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Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers Review And Buying Guide

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers 2020 Review

Golf can’t be played without the top golf drivers or golf club to the perfect degree. They will have specific characteristics that ought to be taken into consideration while golf drivers for high handicappers

A golf driver that is absolutely preferred enables you to boost your general gaming operation.

You will find these good golf drivers in a variety of models from top brands and so, picking the right one based on your own requirement up is highly advised.

They’re available in numerous materials, height, style and posture also. The top golf driver provides the maximum control over your strike to you.

You can quickly get the best results using only a little effort and time, by determining the best golf driver for your own game.

We’ve think of the top five golf club drivers. Continue reading to learn more about the products.

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers 2020 List

TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver, Black, Right...TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver, Black, Right...Check on Amazon
2016 Cobra King F6 Driver White (Men's, Left Hand,...2016 Cobra King F6 Driver White (Men's, Left Hand,...Check on Amazon
Adams Golf Men's M2656309 Golf Driver, Right Hand,...Adams Golf Men's M2656309 Golf Driver, Right Hand,...Check on Amazon
Callaway Men's Great Big Bertha Driver (Left Hand,...Callaway Men's Great Big Bertha Driver (Left Hand,...Check on Amazon
Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver (Men's, Right...Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver (Men's, Right...Check on Amazon


1)  TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver, Black.

TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver, Black, Right Hand, Regular Flex, 10.5 Degrees

as of January 19, 2020 22:18


  • A large, 460cc Titanium head with an adjustable loft sleeve allows for optimized launch and trajectory
  • Ultralite Titanium core strategically positions mass for higher launch and trajectory control
  • Premium matrix White tie 55 shaft for maximum distance and smooth feel
  • Legendary speed pocket performance for high launch and low spin, resulting in more distance
  • New satin black finish with elegant detailing to improve alignment

It could be an optimal option for everybody as this greatest taylormade driver is affordable. This really is one of the best golf drivers for high Handicappers in the market as it’s very fairly with increased solid feel.

A huge technology of speed slot has been utilized on the underparts of the the golf club in this driver, just. Yet, you’ll get impressed with the look that is streamlined and subtle of its own head.

If you should be fighting with lots of spins, you are certain to get gained by the distance added. Furthermore, there is only an extremely little distance between the underside and center of the facial skin.

The shaft is 45.5 inches long and weighs approximately 49 grams. This perfect combination of light weight and proper span ensures quicker swing speeds and additional spaces.

The Speed Pocket helps in keeping the spin to the minimal level making less contact on the face and while ensuring better performance. The Loft-sleeve technology enables you to fix the face in 12 different places.

  • Minimal space penalties
  • More correctness
  • Powerful hits
  • Enriched playability attributes
  • Quite long shaft
  • Higher impact sound
  • Low shots


2) Cobra Men’s King F6 Driver (Adjustable Loft)

2016 Cobra King F6 Driver White (Men's, Left Hand, 9.0-12.0, Graphite, Reg Flex)

as of January 19, 2020 22:18


  • F6 CG TUNING-F6 Drivers featuring adjustable 'Front to Back' CG technology. A front CG position delivers a penetrating ball flight with more roll, while a back CG position delivers a more towering ball flight with greater forgiveness
  • FORGED E9 FACE-A new, re-engineered Forged 8-1-1 Titanium E9 Face has a variable thickness structure that is lighter, thinner and hotter, creating more deflection for faster ball speeds and a larger Sweet Zone across the face
  • MY FLY-Eight easily adjustable loft settings to manage trajectory and fine tune launch conditions to maximize distance on any course, and for any swing
  • SPEED CHANNEL-Speed Channel is an exclusive COBRA innovation. An engineered trench around the perimeter of the face minimizes thickness and increases ball speeds across the face for incredible distance

When you research the sports gear market, you could understand the marketplace is flooded with flexible drivers.

The variable that is key is to differentiate adjustability factors such as performance edges verses progress that are cosmetic.

Cobra has developed something revolutionary and unique though most of the producing businesses have come up with flexible systems because of their drivers.

As the weight is positioned towards the club’s face, it’s considerably more easy to raise the speed of the ball by higher speed players.

