Precision Pro NX7 Pro review

Precision Pro NX7 Pro review

Golf Laser Rangefinder is something familiar to most of the golfers. But, you may be wondering what this Precision Pro NX7 review is all about.

You must be very curious to know what a rangefinder is and what are its uses and functions.

Let us unveil what a rangefinder is. The term “rangefinder” must have tickled your visual senses to imagine of a device which will help you “find” the “range” of an object or person.Precision Pro NX7 review

Yes, this is what a rangefinder is, it is a device used to measure the distance of a target from the observer.

A laser rangefinder is used in many fields. The applications of a rangefinder include navigation, surveying, to get focus in photography, selecting the right golf club as per the distance and getting the perfect aim for a weapon.

In golf people can use a range finder to gauge the wind and slope; people also use a rangefinder to measure the distance of a shot.

Golf Rangefinders increase the speed at which the game proceeds; this is what has made rangefinders so popular in golf games.

Firearms also use rangefinders so that they can execute a projectile drop.

People associated with forestry also use rangefinders.  Most of the surveyors use rangefinders to do their surveys; rangefinders provide them with accuracy of distance.

Precision Pro NX7 Pro Review

Precision Pro Golf - NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder - Laser Golf Range Finder with Slope Elevation Measurements, Pulse Vibration Feature, 2 Year Warranty, Precision Care Package

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  • ADAPTIVE SLOPE: uphill or downhill, we handle the match. Our technology provides "Play As" distances to make club selection simple. The adaptive element keeps you legal by allowing you to switch this feature off.
  • PULSE VIBRATION: delivers a short vibration when you shoot the target. An added layer of confidence to help you pick the correct club.
  • CLEAR, QUICK, PRECISE: Clear optics, quick yardage readings, and precise technology make the NX7 Pro simple to use, even for golfers with shaky hands.
  • PRECISION CARE PACKAGE: we've got you covered. Includes: 2-year warranty, battery replacement service, trade-in allowance, industry leading support, and much more. Check our site for full details.
  • INCLUDED: NX7 Pro Rangefinder, hard carrying case, battery, instruction manual, lanyard, cleaning cloth.

So that was the brief regarding rangefinders, now you can easily understand what a rangefinder is and what are its applications and uses.

Now we will take you through the in-depth review of one the fantastic rangefinders which you can buy and rely on:

The Precision Pro NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder with slope.

Here is the summary of technical specifications of the Precision Pro NX7 Pro:

Name Precision Pro NX7 Prowith Slope Elevation Measurements, Pulse Vibration Feature
Maximum Distance 400 yards
Adjustability 6X monocular with multi layer coating
Accuracy +/- 1 yard
Water resistant Yes
Manufacturer’s warranty 2 year
Major technologies used Advanced Slope Technology to measure exact distance of the subjects in downhill/uphill and TAG target Technology to scans objects and focuses on desired object excluding trees etc

Precision Pro NX7 Pro Rangefinder review: – Features

There are certain objects which look very fancy and attractive and we easily fall for them, then there are articles which are not that very handsome but their functionality and usage is so brilliant that they can knock out almost anyone in the rivalry.

The Precision Pro NX7 Pro slope Rangefinder is one such device which has got everything about it to demolish its rivals and competitors.

It is primarily meant for the purpose of measuring golf ground’s size, the distance of the shot offered, the objects which come in between and a few other components of golf.

The biggest advantage of this device is that its usage and functions do not only limit to golf, you can also use it for other purposes like surveying and navigation.

Let us further go ahead with revealing all its features and technology one by one.

  • The  NX7 Pro has a laser accuracy which means that you can range flags without using mirrors and prisms from a distance up to 400 yards (+/- 1 yard). This device has got laser sharp precision and accuracy.
  • The  NX7 Pro comes with a 3 volt CR2 battery (included) and is very light and has a compact design. It houses features like 6x zoom or magnification. The Breaking 80 will also bring a carry case and loop belt for you.
  • The (TAG) Target Acquisition: The NX7 Pro will bring to you this advanced and amazing technology which is used for measuring overlapping subjects. It’s First Target Priority Mode helps in finding the distance of the nearest subject. It is very much useful while playing golf to measure the distance of a flagstick, as it has a green grass coverage and woody background behind.
  • The Adaptive Slope Technology: Golf is not about simply aiming for the pin, this rangefinder is equipped with the Adaptive Slope Technology. You need to set up the device to the “slope mode” and easily find the actual distance to the bunkers, trees, and the background.
  • It is adjustable with a high quality 6x monocular which has multilayer coating for some bright and clear pictures.


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Precision Pro NX7 Pro Review:- Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages that you are going to get with this particular rangefinder. Though the advantages will outweigh the disadvantages, but will still highlight the major ones.

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  • Cheap and easily available on sites like amazon.
  • Some advanced technologies like the Adaptive Slope Technology and (TAG) Target Acquisition.
  • Accuracy of +/- 1 yard.
  • A handy pouch and free battery.
Precision Pro NX7 Pro review 2


  •   The built quality is average and the product is not immune to drops.

Precision Pro NX7 Pro Rangefinder Review:- Conclusion

Precision Pro NX7 reviewMost of the customers are highly satisfied with the product. They believe that it is very easy to use, it has a very compact size which makes it handling a breeze, and the pouch which the manufacturer has to offer with it is also very handy.

One person said that it is more accurate in measuring the distance from that of his friend’s expensive rangefinder.

The product is cheap and easily available and does not give erroneous readings.

One of the users said that he has completely laid his trust in the  Precision Pro NX7 Pro Rangefinder rangefinder as it has always helped him to win matches.

Only a few of the users felt that it gave a different reading every time they went for the shot from the same place.

After testing the  Precision pro NX7 pro slope laser Rangefinder we were very happy with the results, the readings were highly accurate and the rangefinder delivered its work quite consistently.

We will recommend you to get hold of this rangefinder as and when you need one. It is cheap, good looking, highly accurate and reliable.

You can get this rangefinder from which offers you 90 days money back policy.

So, you can buy one of these today and check it for yourself. If you are not satisfied you can return as and when you want. The manufacturer offers you a 2 year warranty as well.

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Precision Pro NX7 Pro review
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