Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review

Golf is not an easy sport. It is an art and the skill of hitting the ball is something that one learns, develops, and masters.Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review & Buyer's Guide

To hit the ball and to deliver it perfectly, you need proper skills and sometimes, with the aid of the golf rangefinder, the job is made easier.

There are several golf rangefinders that are affordable but high performing devices,

In this article, we review about Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300, so that you can buy them without spending a fortune.

With these affordable but best golf rangefinders, you can build a perfect game strategy.

5 Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review List 

  1. Overall Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under 300: Callaway 300 Pro
  2. Accurate Golf Laser Rangefinder: Bushnell Tour V5 Jolt
  3. Best Value For Money: Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro
  4. Compact & Accurate Golf Rangefinder: Precision Pro Golf, NX9 Pro

When you begin to look around to try to shop for the best golf rangefinder, you will find that you have so much to choose from.

To make this decision to be less cumbersome & easy, we have narrowed down the selection to these top picks:

1. Callaway 300 Pro:- Overall Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under 300

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300

Why spend 300 to 500 dollars on golf products from premium brands such as Nikon or Bushnell? Callaway has introduced the Callaway 300 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder. This is a very good alternative.

The Callaway 300 Pro Slope Laser is a full-featured compact product. Besides, it is equipped with PAT technology. This rangefinder vibrates once it locks onto the flag, thanks to pulse vibrating technology. 

With a powerful 6x magnification, the golf rangefinder is capable of measuring longer distances up to 1000 yards with its pinpoint accuracy.

Furthermore, it comes with a battery, microfiber lens cloth, and carrying case.

Easy Setup

It is very easy to set up and get familiar with the Callaway 300 Pro. With this advanced tool, you can head to the golf course, play a little bit around the clubhouse and begin golfing within a few minutes.

If you are familiar with various types of golf devices then you should have no problem using this great device.

In case you are not familiar with the rangefinder, it might take a few more minutes for a person to fully utilize this device.

However, it will not take long. Its manual is clear and as soon as one gets a grip on how this product works, you will notice that you are using it as if you have been using the product for years.

As previously mentioned, operating the Callaway 300 Pro Slope is very simple.

You will point it at a target, then hit the button and have your reading. The big difference is the fact that this product might just be a simple gadget, but it will deliver excellent reading results.

The included manual is easy to understand. Besides, it also comes with images to explain the various settings and modes.

Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under 300

Slope Calculations

This is a great golf rangefinder with a slope calculation. it will add or subtract the distance with uphill or downhill readings.  You can disable the slope to make it tournament legal. 

Automatic shut-off

The automatic shut-off feature is another feature. If you do not use the range finder for about 30 seconds, it shall turn itself off to save energy.

With such a great feature, one will never have to think of saving energy and he can use this product for a very long time.

The CR2 battery which is included in the package takes a long time before it is empty. It has a low battery indicator which shows in due time in case you have to replace the battery. As a result, the battery shall never empty suddenly when you are on the golf course.


You can easily and securely attach Callaway 300 Pro to a golf cart using its built-in powerful magnet. Its magnet secures this golf rangefinder to golf cart well and it’s convenient to use on course.

With Accessories

Users shall notice that upon purchase, the laser golf rangefinder from Callaway comes with a very strong nylon case.

The carrying case is already very impressive. Also, it is durable and well made. It also has added a microfiber Lens cloth and pols strap for cleaning the lens without having to create scratches.

The Callaway 300 Pro Slope Laser rangefinder is a budget-friendly product that has great specifications:

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review & Buyer's Guide 1


  • Pin Acquisition Technology (TAT)
  • 1000 yards of range performance
  • Accurate to +/- 1 yard
  • Slope calculations 
  • 6x Magnification
  • Pulse Vibration
  • Automatic power-off
  • Tournament Legal
  • Low battery indicator
  • Water Resistant
  • Microfiber lens cloth
  • 3-Volt CR2 Battery with a Carry Case included
  • 1 Year Warranty
Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review & Buyer's Guide 2


  • Not waterproof.


While extensively testing the Callaway 300 Pro rangefinder on a golf course, there are no downsides. This golf rangefinder works well and is easy to use by any golfer.

The only features which some golfers may want are the slope. However, this product is already Tour Approved thus making it the right product for many golfers.