On the flip side, launch angle and the playability variables are improved together with the weight placed in the back location. This feature was created to help golfers.

The shaft is the most crucial part of driver functionality and playability. You shouldn’t judge the operation of the shaft included in F6 Driver before judging its functionality.

Cobra has come up with some upgraded shafts without requiring additional fees. With all the free upgradeable shafts, you’ll be promised using a high quality golf club.

So, it is very clear that Cobra Men’s King F6 Driver is among the very best golf drivers for high Handicappers obtainable in the marketplace.
Besides movable center of gravity, this Cobra driver offers several loft alternatives.

Several upgrades are being continually worked on by the business and now, they have introduced Speed Channel technology.

They have matched up this technology with exclusive F6 Driver sweet zone formulation that ensures great space on off center hitting.

F6 Driver functionality variables are not only offered by but additionally provides aesthetic values.

You may get benefited out of Carbon fiber crown along with sole pieces to a wide spectrum of color options.

  • Greater space
  • Good power and truth
  •  Offset design
  • Tremendously forgiving
  • Flexible enough for extended drives
  • No shade choices available
  • Increased spin rate
  • Issues with drives growing at swing speed that is higher

Recommended Products

3) Adams Golf Men’s Blue Driver RH

Adams Golf Men's M2656309 Golf Driver, Right Hand, Stiff Flex, 10.5 Degree, 45", Graphite, Blue

as of January 19, 2020 22:18


  • Velocity Slot TechnologyTM - The sole slot gives golfers more flex and more speed, across a larger area of the face
  • Low/Back CG - Keeping the CG low & back allows for more spin and more speed on more shots
  • SlimTech Shaft - Allowing for more kick and easy launch-Driver & Fairway - .320" Tip (vs .350" in "other products")

Adams is the sole one club company that has made several advancements in their own products in the last decade.

The brand has developed to be visible inside this golfing sector and now, it is offering high-quality golf drivers which could satisfy prerequisites and the needs of each and every golfer.

Adams Golf Men’s Blue Driver is an ideal mix of inventions and technology which have been put together by the business.

This deep faced golf driver is designed to result in the multitude of contemporary touches which help you in finding the ball flight perfectly.

Adams Golf Men’s Blue Driver  comes with adjustability features, which means that the players may adjust the loft to /-1.5 degree.

Additionally the face angle could be adjusted with this particular attribute.

The weight port found in the sole lets swing weight to be adjusted by players.

Then this driver will be an ideal alternative to fit your swing in the event you are one among these golfers who want to have more accuracy and distance.

It comprises some of the high end facilities for example ball speed, smash variable, swing speed, launch angle and spin rates that are recognized to optimize your operation.

In case you decide to work with this Adams Golf Men’s Blue Driver you’ll be able to enjoy maximum benefits for each swing for ensuring outstanding quality, as every driver is analyzed tour times.

You’ll get a driver with a solid face recommended by USGA rules. With all the face of distinct thickness which is coupled with Adam’s exceptionally effective Cut-Thru Slot technology, this driver is known to product spring life effect for transferring extreme quality of electricity to the ball to increase its speed and distance.

  • Very consistent results
  • Accuracy and forgiveness
  • Stable club head
  • Improved playability
  • Stable club playability
  • Better impact finish
  • Improved results
  • Non reflective and forgiveness
  • Delivering misses. Hard time
  • Lack of feedback that is precise at the period of contact


4) Callaway Men’s Great Big Bertha Driver

Callaway Men's Great Big Bertha Driver (Left Hand, Graphite, Stiff Flex, Kuro Kage Black 50g, 9 Degrees)

as of January 19, 2020 22:18


  • Next Gen rmoto technology: to get every last yard out of your driver, you need more speed. That's why we put in our next Gen rmoto technology. It provides the Structure for a thinner Face, leading to high ball speeds on and off center-hits
  • Light and stable head design: this is the best combination we've EVER had of an aerodynamic head shape and lightweight club design. It's the key to generating higher clubhead speed through aerodynamics and a wide range of weight classes for all Swings
  • Forgiveness and Control from adjustable perimeter weighting: there's a 10g sliding weight on the perimeter of the clubhead. You have virtually unlimited draw and fade bias options, more additional draw bias than EVER before. With forgiveness
  • Simple Adjustability: you can quickly slide the weight to any position you want on the Track. And the opti-fit hosel lets you choose from 8 different configurations to tune loft, lie, and Face angle

The new Callaway men’s enormous Bertha driver golf club is meant to get the maximum space for golfers. This product is a technological breakthrough that comes equipped with falling weight together with a multiple material aerodynamic shape so that there is no yard left behind.

