Callaway Tour S Golf Rangefinder Review

Callaway Tour S Golf Rangefinder Review

Rangefinders are essential equipment for many outdoor sports, but golfers find them especially useful.

A rangefinder allows you to find distances with no fuss.

This helps you judge your shots and gives you better accuracy.

There are many different types of top-rated golf rangefinders on the market today, so it can be difficult to choose which is the best.

The Callaway Tour S Laser Rangefinder Review would guide you on whether this golf rangefinder could be the right suit for you and whether is a reliable option that strips away extra features and leaves you with only the bare necessities.

Callaway Tour S Golf Rangefinder Review:- Features

Callaway Tour S Laser Rangefinder

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  • 7x magnification; Range: 5-1, 200 yards; 400 yards to flag

  • Slope Compensation: measures angle of incline/decline and the slope-adjusted distance

  • Superior accuracy to +/-. 5 yards; P. A. T. (Pin Acquisition Technology) allows you to quickly lock onto the flag with supreme confidence

  • Prism Mode for locking onto flagstick-mounted reflectors for fool-proof, exact distances; Scan feature allows you to acquire distances to multiple targets at once

  • High-res OLED red display; Sure-grip ergonomic design

  • Legal for tournament play; Slope feature can easily be disabled via visible, external on/off switch

Pin Acquisition Technology

This feature allows the rangefinder to lock onto a target quickly and accurately.

Many golf courses are full of distant objects like trees and fences.

The P.A.T. helps you be sure you have the right one with no practice. That way you can be sure that your read-outs are for the flag, instead of the tree three yards behind it!

Scan mode

With the handy scan mode, you can get readouts for many different targets at once.

With a range of 5-1200 yards, 400 yards to the flag, like other laser rangefinders, you should find this a helpful companion on any part of the course. The accuracy of the distance on all modes is +/- 0.5 yards.

Focus ring

The device comes with a focus ring which lets the user quickly focus at different ranges. Since the magnification can be substantial, this helps you to keep your vision steady and your focus clear.

Carrying case

A soft black carrying case makes this product easy to bring with you wherever you go.

This is useful on the outside of the product could get slippery when wet.

It has a magnetic flap-top to keep it shut and a loop to attach to your belt or bag. The case is also padded to protect the device if you drop it.


The device is small and comfortable to hold in your hand. It is approximately four and a quarter by three by one and three-quarter inches.Callaway Tour S Laser Rangefinder Review

It has a sleek red casing with texturized black rubber underneath it, it comes with a sure-grip ergonomic design so it’s easy to hold.

The casing has the Callaway Golf logo stamped on it, so if you enjoy showing your brand loyalty off, you’re in luck!

It only has two buttons: a power button, and the mode button.

This simplicity makes it easy to use right out of the box. There is no handle on the device, only a wrist strap.

The texture might make it difficult to hold when wet. The carrying case and dimensions make this less of a problem, though.


The display shows the crosshairs, the numbers, the unit, and the mode all overlaid on the viewscreen.

It’s not fancy, but it is easy to read and uncluttered. The letters are dark red. Some people find this harder to see in the evening or at night.

After five seconds of no use, the display shuts off to save battery life.


At 7.5 ounces, this rangefinder is light and easy to carry. It will be comfortable to put in your bag or hold in your hand.


The 7x magnification is on the high end for a rangefinder, giving you excellent performance for your money. It can also replace your binoculars!

Even distant objects on the course should be easy to see with this product.


The rangefinder uses one CR2 3V battery. Extras come with the standard package from the Callaway Golf website.

The battery can last for up to a season.

Callaway Tour S Golf Rangefinder Review:- Pros & Cons

Callaway Tour S Golf Rangefinder Review 1


  • Easy to use
  • Slope mode with
  • Water and fog-proof
  • Contains P.A.T
  • Scanning mode
  • Fast number capture
  • Comes with case
Callaway Tour S Golf Rangefinder Review 2




The device is waterproof enough to endure both rain and fog. It’s better not to submerge it in water for extended periods of time, but it can get wet and keep working. It can also be used in foggy or humid conditions. The only restriction is the temperature. Under 50° F or above 110° F it doesn’t work as well.

This product conforms to the rules for USGA and R&A tournament play. It is legal for you to bring to and use at many tournaments.

Yes! This product is easy for a beginner to use. It has P.A.T., so you don’t have to have experience with laser technology to lock on your target.

Many of the features in both modes are automatic, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time messing with it. Finally, it has very few extra features to confuse you. It should be easy to work right out of the box.

It can show both yards or meters. You can switch between yards or meters by pressing the mode button.

Callaway Golf offers a 1-year warranty on this product in case of any accidents or damage.

Callaway Tour S Golf Rangefinder Review:- Conclusion

If you’re looking for a laser rangefinder that’s easy to use and not too expensive; the Callaway Tour S Rangefinder may be for you.

It’s not the cheapest thing on the market, but it’s certainly not the most expensive. Its price is also good for the features it offers.

If you’re looking for something with lots of bells and whistles, then this golf laser rangefinder won’t be your style.

But if you want something simple, yet fast and accurate, check out the Callaway Tour S. It might be just what you need to improve your game.


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Callaway Tour S Golf Rangefinder Review
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