The Callaway 300 Pro Laser rangefinder has continued to get positive reviews from customers.

Most golfers love the product despite having used it for a few days. It is so easy to use and also makes the judgment of distances to be a lot better. In turn, this makes your golfing to be way better.

It also comes with batteries therefore you can use it straight away. Its accuracy is very good thus there is no need of paying over $400 for a golf rangefinder.


2. Bushnell Tour V5 Jolt:- Accurate Golf Laser Rangefinder

Accurate, Precise golf rangefinder for 300

This is a highly accurate golf rangefinder that boasts 6x magnification.

It has 21mm eye relief and can take measurements between 5 to 1300 yards, presenting results either in yards or meters, whichever way you prefer.

The most unique features of this Bushnell Tour V5 rangefinder are the PinSeeker Technology and the JOLT Technology.  Compared to earlier models it has improved optics and comes with visual Jolt along with vibration feedback. 

The PinSeeker Technology allows easy location of flags so that you capture your target and not the background with increased efficiency; the Jolt Technology is presented as “short vibrating bursts” that reinforce the laser that locks on the flag being targeted.

Bushnell Tour V5 Jolt is reliably ergonomic so it is easy and comfortable to use,

This rangefinder build quality is excellent, it feels much more solid and long-lasting. It has a nice rubberized case for improved grip and fits really well in the hand.

it is going to be a fun tool on the fairway especially with its award-winning PinSeeker with Jolt technology.

It has pinpoint accuracy and can range flags at a distance of 400 yards (+/- 1 yard) even without the use of reflectors.

It comes with a BITE magnet, and the magnet works great to hold the rangefinder onto the cart. 

It is fancy-looking, with a premium carrying case, definitely fit for mobility throughout your run through the course. 

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review & Buyer's Guide 1


  • Accurate
  • Long Range (5 to 1300 yards)
  • Visual JOLT
  • BITE Magnet
  • Solid Build
  • 6x Magnification
  • Bright Optics
Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review & Buyer's Guide 2




Affordable golf rangefinder with slope under 300

This range finder, weighing 6.53 ounces is a great golf rangefinder without costing a fortune.

It has a measurement range of between 5-1000 yards with 1-yard accuracy and presents with an impressive PinSensor Technology that can identify targets even with the presence of overlapping objects.

Worry not about false readings because this technology has a priority and distant target priority consideration, depending on your specific needs.

It produces bright and properly illuminated images that are effectively magnified 6x monocular with multilayer coating.

TecTecTec ULT-X has a crystal-clear LCD screen display that offers precise readings that will improve the way you play and the way you handle the course.

It got a slope feature which is awesome, you can disable the slope feature if you do not want to use it. The slope helps you to know when to go up or down a club based on the distance and height of the pin.

Powered by a 3-volt battery and capable of ranging flags from a distance of up to 450 yards (+/- 0.3 yards) it is a delightful golf companion, especially since it is legal for tournament play.

And aside from its sophisticated PinSensor Technology, it is admirable for its SCAN Mode feature that allows you to quickly pass through the course and let the machine do the job of locating various distances for you.

This is amazing because it is the best way to survey distances that are not so visible to you, right away.

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review & Buyer's Guide 1


  • Accurate and fast
  • Visual Jolt along with Vibration Feedback
  • 5-1000 Yards
  • Slope Calculations
  • Value for Money
  • Well built
Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review & Buyer's Guide 2


  • Weak JOLT



4. Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro:- Best Value For Money

Value for money under 300

This single-hand vertical operation golf rangefinder is an amazing mechanism. It boasts 6x magnification and 24mm objective and an impressive range finding capacity between 10 to 800 yards.

Like other  Blue Tees models, Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro has PinSeeker Technology that performs ranges 500 yards to flag (+/- 1 yard) and it also brings users the useful SCAN mode feature that takes away the work from the golfer.

It is impressively ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use, and it features the PinSeeker Technology with the Jolt Technology (in the highly specialized Slope Edition).

As previously mentioned, the PinSeeker and Jolt Technology utilize vibration to locate and signify the presence of targets, what is unique with this is the Slope Technology feature that calculates and adjusts swing yardage based on the presentation of the slope.

It is reliably accurate, thanks to the innovative technology, and its 3-volt battery will perform accordingly to ensure heightened satisfaction and enjoyment of play.