To acquire every last yard off your driver, you want more speed. With high ball speed next generation Rmoto technology, you will be offered a construction for the more slender face, resulting in high ball speeds for both off center and on-center hits also.

High speed from the stable, multi and light -chassis material is the exceptional combination you would ever find a multi-material design that is lightweight and aerodynamic head shape of the golf club.

It serves as a key to producing an excellent multitude of weight classes plus higher clubhead speed via aerodynamics found to fit between 295 and 325 gram, every swing type.

There is also a 10g falling weight within the perimeter of the clubhead. This is to ensure firmness and also the weight can fall for hitting the drives, for more dispersion control.

You are able to basically get an endless draw in addition to Fade prejudice choices and also draw prejudice that is additional. Uncomplicated adjustability is among the remarkable characteristics of the new Callaway drivers.

The weight can be decreased to any desirable position you need on the trail. The kit hosel allows you pick from eight different shapes for tuning loft lie and face angle.

Big Bertha includes premium shaft and a brand new lightweight offered by Mitsubishi that makes a few of the legitimate shafts on Tour.

It is known as Fubuki Z that’s meant to improve energy transfer, causing more ball speed, while offering high launching with reduced spin, having a smoother and consistent feel. This is for you in case you are looking golf drivers that are cheap then.

  • Cover big with adjustability that is intuitive
  • Maximum correctness appearance.
  • Light and great and large distance
  • Exceptional playability features and extremely forgiving
  • Classy feel
  • Alignment support is tough to pick up
  • Ultralight shaft option leads to whippy misses


5) Cleverland Golf Classic XL Driver

Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff, 9.0 degree)

as of January 19, 2020 22:18


  • Largest, Deepest Driver Face; The largest, deepest driver face in golf means the largest effective; hitting area for incredible confidence on the tee
  • Larger Sweet Spot; Enhanced variable face thickness technology creates incredibly fast ball speed on off center hits for unprecedented forgiveness
  • Optimal Center of Gravity; Center of gravity moved deeper in the club head to promote higher launch and more penetrating flight
  • High Balance Point; Weight removed from grip and shaft for a higher balance point, which maintains traditional feel while promoting more speed through impact
  • Premium Miyazaki Shaft; The tour-proven, aftermarket Miyazaki B Asha shaft produces a mid-high trajectory with added speed

The Classic XL Driver symbolizes the first foray of Cleveland to the platform of drivers that are flexible. There is additionally a neutral face available with a 3-degree vertical lie that have to develop more draw bias for faders and slicers.

The driver is, in addition, featured using a standard pick of 3 shafts at forty five inches for optimizing the ball flight.

In regards to forgiveness and truth, the face that is broader and deep provides typical swings and also well- shots that are caught to more of forgiveness from a tight, pleasant pattern.

The feel that this driver offers is among the most significant strengths. A considerable amount of head weight significantly keeps stability via the hitting zone. The impact sensation is absolute with feedback that is exact, and also a dull thud lets you understand which you thumped on the ball.

The club reacts to whatever input signal you feed it, whether repeatable and flat trajectory. Straight ball is also experienced by some testers at the impersonal setting, which drops on the left like a small draw by the conclusion.

This Cleveland XL driver is a high mark for feel and look. Additionally it is a capable, dependable club in every place, including playability, control, accuracy, and distance its greatest golf driver is made by these all attribute for newbies.

The look also makes it among the desired variables in the group for classy and aesthetics, alignment dot and deep face, which makes aiming fairly easier. Among the exceptionally appealing sticks in the test offers a unique feel and considerable distance.

  • Distance cover 5 yards or longer compared to the current golf club
  • Deep, broader face supplies huge forgiveness with typical swings
  • Lets good-struck shorts from tight, fine pattern
  • Club reacts to any input it receives
  • Really favorable and powerful feelings
  • A bit more directional correction is needed
  • Space section lags update that is groundbreaking
  • Shaft graphics difference more with traditional nature of club


How to Pick the Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers ?

