Wosports Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope Review

Wosports Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope Review

For a new brand in the golf world, Wosports Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder is far much recommendable for tournament plays because of its improved performance and tendency to solve the failures of initial rangefinders.

It has received a lot of praise from experts as well as actual users because of its ability to perform excellently in the fog and lock onto flagsticks quickly.

Being exceptionally the smallest and most compact rangefinder with user preferable lightweight, you can use this rangefinder to pick up flagsticks at amazing distances while enjoying its portability and easy operation.

Wosports Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope Review:- Features

WOSPORTS Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder

Last updated on July 19, 2023 21:06

  • 【3 Scan Modes】:M1 Mode is Ranging + Angle Mode; M2 Mode is Golf Mode( Flag Pole Lock Mode + Slope ON/OFF Tech); M3 Mode is Ranging + Height Mode; Suitable for golf, hunting, racing, bird watching, shooting, climbing, engineering measurem etc.

  • 【Excellent Golf Rangefinder】: Range Distance 1200Yds,6X Magnification can pick up a non-reflective flag from 400+ yards away.7 degree field angle, Class 1, 905nm laser type, General Golf and Slope Golf Mode, LCD digital display, and accurate range ±1yd.

  • 【Slope Switch Function】Slope Shift turns slope functionality off/on, completely Tournament Legal when slope is disabled. Slope distance can help you get more helpful distance. Perfect slope switch design for GOLF TOURNAMENT can helps professionals turn off slope

  • 【Pinseeker whti Visual Jolt + Fast Flag Lock】- Introducing Visual JOLT, a black ring around the outside of the viewfinder which accompanies the standard JOLT vibration to leave no doubt that you're locked on. Fast focus system allows golfers to adjust the optic focus to ensure sight clarity and accuracy.

  • 【Technical Support】Return policy in 30 days via amazon. 24-hour reply, 12 month warranty for any product defect and customer dissatisfaction via seller, technical support (please make sure of original complete parts return). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with your order number and questions.


Wosports Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder is very accurate considering its price. I got a chance to play it with and I found that this golf rangefinder is quite accurate in actual distance measurement with/without activating the slope feature. 

You are destined to more accurate and vivid readings when using this Wosports Rechargeable rangefinder with flagpole lock technology.

If you wish to enhance your golfing experience and better your performance, you should seize the opportunity this rangefinder offers.

Wosports Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope Review


This golf rangefinder supports three modes, you can use it for golf, hunting, and height measurements. 

Mode 1:- In mode 1 you can find the range along with slope. This mode is useful to find the distances continuously. 

Mode 2:- This mode lets you lock on to the flag very quickly. This mode is useful in golf. 

Mode 3:- You can use this mode for multiple purposes. Using this mode you can calculate the height. So this mode is best suited for engineering measurements.

Pin Seeking Technology

The Pin Seeking technology makes this device more precise and fast in obtaining the target.

It is, therefore, your only loophole towards worry-free plays with improved “zero-on target” time. In other words, the device makes locking on flagsticks fast and worry-free.

Wosports Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope Review

Visual Jolt

Wosports Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder has both Visual jolts along with pulse vibration technology.

So you when you lock on to the flag, you can see a black ring appearing around the target along with JOLT vibration to let you know that you locked on to the flag.  

Wosports Rechargeable rangefinder Review

Slope Measurement

With its slope feature, you can find the exact distance to the flagstick after adjusting uphill or downhill tells you what the shot will play like. The slope is gonna give you loftier to hit the ball higher or shorter. 

You can turn ON or OFF the slope to make it tournament legal. 


This rangefinder has a 6x magnification. However, this feature doesn’t make Wosports Rechargeable rangefinder unique from other brands, but it improves its functionality a great deal.

Using this golf laser rangefinder lets you target the far-away flags without any issue. It has HD optics with less glare and distortion.

There is nothing as enjoyable as using this golf rangefinder with admirable ease of operation as well as accurate distances.

Quick Menu

Its quick set menu gives you ample time when narrowing your targets and makes you able to deliver results much faster than other rangefinders. Any golfer can find this device simple to handle and easy to obtain accurate readings with.

Weatherproof Design

This golf laser rangefinder is designed to eliminate any inconveniences that might be caused by adverse weather conditions.

The weatherproof construction makes it more reliable and able to deliver very accurate readings come rainfall or sunshine. This is what you need to hit your course with if you don’t want disappointments caused by cruel weather situations.

Wosports Rechargeable Golf laser Rangefinder With Slope Review

Rechargeable Battery.

Most of the rangefinders out there are powered with a 3V CR2 battery, but this golf rangefinder comes with a rechargeable battery. 

You may be a little bit concerned about the rechargeable feature. Because, if you’d get out on the golf course and then the thing would run out of battery and you wouldn’t be able to do anything.

However, in my testing, I found we can use this golf laser rangefinder for more than two rounds of golf without any issue.

Wosports Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope Review:- Pros & Cons

Wosports Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope Review 1


  • Small and lightweight design for user-friendliness
  • Visual JOLT along with standard JOLT
  • Its rubber exterior makes it easier to hold and handle
  • It is one of the quickest golf rangefinders
  • Continuously updates distances with the help of its scanning mode
  • Rechargeable battery
Wosports Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope Review 2


Wosports Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope Review:- FAQs

Yes, you can use it for hunting. It has 1200 yards range.So it is useful for hunting along with golf.

No, it doesn't come with a carrying bag. But it comes with a soft case.

Wosports Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope Review:- Conclusion

When precision and ease of operation are your priorities, this Wosports Rechargeable Golf rangefinder should be your considerable tool.

This is because its lightweight and small design make it far much simple to handle and use for every tournament play.

This golf rangefinder is also able to deliver great performance in any lighting and weather condition, with a provision of slope mode that allows you to obtain clear and accurate yardage in the uphill or downhill. 

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Wosports Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope Review
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