The Slope Technology can measure slopes +/- one degree of the angle and compensated range. These measurements will be based on the trajectory of the ball and the specific club used.

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review & Buyer's Guide 1


  • Low Cost
  • Long range
  • Slope calculation
  • Bright Optics
  • Fast scan mode
  • Premium Look
Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review & Buyer's Guide 2


  • Random Accuracy issues


5. Precision Pro Golf, NX9 Pro:- Compact & Accurate Golf Rangefinder

Compact and Accurate rangefinder

This is a sleek ultra-compact rangefinder that is suited for anyone who wishes to have more portable and easy-to-carry gadgets.

This fully water & fog resistant 2nd generation rangefinder boasts an impressive 6x magnification.

Like all Precision Pro rangefinders, it boasts the PinSeeker Technology that can different targets such as flags from its surroundings and the SCAN Mode Technology that permits the quick location of such targets just by allowing the device to pass through the length of the fairway.

Precision Pro Golf NX9 Pro has the Vivid Display Technology that can dramatically transform and improve the contrast, light transmission, and clarity of images reflected on the screen.

This is unique for Precision Pro premium models. It allows users to adjust the brightness of the digital readout so that they are easier to use.

It can visualize flags or targets as far as 400 yards away with impressive speed and accuracy up to +/- 1 yard.

It has a premium carry-case and the body of the actual rangefinder is housed in rubber Armour housing not only for aesthetic purposes but also for comfortable handling and durability.

It presents the 2nd generation technology of Precision Pro and can be relied on to be extreme, precise, and quick.

It is sophisticated in look and feel, and it uses a reliable CR2 battery that should ensure usability for your entire game.

Finally, another amazing thing to note about this model is that it is permitted for use in tournaments, so you can maximize its usefulness for your golf playing.

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review & Buyer's Guide 1


  • Vivid display
  • Magnetic Holder
  • Slope calculation
  • Clear Optics
  • Lifetime battery replacement
  • 2 years warranty
Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review & Buyer's Guide 2


  • Not a rechargeable battery


Recommended Products


9 Benefits of Golfer when using a Rangefinder

Not everyone will decide to get a golf rangefinder but understand that acquiring one will come with several advantages. If you are thinking of acquiring one :

Speed-up Play:

This feature is amazing for golfers because, with it, you no longer have to pace out distances using yard markers.

Even the selection of the right club has been made simpler because of this.

It guides you with club selection so that you can effectively match the course with the right “ammunition”.

In other words, since the guesswork is taken out of the game, you save time and this speeds up the game so that each round finishes quickly and more rounds can be played.

Knowledge of the Course:

With the help of the best golf rangefinder, you can get to know the range more closely.

You get an inside look at how the range looks like even before you see it and this is a great advantage because it saves you a lot of time and effort.

You can plan your strategy efficiently and make sure it is a winning one.


Your overall performance in the game is not going to be easy to predict, because a lot can go wrong once you hit the ball.

When you are armed with the best laser golf rangefinder, however, you gain confidence that is often not easy to obtain.

This is so because you cover internal disputes with the distance and club choices, as well as all the other uncertainties tied up to playing golf.

In other words, the information provides to you by the machine truly improves your confidence in the game and your overall performance.

Temperature Measurement:

This is not a common feature of rangefinders but knows that some models also come with temperature readings, which have a bearing on the condition of the game and the strategy you put in play.

Decision Making:

As already signified in the previous points, playing with the best golf rangefinder is going to be amazing because it will help you make a better decision about your play strategy.

With it, you can measure distances between existing hazards on the course and carefully plan an approach that will reduce the risks of encountering bunkers and whatnot.


A rangefinder can efficiently help your record and track the average distances you achieve on each club. Such a type of tracking is motivational.

When you can follow your progress, it does not matter if it goes uphill or downhill, will help direct the way you perform.

By looking closely at your progress you are motivated to improve your performance. It is so much more useful than to just look at your scores.

Perfect for Beginners:

If you are a beginner and you are merely feeling your way through the whole sport, you should know that the golf rangefinders will help guide a newbie throughout the game.

Getting to know the golf club and your physical capacity to perform is the key to success in golf.

As a beginner, the rangefinder will help you get to know every club in your bag so that you can use it for specific courses and distances.