Nothing in golf technology can enhance your game much better than a driver that is just healthy. The driver is typically what used by the club golfers to set off any par four or par five holes.

When a driver might be an arduous and an intimidating golf club for golfers at each level, the right club can assist beginners, and also devoted golfers feel self assured if they drive off.

It is essential that you simply pick the best driver to make longer drives, more powerful shots, and sure high swing speeds. Check out the points under to allow it to be certain that you just discover the right golf driver, the initial time,

  • Decide The Perfect Club Head:- It is necessary to pick the club head size that is proper. A small club head is lighter and ease more control. You should say mindful that you might need certainly to sacrifice distance for more management.

Club heads in bigger size have a tendency to possess more mass to help develop impetus and distance in your swing and additionally the bigger sweet spot. A club head that’s of medium size is the blend of two.

The size you choose will undoubtedly be based in your tastes, whether you’re searching for more control or need distance.

Together with the common ones being steel and titanium, club heads are made in a variety of stuff.

Whereas the stainless steel is quite cheaper, titanium empowers to own the larger head with all the similar quantity of weight.

Golf club designers continue designing golf clubs with internal and external weighting to support golfers hitting a slice or correct or draw ball flight higher and lower.

Whether you choose weight screws, perfect head structures or lightweight carbon crowns, you always have the option to discover the high-performance driver to suit your game.

  • Decide The Best Shaft:- When you select your brand-new driver, the rotating shaft kind is just as essential as the head of the driver. Flexibility that is distinct is offered by different substances.

Flex indicates the total amount of bend possible in a rotating shaft. Fundamentally, the slower your swing, the more flexibility you need to develop the right impact speed.

When you have the quicker swing, you may want a stiffer golf club shaft. It’s crucial to show more concern so that you can maximize space and precision, on picking the rotating shaft flex.

A slower swing player must use the most flexible shaft to increase space. Woods having stiffer shafts to enhance precision must be chosen by players with increased swing speeds.

Choosing the shaft that is flexible is vital that you get more control. Then decide for regular, in case you are between a regular and stiff flex.

  • Get The Right Attic:- Then the angle on the face of club head will undoubtedly be greater, if the measurement of the loft is greater. And also control without a lot of space.
  • While the more rapid swings need less loft, the slower swings demand greater loft. Nowadays, golf balls also as bigger club head sizes necessitate more launching angles.
  • Determine The Right Length:- You may have to determine the right length rotating shaft to be sure to have appropriate placement together with the ball throughout the swing.

Also, you may be offered by a club that is longer higher space, nevertheless, may offer you control that is reduced. A golfer with a hard swing must manage to generate plenty of space having an oversized head.

A driver that’s steel– will direct that golfer set the ball directly. A golfer with less experience might have significantly hard time creating space.

They have to consider picking a graphite shaft that help them to attain more distance and will be whippier.

Until you will find the correct one, now that you’ve got gone through several alternatives you can consider for working towards a perfect drive, spend a little time.

What is the best golf driver For High Handicapper 2020? How To Select It.

The latest drivers from the major golf club manufacturers are longer, lighter, more forgiving, more adjustable, and more innovative for 2020 than ever before.

Technological advancements in club head designs plus the use of high-tech materials in the faces, frames, crowns, shafts, and even the grips, has produced a batch of golf drivers for 2020 that make it easier to hit the ball farther, more accurately, and with less spin.

Combining these improvements with innovations in adjustability found on most new drivers, makes choosing the right golf driver an even more difficult decision.

The adjustability of weight distribution, length, lie, face angle, and loft, produces a golf club that can be tweaked and custom fitted to almost any golfer.

So, what is the best golf driver For High Handicapper? Ultimately, the best golf driver for you is the one you are most comfortable with, allowing you to hit longer, more accurate tee shots consistently.

It is the driver that can be tweaked to your individual swing characteristics and level of play.

For example, golf drivers with longer shafts can be hit greater distances, but are harder to control and should be used mostly by experienced, low handicap players. High handicap golfers, looking to improve their game, might choose a more forgiving, large head driver with a titanium face.

