Bozily BL-X3 Review | Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope

Bozily BL-X3 Review

With the actual users in mind, Bozily BL-X3 Laser Rangefinder has been created to simplify range finding and improve the presentation of results every time you are measuring distances.

Featuring generously large ocular lens and multilayer-coated optics, this rangefinder from Bozily BL-X3 operates with a high level of accuracy and vividness.

Any golf player can find an easy time locating the flag with this golf rangefinder.

You would enjoy fast-delivered measurements with a high level of precision.

This beautiful rangefinder is also lightweight and compact to fit into user purposes without any worries or disappointments.

Using this golf rangefinder for golf puts any player at the edge of beating the opponents whether it is a tournament play or a friendly foursome.

Bozily BL-X3 Review:- Features

Bozily Golf Rangefinder with Slope

Last updated on July 15, 2023 03:07

  • 【Excellent Golf Rangefinder】High-definition camera, 6X Magnification, 7 degree field angle, distance range 5-1200 yds, Max 250+yds to flag. Class 1, 905nm laser type. Convenient USB Charging, A micro USB cable (included) could be charged from any regular charging port, including most electronics, no need replacing battery.

  • 【2 Scan Modes】 Mode 1(Continuous Scan) is tournament legal; Mode 2(slope distance + angle + flag-lock + vibration tech) is perfect for daily training; Our laser rangefinder adopts advanced distance, angle slope tech, accurate and fast, suitable for hunting, racing, bird watching, shooting, climbing, engineering measurem etc.

  • 【Design】Dimension: 107*74*42mm, portable size, ergonomic design and normally water-resistant. Unit of measure are meter and yard, long press of the mode button can change over. Class 1, 905nm laser, average power output <0.4mW. Complete rangefinder set(Photos View), including 1x rangefinder, 1x carrying case, 1x USB cable, 1x Carabiner, 1x lanyard, 1x cleaning cloth and 1x manual.

  • 【Accuracy】Accurate out to 1200 yards, Digitally enhanced accuracy. Personally testing this device on my roof, i can see the buildings clearly beyond 1200 yds, but there is no data displayed; When it is 1200 or within 1200 yards, fast and clear data show up on the lens LCD. This one is excellent for golf play, hunting, engineering measurements and outdoor activities, if you need a 1200-yard and USB charging laser rangefinder.

  • 【Technical Support】Return policy in 30 days via amazon. 24-hour reply, 12 month warranty for any product defect and customer dissatisfaction via seller, technical support (please make sure of original complete parts return). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with your order number and questions.

Pin Scanning Technology

Bozily BL-X3 Review

Laser locks on to the target without being interfered with even in the presence of other objects in the background.

This feature makes flag acquisition easier and quick with the elimination of background image distances.

You will see clear images from very far ranges and acquire your targets at the best comfort.

Large Ocular Lens

This device lets you see the exact distances as they are and increase the clarity of your results.

All this can be appreciated in relation to its enhanced big-size ocular lens which makes it way more reliable.

This golfing tool is exactly what a pro should roll with.

Slope On-Of Switch

Bozily BL-X3 Review

Bozily BL-X3 golf rangefinder comes with 2 modes.

Mode 1 is a continuous scan mode and it doesn’t calculate the slope, so this mode is tournament legal.

Using mode 2 you can calculate the slope to find out the actual distances in case of uphill or downhill. 

However, do note that it doesn’t have any dedicated slope ON-OFF switch. Only by using mode buttons, you can turn slope calculations on or off.

So depending on the tournament rules this rangefinder may or may not be qualified. 

Multilayer Coated Optics

Get exceptionally clear images with this rangefinder and experience the exact distances when playing.

Meaning, you can always depend on the yardage this device provides and use it to make accurate shots and improve your play performance.

You can adjust the focus using a diopter to make the image clean and clear. You can use this golf rangefinder even if you wear spectacles or goggles. 

First Target Priority Technology

Even when you are playing in an unclear background. This Bozily BL-X3 golf rangefinder can accurately focus on the target and will not face interference from background objects.

Because it is powered with amazing target priority technology which allows it to maintain focus on the target and offer more accurate readings.

Compact and Lightweight

Usability should be your major consideration when purchasing a rangefinder for your golf plays.

That is why this Bozily BL-X3 is more preferred by players and experts in the field of golf, for it is compact and made with a lightweight material, which makes it comfortable to work with.

Rechargeable Battery.

Bozily BL-X3 golf rangefinder comes with a rechargeable battery so you need to worry about replacing the batteries. It’s shipped with a micro  USB cable.

You can connect that up to your computer to charge it or you can just use any kind of USB charging point that you would do for an iPhone.

Bodily BL-X3 Review:- Pros & Cons

Bozily BL-X3 Review | Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope 1


  • 1200 yards flag-lock
  • Slope On-OFF 
  • Continous scan mode
  • It fits perfectly for easy handling and comfortable use
  • Its first target priority technology allows you to obtain accurate focus in the unclear background
  • Receive your readings with greater clarity and brightness
  • Faster view with real distance feeling, thanks to the large ocular lens
  • It features a general pretty design, making it look appealing to the eye
  • Rechargeable Battery with Micro USB Cable.
Bozily BL-X3 Review | Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope 2


  • The eyepiece is not so much user-friendly as it is expected to be.
  • No dedicated button for slope ON-OFF

Bozily BL-X3 Review:- Video Review

Bozily BL-X3 Review:- FAQs

No, You no need to replace the battery. It comes with a rechargeable battery.

Yes it does, I received mine with a soft case, just like that of a digital camera.

Yes, Bozily BL-X3 golf rangefinder can be used for hunting, racing, shooting, bird watching, engineering measurements and for climbing, etc.

Its rechargeable battery works for more than 5,000 single-click readings. It can easily last for 10-20 rounds.

To activate continuous scanning mode, press the MODE button and keep it pressed.
It will automatically enter the continuous scan mode. In continuous scanning, mode readings will change as you change the target.

No, Bozily BL-X3 is not a waterproof rangefinder.

Yes, its display is clear. So you should be able to read the readings without eyeglasses.

Bozily BL-X3 Review

Bozily BL-X3 Review:- Conclusion

This rangefinder is unique and convincing to have. If you are interested in making your flag acquisition much easier and more accurate at the same time.

This golf rangefinder is value for money with its 1200 yards flag-lock capability along with a rechargeable battery.

It has multiple modes with slope ON-OFF to make it a tournament legal golf rangefinder.

It is constructed with amazing features to back its usability up, that is why most golf experts have greatly recommended this golf rangefinder for any player looking for simplicity and precision.

It is definitely a game-changing tool, worth investing in.

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Bozily BL-X3 Review | Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder With Slope
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