How to Measure Putter Length?

How to Measure Putter Length?

How to Measure Putter Length?

To be a great golfer you need to be a great putter.

Putting is a skill that requires touch and feel, it requires a golfer to be able to read a green and have an expert handling on their distance control.

Putting can make or break a round, it is a skill that has provided so many the opportunity to fulfill childhood dreams and for others, it has left them heartbroken.

To improve your putting, you firstly need to look at the basics.

As well as mastering key putting elements such as techniques and grips, it is essential that the putter you use is attuned to your physical characteristics and is the right length.

Failure to have a putter that is the right length could lead to struggles on the green.

This article will explore further the importance of putter lengths and why it is essential that you get it right.

How to Measure Putter Length:- Why is it important to get it right?

Putters can come in a range of sizes and it is essential that you have a putter that aligns with your height and posture when you putt.

Having the right length of a putter is key as it allows you to address the ball naturally.

If your putter is too long and your head isn’t naturally over the ball when you address it, it will make it almost impossible for you to become a good putter.

Rhythm, balance, and tempo are all needed to have a solid and trustworthy putting stroke, having a putter that isn’t the right size will deny you from achieving any of this.

If your putter is the right length, your posture and arm positioning shouldn’t be skewed.

Having a putter that is too long or short can make it hard to swing the putter in one true line, ball connection with the putter can be impacted and your distance control can be majorly affected.

How to Measure Putter Length:- How long can a putter be? 

The governing bodies of the game have put in very strict rules that golf clubs cannot be any longer than 48 inches.

This rule is in place to ensure golfers can’t have incredibly long shafts on their clubs which would enable them to hit the ball miles.

However, the putter is the only club in the bag that doesn’t have to conform to the 48-inch rule, which means you can choose a length of putter that makes you feel comfortable.

The only rule your putter must follow is that it is 18 inches long to comply with the general laws of the game.

If you think of the pro game, you will often see a huge variety of different putters.

A player such as former Masters champion Adam Scott uses a very long broom handle putter that he holds high, with a very upright posture.

When he makes a connection with the ball his top hand is level with his chest.

Keegan Bradley on the other hand has a much smaller putter which often sees him crouched over when he addresses the ball with his hands being low as he makes connections.

It is recommended that if you want to be serious about your golf, you need a putter that truly works for you.

Getting a putter custom fitted will allow you to find a length that matches both your height and posture.

Unlike other aspects of the game which rely on power and vast amounts of clubhead speed, putting relies on touch and feel, therefore having a putter you are fully comfortable with is crucial to be successful on the greens.

Due to there being no size restriction on how long a putter needs to be, finding the right putter might take a little bit of trial and error.

The below table summarises what sort of putter length you should look for depending on how tall you are.

Be mindful that most putters in retail environments tend to be anywhere between 34 and 36 inches long.

Obviously, this is because it accommodates a lot of players.

Next time you are in your local golf shop and something doesn’t feel right, remember this chart as that should help you have any discussions and hopefully the shop or retailer has something in stock for you.

How to Measure Putter Length

How to Measure Putter Length:- Ways To Measure

So, we have just given you guidance on putter length based on your height but what if you want to measure in another way?

Thankfully there are other efficient ways as to how a putter can be measured that don’t require you to spend lots of money or require you to purchase any fancy equipment or gizmos.

One of the simplest ways is to place a ball down on the ground and address it as if you were to putt the ball.

Then let your arms hang down away from your body in a natural position. Measure the distance from the top of the wrist to the ground.

Hopefully, this measurement should be between 32-36 inches giving you the measurement you need for your putter. To complete this method all you need is a tape measure.

If you can get your hands on a large metal ruler or have one lying in your shed, there is another way to measure your putter.

Stand the putter up with the putter head lying centrally on the ground. Don’t place the heel or toe of the putter on the ground to leave the putter head facing up.

The starting edge of your ruler should be back by the heel of your putter. Hold your ruler firmly along the back of your putter.

Be sure the ruler is even with the putter and remains close to it. The ruler should be running from the back of the putter all the way to the top of the grip giving you your measurement.

You might need another person to ensure the ruler is straight and to give you an accurate measurement.

If your current putter doesn’t feel right or when browsing you want a quick idea of what the putter length is, there will be a number at the edge of your putter’s grip cap.

This number should be between 32 and 36 and this will let you know quickly how long certain putters are.

How to Measure Putter Length:- Conclusion

Remember that when buying a putter don’t be consumed by the make or style of the putter, find a putter that makes you feel comfortable and lets you address the ball properly without putting a strain on any part of the body.

Your scores will start to tumble when you have a putter that allows you rhythm and feels and these can only be achieved when you have a putter that is set up perfectly.

Look at the number inside of the grip cap and relate it back to the height chart we have provided and ask yourself if the current putter you have is the right one for you.

If you have had any struggles on the green, measuring your putter or working out what putter length you need can ensure that you have the correct basics in place.

With the right putter length in place hopefully, your putting game can soar to new levels.

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How to Measure Putter Length?
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