Golf Swing Tips For Beginners:- A Beginners Guide

Golf Swing Tips For Beginners:- A Beginners Guide

With thousands of magazines and professionals offering their expert advice on golf swing tips, it becomes difficult as to which one will work for you. It is important to practice the tips available online and put serious effort into improving your golf swing.

A golf swing is complicated and a mix of actions that results in stopping the ball when close to the hole.

There are so many factors involved that are necessary to make contact with the ball; it includes routine before the shot, swing arc, alignment, and tempo. You need to understand the necessary golf swing tips to get that perfect shot and achieve low scores.

For you to be able to improve your golf game, you must increase the precision of your shots.Golf Swing Tips For Beginners

This means that you have to improve the quality of your swing. While you can appeal to using a golf swing analyzer to track the stats of your swings, this device isn’t enough on its own.

Sure, the golf swing analyzer will provide you with valuable information. Also, depending on the model that you buy, you might even be able to compare your shots to one another.

But to actually to improve your swing, you have to know certain tricks as well. Therefore, if you want to have a better swing, continue to read this article to get some great tips.

First is the stance

To make that first necessary contact, you need to line up a square shot. This means that your feet have to be lined up exactly parallel to the line of target.

To make sure that the square is lined up, set a club and take stance on the toes. If the club is not pointing towards the flag, you need to check the alignment.

Another good idea is to keep your shoulders parallel to the target line or hold the golf club parallel to the chest to make sure that your shot is properly aligned.


Having a consistent tempo is a must to get that solid contact is another of all golf swing tips.

There is a common notion that a hard swing will help the ball cover more distance but that’s not true. A follow-through and consistent backswing is what you need for a solid contact to a greater distance.


It is possible of the ball swing and right alignment means a lot for the right throw.

It also depends on the clubs that you make use of the shot. If you make use of wood or driver, play the ball off the front heels.

If you are using a long iron club, play the ball about two inches or even farther. If you are hitting a wedge or short iron, play the ball towards the middle stance.

Feet together drill

This is one good way for creating contacts such as weight shift, the follow-through and take-back.

When on the driving range, hit the ball with one foot behind the other to make that balance.

Lift the club to your waist height. At this stage, point the club toe right in the air to make that contact.

Get the follow-through at your waist height, keep the club toe straight up and this will help make the solid contact with a rolling wrist. Follow the above golf swing tips and you are sure to see a change in the way you play.

Keep your hands low in the finish

To effectively reduce the height of your swing, you have to limit the height of the followthrough. This means that the lower you keep your hands, the lower the ball flight will be as well.

Another method that you can appeal to in order to achieve this is to go with a strong club and swing easy.

But this method is more difficult to execute. Therefore, it’s best that you keep your hands low in the finish.

Use your body for power, not your arms

Golf amateurs usually don’t realize that the power in their swing must come from the body, not from the arms. To practice and master powering the swing with your body, keep your body in a stop position.

Meanwhile, put the club behind the ball at address. Try to hit the ball in the air without taking a backswing. At first, you will probably struggle due to the fact that you will instinctively use your arms instead of your body.

But as time passes and you practice this more, you will learn how to use your body and you will be able to get the ball in the air consistently.

Create a K posture to improve your swing

Even if you have improved all the other aspects of your swing, you might still have problems with your balance while you play. If this is a problem for you, then you have to use the K posture.

To form the K posture, flex your back leg by the upper leg, and sit straight with your back, keeping the tip of your knee down through the ball joint of the foot.

For the K posture to help you improve your swing, you must maintain it from address to just after impact.

Golf Swing Mechanics

Mechanics of optimum golf swing involves physics and athletics cumulatively to suit one’s body to achieve appropriate distance with an optimum effort at a particular instant.

Golf swing mechanics eventually turns out to be an art that involves consistent effort to improve the drawbacks learn and implement the whole process involves persistent effort from the golfer wherein rhythm, timing, shot completion, and visualization is mastered.

Learning and mastering this skill eventually helps with the game and also with back pain that may arise with an improper swing.

Understanding the mechanics of the swing
1)    Pre – swing position.
2)    Body movement during the shot.
3)    Understanding simple physics.
4)    Having a balanced body.
5)    Finishing the shot with poise.
6)    Practice and identify key areas of improvement.

Pre –swing position

Position your feet ideally a shoulder-width apart but a narrow stance would comply for shorter clubs. Now keep your left toe pointing outwards straight, the correct toe angle determines the accuracy of the shot.

The ball should be placed exactly between left and right foot, the knees should not be locked back should be perfectly straight this is because the spine acts as an axis for the swing which forms the basis of golf swing mechanics.

Body movement during the shot (generating required power for the shot)- We must move as we turn while attempting a shot, the body should be moved in order to have a wider arc and swing plane, the body should always be stable and alert during this.

The movement of the body can be compared with spring which is compressed; this is to be done rhythmically.

Understanding simple physics (recoil of the gun)

Power to complete the shot is generated by body now to control the swing our hands, arms and club are to swing in a plane so as to create backswing and establish a smooth flow of the club.