Calculate the effects of slopes and hills:

Note that this advanced feature is not available to all rangefinders. Only the best golf laser rangefinder with a slope will offer this and it is such an innovative feature.

This is amazing because you will have the capacity to calculate elevations to plan your aim and with the different results you can obtain a useful comparative and match it with what the specific course needs.

Data Gathering:

All the golf rangefinders in the market function, first and foremost, as function as a useful data gathering system.

As the name suggests it is a tool for measuring distances that you can achieve with a specific golf club.

This information is priceless and puts you at a great advantage over other players, especially if they do not have the best golf rangefinder as you do.

It gives you an edge that ultimately defines your experience in the field.

The list provided above should have convinced you of the usefulness of rangefinders.

Unfortunately, you have to understand that this is not permitted for use in competitions or tournaments.

You may find some events that will be lenient and will allow players to use a golf rangefinder, but they will surely permit only rangefinders that can purely calculate distance and not the advanced conditions such as atmospheric condition, slope, and so forth.

The best rangefinder can easily help you win the tournament—it is a cheating mechanism so people are not allowed to use it during the game.

Amazon Top Rated Golf Rangefinders in 2021

How to Buy the Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300?

With anything you are trying to purchase, the same principle may be applied.

First, you have to know what you are buying. You have to know what you need and want so that you can bring direction to your search.

Second, you need to set a budget for your purchase because it will significantly narrow down your options. Third, you need to do your research.

Before you make any final decision about anything you have to be certain that you know and you have studied the item that you have decided to get.

You should have read golf rangefinder for money reviews to get to know more about it and you should have scrutinized the item before you spend anything.

Your Checklist for Buying a Golf Rangefinder

At this point, you should more or less be solid about your decision to acquire the best golf rangefinder under 300.

Equipped with what you have learned from the different golf rangefinder reviews, you may well be on your way to making that purchase.

If that is the case, do consider the following guidelines when you out to shop:

Accuracy of data.

The function of the rangefinder is to take measurements that you can apply to your playing strategy.

The golf rangefinder can take measurements of different elements in the course that you can use and if these measurements are inaccurate it defeats the purpose.

Note, therefore, that you should check the accuracy right away so that you can return it right away if it is defective.

Ability to prioritize targets.

The course is vast and wide but so some rangefinders transmit faulty data because they are unable to separate the target from the objects around it.

The golf rangefinders are more advanced than it can identify and prioritize targets that you are most concerned with, such as the flag and the not the trees behind it.

Ability to measure slope.

Not all of the rangefinders in the market have this feature but note that it is a great function because it will measure the elevation between you and the hole, which is your target, so you can plan the right club, force, and stroke.

Size of the unit.

You want one that is handy but it should not be too small because it will be difficult to read. One that fits two hands is good because it permits ease of handling and usability.

Magnification customization.

The higher the magnification capabilities, the better will your rangefinder be in identifying targets.

They are usually available in 7x magnifications, but higher specs will be more effective.

Easy readability.

To utilize the information provided, you need to be able to read the information on the rangefinder so make sure the font, font size, color, and illumination are ideal.

It has been noted that some golf rangefinders under 300 have red numbers, which are much brighter and so much easier to read, but they appear to be more costly compared to simpler models.


Since you have a very limited vision from the point you are standing on, a scan-mode feature is going to be helpful because by simply holding this button the machine can identify the presence and distances of targets within the course.

Battery life.

This may not be the main consideration but if the battery life of the rangefinder you have is not reliable, then it completely defeats the purpose of having one.

What will you do with a rangefinder without no batter—you might as well not have it at all if that is the case.

Availability of additional features.

You have the basic features and then you have the additional features that enhance the functionality of the golf rangefinder.

Again, these may be excessive features, but their introduction is welcomed because it makes the rangefinder so much more fun to use.


The efficiency of the function and performance of the best golf rangefinder under 300 may be summarized into the following points: its contribution to the practice ground, on the tee, on the fairway, and its influence on the speed of play.

This and most of the golf rangefinder reviews are designed in such a way so that you can fully embrace the different features.

It is an amazing tool that will improve your perception of the game and your performance, and it is a game companion that will ultimately improve your experience on a wide scale.

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Best Golf Rangefinder Under 300 Review & Buyer’s Guide
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