This design produces a larger “sweet spot” and a lot of miss hits, even off the toe of the club, will still result in a decent tee shot.

If they slice the ball consistently, then they would benefit from a driver with a draw bias or an adjustable driver in which some draw can be “dialed” in.

What is the best driver for beginners? What is the best driver for distance? We can see now that no single club is the best golf driver for everyone and that choosing the right driver for you can be a daunting task.

We, at, have polled all the major golf publications and came up with a list of about two dozen of the newest and hottest drivers for 2020 from the major manufacturers.

The list is comprised of mostly this years’ newest offerings, but also includes some fan favorites held over from last year.

We have broken them down into three major categories by level of play: Pro/Low handicap, Middle handicap, High handicap, and compiled a comparison chart for each group.

This will allow you compare, and to see at a glance all the features of every driver in each group.

On the individual product pages you will find more information of driver features, user reviews, manufacturers’ info videos, as well as video reviews by the pros and testers who have spent considerable time trying out each driver.

Thank you for visiting our website and invites you to take a look around as we have worked hard to make sure you have all the information you want in one place.

We hope you find everything you need right here to assist you in in determining what is the best golf driver for you.

Amazon Top Rated Golf Drivers For High Handicappers In 2020

Bestseller No. 1
TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver, Black, Right...
29 Reviews
TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver, Black, Right...
  • A large, 460cc Titanium head with an adjustable loft sleeve allows for optimized launch and trajectory
  • Ultralite Titanium core strategically positions mass for higher launch and trajectory control
  • Premium matrix White tie 55 shaft for maximum distance and smooth feel
  • Legendary speed pocket performance for high launch and low spin, resulting in more distance
  • New satin black finish with elegant detailing to improve alignment
SaleBestseller No. 2
2018 Cobra King F8 Driver Nardo (Men's, Right...
18 Reviews
2018 Cobra King F8 Driver Nardo (Men's, Right...
  • Precision milled face-our first fully Machined driver face is CNC milled to create our thinnest, hottest, and most precise face EVER
  • 360 Aero-Innovative Polymer Aero trips positionedaround the perimeter of the clubhead improve drag reduction face-on throughthe downswing to generate maximumclubhead speed.
  • Ultralight Carbon Fiber Crown-A lighter 5-ply carbon fiber crown saves discretionaryweight to move the CG lower and deeper, producinghigher trajectories and increased forgiveness.
  • F8 adjustable cg-2 CG positions in the back and heel result in two very different ball flights to help you tune your distance and trajectory under variable conditions
  • My Fly 8 with SmartPad-8 easily adjustable loft settings help you managetrajectory and fine tune launch conditions to maximizedistance while SmartPad keeps the face square.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set (12-Piece,...
833 Reviews
Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set (12-Piece,...
  • IRONS/WEDGES Perimeter weighting, progressive sole width technology for improved control
  • HYBRIDS Designed for versatility and forgiveness on shots where you would usually hit a difficult long iron (Headcovers included)
  • PUTTER Mallet with T-Style alignment to help give you incredible accuracy
  • STAND BAG The lightweight, durable stand bag comes with five convenient pockets, an additional cooler pocket, a rain hood and a backpack strap system
SaleBestseller No. 4
Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long...
65 Reviews
Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long...
  • Non-conforming 520cc a€" illegal size exceeds the maximum size allowed by the USGA
  • Supersized, high MOI design - offers a large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness
  • Intech behemoth shaft a€" matching lightweight graphite shaft
Bestseller No. 5
Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver (Men's, Right Hand,...
147 Reviews
Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver (Men's, Right Hand,...
  • Offset anti-slice Technology
  • 460Cc clubhead
  • Headcover included

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers :- Conclusion

It’s a passion for you or whether you’re playing golf just for fun during weekends, it’s important to spend time to help make the selection that is appropriate. If you’re an amateur or a beginner, you can get golf drivers that are regular.

To get golf clubs for beginners, or the very best drivers on-line websites focused on selling sports gears can be checked by you. Before making a decision you ought to never hesitate to undergo the reviews.

The reviews let you know regarding cons, the pros and attributes of particular driver model. So, you are able to keep far from wasting cash on merchandises that are unworthy.

Amazon Hot New Golf Drivers For High Handicappers 2020



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