MiLESEEY golf rangefinder with slope on/off review

MiLESEEY Golf Rangefinder With Slope On/Off Review

MiLESEEY golf rangefinder with slope on/off review

Featuring just 660 yards range, which might appear inferior to other models, the Mileseey golf laser rangefinder has shown great convenience and accuracy in pinpointing targets and acquiring yardage.

This golf laser rangefinder is interesting to work with, because of its portable and compact design.

For such a small rangefinder, you are able to see the target object six times closer with top of class clarity.

Moreover, this golf rangefinder is legal for tournament plays, thanks to its dedicated slope on-off switch button and it can be of great use for golfers in a lot of ways.

Bring distant targets into clear site range with a lot of ease using this exclusive slope laser golf equipment.

With ranging capability from 5-660 yards, and accurate to plus or minus 0.55 yards, you will always feel the exact distances and improvement in your results.

MiLESEEY Golf Rangefinder With Slope On/Off Review:- Features

MiLESEEY Golf Range Finder with Slope On/Off

Last updated on July 17, 2023 16:00

  • ⛳[ Legal for Tournament Play with Slope Switch Technology ] MILESEEY golf rangefinder devices with Golf slope ON/OFF, eligible for Golf Tournament; Accuracy ±0.55yd, 6XMagnification, 7 degree field angle, Pin-Seeking and Flagpole-Locking Vibration and Speed Measuring:18~300km/h for hunting

  • ⛳[ Fast Flagpole Locking with Pulse Vibration Technology ] Flag Acquisition with Pulse Vibration Technology: provides the golfer a short vibrating to verify the laser rangefinder has locked on the flag and give you the right distance. The flagpole locking function support a distance up to 250yards (Flagpole only), continuous scan and flagpole lock function.

  • ⛳[ Compact & Lightweight Design ] Wrapped with non-slip environmental friendly soft rubber gives you thoughtful and comfortable user experience; Compact design and pocket size(110*65*38mm), Lightweight (164g) , with a premium carrying pouch &hook is suitable for carrying while playing golf, hunting and doing outdoor activities; EASY TO USE: mode button to switch the mode and measurement button to measure to get the data accordingly

  • ⛳[ Reliable Accuracy& Clear View ] Golf rangefinders laser Accuracy can reach up to:±0.5M/0.55yard (other rangefinders can only reach to ±1yard), measures up to 600m/660yard, 6X magnification, dioptre adjustment (±5D) and 7 degree field angle with coated lens with fully muti-coated can give you more clearer and accurate measurement, perfect for measuring golf flags, hazards and wooded areas

  • ⛳[Safety & Support ] Mileseey Laser rangefinder is a Class 1 laser and eye safety certificated with FDA(CFR21); What you can get: Golf rangefinder, A premium carrying pouch with hook, CR2 battery and user manual; 24 months after registration (Online Registration Required); Lifetime customer support


MiLESEEY golf rangefinder with slope on/off review

Mileseey golf laser rangefinder is easy to use and I find it is very compact & lightweight. Due to its rubber armor, it’s a non-slippery rangefinder with a comfortable design. 

You would find Mileseey golf rangefinder is very easy and straightforward to use.

Similar to other rangefinders in this price range, it supports multiple modes. 

In continuous scan, mode rangefinder will continuously scan for 8 seconds to find out distances to multiple objects. 

Pin Seeker Technology

Lock on to the flag faster and with a high level of accuracy when using this Mileseey golf laser rangefinder.

Featuring the pin seeker with JOLT(pulse vibration) technology, this rangefinder ensures every yardage it provides does not give room for doubts.

You get the opportunity to experience the real distances and pinpoint the flag with a lot of ease.

Updated LCD Display

As you pan across the landscape, this golf rangefinder offers continuously updating readings on its exceptionally clear LCD display.

For more precise readings and exact distances, use this equipment in all your friend’s games, training and tournament plays for better results.

Compact Ergonomic Design

This rangefinder was built with the actual users in mind, which is why it features an ergonomic design to make it user-friendly and more enjoyable to work with.

This golf laser rangefinder is one of the most awesome compact designs on the market. It offers a great feel when working with it.

Slope CompensationMiLESEEY golf rangefinder with slope on/off review

With an intention of providing more accurate readings in the case of slopes(uphill and downhill), this rangefinder features slope compensation functionality.

With this, it is able to accurately calculate and adjust the swing yardage in relation to the degree of slope. Nothing can scare true results from this device.


MiLESEEY golf rangefinder with slope on/off reviewIt’s frustrating to find out the battery is dead in the middle game. What’s more frustrating is to change the battery on the golf course.

Most golf rangefinders have clumsy battery doors which is difficult to open or easy to break while doing so. 

But, the Mileseey golf rangefinder battery door is easy to open, and replacing the battery doesn’t take much time. 

This golf laser rangefinder comes with a CR2 battery. You can expect 10-12 rounds of play before you need to replace it.

The golf laser rangefinder automatically powers off after 8 seconds of inactivity or when not in use.

However, I found that the battery is losing some power if we keep it in the rangefinder, so it’s better to remove the battery after use to conserve the battery life.

Single Hand Vertical Operation

When you need one hand for more important tasks like positioning or support, the other free hand will satisfactorily handle this device and allow proper usage for better and more accurate results. It is designed to allow usage in handicap plays.

What’s in Box?

This rangefinder is shipped along with a CR2 battery and a durable, waterproof hardshell case with orange color soft lining to keep your golf rangefinder safe. Using a supplied metal clip it is easy to hang on your golf bag.

You also get a user manual. 

This product is backed by a 24-month warranty. However, need to register online to avail of the warranty. The good thing is Mileseey promising lifelong customer support. 

MiLESEEY Golf Rangefinder With Slope On/Off Review :- Video Review

MiLESEEY Golf Rangefinder With Slope On/Off Review:- Pros & Cons

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  • The single-handed vertical operation makes your work much easier
  • Pin seeker with Pulse Vibration technology improves the precision
  • Using this rangefinder allows you to enjoy a stable rubberized grip
  • Like all the Mileseey products, this rangefinder is built to last
  • See everything as it is on a clear LCD display
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  • Random Issues



MiLESEEY Golf Rangefinder With Slope On/Off Review:- FAQs

It provides both real and adjusted distance. The actual yardage is larger while the slope yardage is relatively smaller.

You do not have to worry about the little flag; it indicates the pin seeker mark.

MiLESEEY Golf Rangefinder With Slope On/Off Review:- Conclusion

Mileseey is a very popular brand among rangefinder users. If you intend to blend the popularity with satisfactory performance, then you should definitely give this Mileseey golf rangefinder a try.

On top of its alleged accuracy, this rangefinder is also easy to handle and work with.

This golf laser rangefinder gives you the best opportunity to acquire your targets faster and view more vivid and real images of the exact distance. Read more reviews on Mileseey Rangefinders.

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MiLESEEY golf rangefinder with slope on/off review
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