Blue Tees S2 Tour Rangefinder Review

Blue Tees S2 Tour Rangefinder Review

Eliminate common problems encountered with ordinary golf laser rangefinders and enjoy improved accuracy and efficiency with the new Blue Tees S2 Tour Golf Rangefinder.

This golf rangefinder gives you the opportunity to lock on to the flagsticks with a lot of ease and precision. I tried to describe in detail in my following Blue Tees S2 Tour golf laser rangefinder Review.

While making your golf dream come true, this golf rangefinder is built to last very long in order to provide you with the quality of distance acquisition you require.

Use what the experts use and feel the exact distance every time you are taking a shot.

Venture the course with a golf rangefinder clouded with a lot of helpful features that will assist in taking your game to the top while saving you from any disappointment.

Blue Tees S2 Tour Rangefinder Review:- Features

Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Laser Rangefinder for Golf

Last updated on July 20, 2023 01:54

  • PRECISE AND CRYSTAL CLEAR: The Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Rangefinder is the best of accuracy, size, and technology. With 6x magnification, EZ Optic Focus for HD experience, and a sturdy, handheld design, play at the top of your golf game.

  • LONGER YARDAGE: Measure tour-level distances with ease, courtesy of the 800 yards range with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard. Select golf clubs with confidence and get those winning puts right.

  • PULSE-VIBRATION TARGET LOCK: With advanced Flag Lock technology, the scope emits short, vibrating pulses to confirm the lock onto your target. Perfect when measuring distances on courses with overlapping subjects like wooded areas, flags, and wilderness.

  • TOURNAMENT LEGAL: This laser distance finder comes without slope technology, making it legal for use in tournaments as per USGA rules. Whether you are practicing your game or moving up on the tour, it is a must-have golf accessory to have in your golf bag.

  • BUILT FOR THE COURSE: The water-resistant, sturdy exterior casing of the scope makes it excellent for all weather conditions including rain. Hunting, archery, the Blue Tees Golf laser range finder has got you covered in measuring yardage.


Regardless of the background condition, this golf laser rangefinder delivers clear and accurate measurements.

In other words, target priority technology ensures the user feels the exact distance so as to be more exact with a hit. Therefore your plays are improved and your golf experience is bettered.


Compared to an earlier version, major upgrades on Blue Tees S2 are the modes it offers. 

In Mode 1 you can scan continuously to find out the distances of multiple objects as you move across the golf course. You can use this mode to do a quick survey to find out the distances to the trees and bunkers etc. 

Using Mode 2 you find out the distance to the flag. In this mode, the rangefinder vibrates when it finds the flag. Its pulse vibration provides feedback if it successfully acquired the lock on the flag.  Basically, it gives you a small vibration once you lock onto the target.

Mode 3 is useful to measure the speed of the object. You can use this mode to track the speed of the ball. Surprisingly, we were able to find out the ball speed off the tee.

Blue Tees S2 Tour Rangefinder Review

Pin Seeker

Using a rangefinder with Pin Seeker technology improves your accuracy despite the interruptions caused by images in your background.

This is because this advancement makes it able to filter the interferences and concentrates the measurement on the target for easier and fast results.

Flag Lock

Lock on the flagstick faster and with a lot of ease with the Flag Lock feature that makes this Blue Tees S2 Tour rangefinder more reliable. Working with this improved Blue Tees model makes your work on the course easier and interesting like never before.

Quick Set Menu

Ease of use is another major reason you must want to use this machine for your golf plays. Its quick set menu allows you an easy operation and faster delivery of targets.

This makes you time-efficient as well as able to experience the exact distance.

Includes Scan Mode and Fog Mode

If you are looking for the ability to obtain multiple readings in a twinkle of an eye, then this golf rangefinder is your easy way out.

The scan mode makes it offer results simultaneously in one quick sweep. In order to make it more dependable, the rangefinder is also featured with fog-proof mode.

Blue Tees S2 Tour Rangefinder Review


Blue Tees S2 Tour Golf Rangefinder comes with an extra CR2 battery. 

What’s in Box

It comes with a canvas case, you would like the case which has a nice and durable feeling and looks great. They also included in the case are an instruction booklet, 2 CR2 batteries, warranty card, lanyard, and carabiner. 

Blue Tees S2 Tour Rangefinder Review:- Pros & Cons

Blue Tees S2 Tour Rangefinder Review 1


  • Very Accurate
  • Tournament legal golf rangefinder
  • Durable
  • Weatherproof design
  • 6x magnification 
  • Its ability to display results in yards/meters makes it more convenient
  • Extra battery
  • 60-day return policy
  • 2 year warranty
Blue Tees S2 Tour Rangefinder Review 2


  • Slightly Pricey

Blue Tees S2 Tour Rangefinder Review:- FAQs

The rangefinder weighs 1 pound and measures 6 x 6 x 6 inches.

It works great and displays the distance up to  800 yards range with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard. The 6x magnification works incredibly well for my aging eyes.

Blue Tees S2 Tour Rangefinder Review

Blue Tees S2 Tour Rangefinder Review:- Conclusion

One common agreement about this Blue Tees S2 Tour golf rangefinder is that it can never let any golfer go wrong.

The level of accuracy and the range that it covers makes everything more clear and more exact, to the extent that your play is made more enjoyable and with better results than ever.

For its price, anyone finds satisfactory service and increased dependability in this golf laser rangefinder. With an added advantage from its target priority technology that ensures you see everything as it is.

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Blue Tees S2 Tour Rangefinder Review
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