degrees in either way.

If the toe of the hybrid is off the ground, then you need a hybrid with a flatter lie. If the heel of the hybrid is off the ground, then you need to have a hybrid with a shaft that is more upright.

Q: Should the Shaft flex when I Swing?

If you want to feel the flexing of the shaft when you hit a golf ball with the hybrid golf club, this is a feeling that is completely up to you.

Whether or not the hybrid flexes or not during your golf swing should not have any effect on you as you are hitting the golf ball, but you want to ensure you have a consistent feeling while making your swing.

If your mind is focused on feeling the flex, rather than focusing on the golf shot at hand, more times than not you will hit the ball in the wrong direction.

Whatever feels most natural to you is what you should go after.

Q: Should I care about having a Graphite shaft or a Steel shaft?

The main reason you should care about Graphite or Steel is the difference in weight between the two of them. If you want to go with a heavier hybrid, then you should go with a steel shaft, as they typically weigh more.

The graphite shaft is about 25% lighter than a steel shaft, so if you need a lightweight hybrid golf club, than having a graphite shaft is the way to go.

Both Steel and Graphite will offer a durable shaft that will not flex, or have very little flex when you strike the golf ball.

More and more golf courses are rolling their fairways to be faster, which is why graphite shafted clubs are more popular than ever, due to the extra roll they tend to give your golf ball.

It all comes down to the type of course you play, and what kind of golf hybrid you need in order to be successful at that course.

Q: When should I Replace my Hybrid Golf Club?

Just because you buy a new set of Irons and Drivers, does not mean you need to purchase a new hybrid.

Although technology is moving at a fast pace, on a year to year basis, there are not many new innovations when it comes to the hybrid golf club.

You can check out the new hybrids as they come out of the production line and roll into stores, but remember, once you have found a hybrid golf club that meets all the different specifications we have discussed in this article, you will have to go thru that entire process once again to see if a new hybrid will meet your desired setup.

Q: Will my Clubs being in a Hot or Cold Environment cause any Damage?

The simple answer to this question is no – no matter if your hybrid golf club is stored in a temperature-controlled environment, or if it is stored in your garage or the trunk of your car, the temperature will not affect the durability of your hybrid.

It would have to reach extreme temperatures for your golf clubs to be damaged by the weather (think -50 degrees or up to 200 degrees).

Therefore, the outside temperature should not have an effect on the durability of your hybrid.

At the end of the day, with so many different factors going into your selection of a hybrid golf club, it can be a little overwhelming.

However, if you can remember the key components of what is important when choosing a hybrid, you will be in a better spot than you ever have been.

And once you see the number of strokes going down on your scorecard, you will know that taking the extra time to get it right was worth it.

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