GolfBuddy Aim L10 Review

GolfBuddy Aim L10 Review

See the distance as it is and lock onto the flag easily with a compact and simple to operate rangefinder like GolfBuddy Aim L10 Golf Laser Rangefinder. This exclusive sport design and result-oriented model from GolfBuddy is a great pick for all golf activities and tournaments.

Designed with a textured grip for a comfortable carry and firm handling, this rangefinder will make you an accurate golf professional even if you are a hobbyist.

It has been curved to look perfect as it performs and does not limit your usage even in the worst weather.

With this dependable equipment, you get to enjoy a performance within an accuracy of one yard and a worry-free with single-button touch operation.

GolfBuddy Aim L10 Review:- Features

Golf Buddy AIM L10 Golf Rangefinder with Slope

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  • Aim L10 Golf Buddy Laser Rangefinder with wider LCD for better visibility with new ergonomic and sporty design of the aim L10, the golf laser rangefinder weighs just under 6 oz, the golf launch monitor features three different targeting modes: Standard, Scan and Pin with vibration mode. The aim L10 Golf Laser Rangefinders also comes with a slope on/off switch that provides slope-adjusted distances for various elevations for more accuracy.

  • Handheld Golf GPS rangefinder easy-to-read, extra wide LCD display with 6X magnification and automatic shut-off after 15 seconds when left unattended with vibration alert lets you know when you have found the target, the golf buddy rangefinder is perfect for unsteady hands or windy weather conditions. The golf distance finder has ability to read in Yard and Meters both makes L10 a perfect golf range finder golf unit.

  • Golf distance measuring device is Compact & portable device watch for shot distance measurement, the golf buddy rangefinder golf unit comes with replaceable CR2 3V Lithium battery for 3,000 ~ 5,000 actuations, the rangefinders for golfing has accuracy +/- 1 yard and range from 5 to 880 yards and 5 to 800 meters.

  • The golf launch monitor L10 golf tracking device is USGA / R&A complaint – legal for handicap & tournament play. Golf distancefinder comes with handy hard-wearing carry case, the golf distance range finders comes with belt hook and easy access toggle closure meaning you don’t have use the zip between shots comes with ergonomic grip and lightweight design range finders.

  • The golf yardage finder is perfect companion for your golf putters and other golf accessories for men and women, the Golf buddy L10 is the best gift for Golfers. Can be use as laser distance measure, golf course gps units for men and women the simplicity and ease of use make the GB L10 the number one laser distance measure unit in golf. One of the best rangefinder amongst the golf buddy accessories.


Golfbuddy Aim L10 feels like quite a premium product, even though it’s not too pricey compared to Bushnell and Nikon etc.

You can feel like it’s well made, Aim L10 got a nice rubber texture part in the bottom. Its rubber texture gives a solid feel and it got good quality button’s on the top. 

For sure this golf rangefinder doesn’t feel plasticky. Its buttons are responsive. Its design is clean & designed ergonomically.

You can securely hold it in your hand. 

It’s really easy to use and it just settles nicely in your palm, so you can hold it nice and steady while trying to focus.


Golfbuddy Aim L10 golf rangefinder got three modes. The first mode is distance measurement mode using which you can effectively point to any object/target so whether you want to see how far it is. Or you can use it to find the distance to the green or bunker et. 

The second mode is flag locking mode, which means you can get the distance to the flag. It will vibrate a bit once it locks on to the pin. So it kind of gives you a little jolt when it lets you know that you’ve locked onto the pin, so that’s a really cool feature to have.

Finally, there is a scan mode, what it literally does is show the reading as you scan through the golf course. It will keep on telling you the different yardages as you look at different objects. 

One-Button Touch Operation

This rangefinder comes with great performance induced by incredible ease of operation that makes it one of a kind.

Designed with a single-button touch operation, the device offers accurate yardage at your best comfort. It is, therefore, a great addition and a reliable requirement for both hobbyists and professional golf players.

GolfBuddy Aim L10 Review

6x Magnification.

Golfbuddy Aim L10 has a 6x magnification in it. So it’s nice and easy to see the flag even if it’s very far. It will make sure you get locked on nice and easy. This golf rangefinder has nice and clear optics without any distortions. Overall, its quality is great for the price.   

5 To 880 Yards Target

This reflects the level of accuracy that the GolfBuddy Aim L10 Golf laser rangefinder offers.

It is designed with a 5-880 yards target that makes flag acquisition much easier than when you are using a normal rangefinder.

Because of this precision, it got the place in the list of best golf rangefinders. This makes it a must-have for golfers with great ambitions in their plays.

Rainproof Weather-Resistant Construction

This GolfBuddy Aim L10 is designed to withstand unpredictable weather conditions and deliver the most accurate yardage in the worst situations.

It is constructed to resist interference caused by adverse weather conditions and provide great results even in the rain.

GolfBuddy Aim L10 Review

Compact Design with Textured Grip

When looking for a new rangefinder for your tournament plays, it is advisable to consider user-friendliness and the ability of the device to fit into your personal needs.

That is exactly what you get when you choose this compact and lightweight rangefinder from GolfBuddy Aim L10. Its textured grip gives you total control and secure usability making it the best.

Clean Display

Get the best range performance from the GolfBuddy Aim L10 steered with its clean display.

This golf rangefinder gives you the opportunity to avoid depending on guesswork when measuring the distances. Its display is clear and the numbers are big to easily read.

GolfBuddy Aim L10 Review :- Pros & Cons

GolfBuddy Aim L10 Review 1


  • This rangefinder is weatherproof and can be used in the rain
  • It does not limit users and provides professional-grade results
  • It is designed to provide lightning speed results
  • High level of accuracy in finding yardage
  • Advanced display technology makes it better than normal rangefinders
GolfBuddy Aim L10 Review 2


  • Unpredictable performance makes it difficult to depend on for golf users

GolfBuddy Aim L10 Review:- FAQs

This is an amazing rangefinder, it targets from 5 to 880 yards within one yard accuracy.

Yes it does, I purchased mine and it came with a 3 volt battery, a case, and a strap.

GolfBuddy Aim L10 Review:- Conclusion

Coming in a minimized design and an admirable lightweight, weighing merely 6 oz, this GolfBuddy Aim L10V assures users of superb range performance and great convenience in operations.

It is specially molded to suit ambitious golf personalities and satisfies those with high expectations.

This rangefinder will put you at the front line of every tournament, with more accurate yardage acquisition without any struggle.

It features advanced technology with JOLT and high-definition displays that improve the reality of your results.

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GolfBuddy Aim L10 Review
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