Our body which is coiled as spring has to be uncoiled and this would allow the club to follow natural spring plane which is the essence of golf swing mechanics.

The spring coil has spring potential energy which is stored as in case of recoil of the gun which gives jerk while shooting the same effect is applied to our body during the complete process.

Having a balanced body

This can be achieved by correct initial stance this is done mentally and physically, mentally golfer has to be aware of his position and self-talking helps; physically he must position himself and be balanced all the time to gain a consistent contact with the ball.

Finishing the shot with poise

The proper finish would be clearing the hips; the right shoulder should be facing the target, body weight on the right toe, and balance.

Practice and identify key areas of improvement-Practice makes a man perfect, so it is important to practice the shots, in supervision with a coach, master the skill, improve the areas of deficiency and then learn from mistakes.

The coaching will not solve all the problems self-evaluation and practice will be key factors along with the right equipment, athletics, and golf swing mechanics.

Your Golf Swing to the Next Level?

Most seasoned golf players will tell you that balance is one of the key factors in your performance in a game of golf. If you fail to keep your balance while you swing, it becomes almost impossible to have a good stroke.

Although keeping your balance might sound simple, it is anything but that. Many golfers are incapable of keeping their balance as they are far too tense, have a stiff composure, and attempt to strike the ball with far too much force.

As beginners, golfers are warned to refrain from striking the ball too hard. Why? Because they don’t know how to appropriately focus the energy of their swing to achieve the best result.

When you’re able to focus the force of your swing to the center of the golf ball, the ball moves as it should to your desired location. Having a balanced posture allows you to strike the ball in the appropriate location and thus move it to where it needs to go.

While preparing to swing, make sure to avoid moving your head. You also want to keep your eyes glued to the ball. The better you are at keeping your head still, the more ease you will have in seeing the ball.

Keeping a still head is the first step in achieving bodily balance. To get closer to achieving perfect balance, be sure to avoid anything which may distract you or cause you to shift position.

Such a distraction can make it impossible for you to keep your eyes on the ball. As you proceed to swing, continue to keep your head and body still.

Whenever you want to achieve some degree of balance, you need relax both your body and muscles. Failure to relax either will encourage your head to move and thus compromise your performance in a golf game.

It may be helpful to observe yourself in a mirror to see what effect muscle relaxation has on your head. You will find that failure to relax your muscles will incline your head to move.

Remember, not all of us golfers are the identical. As such, you will need to experiment with various ways to relax your muscles. The end goal is to keep your head in a fixed position from the beginning to the end of a swing.

By doing this, you will allot yourself the opportunity to watch the ball and strike it at the correct moment.

You’d be surprised at how many issues are resolved by keeping your head in a still position. Many golfers have found it difficult to grip their clubs incorrectly while conforming to a still posture.

Focusing on your balance and the stillness of your head will work wonders in terms of keeping your from pulling your club away or striking the ball too hard.

It becomes almost impossible to strike the ball with too much force when you conform to the proper golfing posture. Thus, your swings should produce the desired results.

Maintaining a proper balance is paramount in golf. While your progress won’t be immediately apparent, you will eventually notice a big improvement. Keep your head still and your body in balance and you’re guaranteed to start seeing results.

How to Improve Half-Swing Shots

It’s no mystery that golf is a very complicated sport that requires a lot of practice, patience, and attention in order to lower your handicap.

One of the key elements of your game that must be improved and mastered in order to play better is the half-swing shot.

If you think about your golf swing as a clock, the half-swing requires your hands to stop at 9 o’clock on the backswing.

What you will notice is that the ball will go farther than expected with this shot.

This is why a lot of practice is needed to fully understand it. If you want to find out exactly what you have to do to improve your half-swing shots, continue to read.

Stay still

It might sound easy, and if you watch a professional hit a half-swing shot it might even look easy, but staying still to improve this shot is actually hard and it requires a lot of practice.

To perfect your half-swing shot, you have to gently turn back your shoulders and arms to the club. Meanwhile, you must keep your legs still. If you want to hit a perfect half-swing ball, it’s mandatory that you master this aspect of the swing.

An excellent way of improving any type of swing is to use a golf swing analyzer that monitors and corrects your posture.

You can be certain you pick a good unit if you check golf analyzer ratings that reveal the accuracy of the device and the features that contribute to improving your swing.

Backswing and followthrough

Amateurs make a lot of mistakes when hitting a half-swing shot. But the most common mistake is definitely the fact that they tighten up their grip too much trying to swing easy, which causes the ball to decelerate.

What you must do to proceed correctly is to start and finish the shot symmetrically.

More precisely, if you start a half-swing, you must try to finish half-swing as well. Also, relax your body and don’t flap your arms to have full control over the shot.

Open your stance

Last but not least, in order to improve your half-swing shot, you must open your stance.

This means that you must open your chest up to the target. The opening of the stance resembles throwing a ball in a lot of ways.

It takes a lot of practice because you can’t figure out the exact distance to the target when you shoot. Even if you know the distance, you still need to repeat the movement to get accustomed to appreciating it.