Nikon Prostaff 1000 Rangefinder Review

Nikon Prostaff 1000 Rangefinder Review

When you need to buy a rangefinder there are so many options to choose from that picking one is a daunting task.Nikon Prostaff 1000 Rangefinder Review

However, once you start to narrow down the features they offer you will notice that many of them start to lack any useful ones.

Believe me, when you are outdoors and need to measure the distance between you and your target, you don’t want just any unit, you need the best hunting rangefinder you can get.

Nikon, being the top innovator in telescopic lenses, photography, and optics, sure didn’t hold back when it designed this affordable but invaluable tool, critical to any serious Rifleman.

This is why you need the Nikon Prostaff 1000 Rangefinder.

It is the best range finder for hunting, packed with all the features you need to get the perfect shot.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Features Summary

Nikon Prostaff 1000 Laser Rangefinder - 16664 Bundle with 3 CR2 Batteries and Lumintrail Cleaning Cloth

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  • Hunting Laser Rangefinder: The Prostaff 1000 provides 6-1000 yard measurement range with a 6x high quality monocular
  • Automatic Measurement: Continuous measurement for up to four seconds with Tru Target that allows you to switch between first target and distant target
  • Compact and Durable: Water Resistant design with multilayer coating applied to all lens and prism surfaces
  • Tru-Target Technology: First target priority mode allows you to range an object as small as a fence post while distant target priority mode displays the range of the farthest target among a group of targets measured
  • What You Get: Complete rangefinder packaged with case, lanyard, CR2 battery (factory installed), 3 extra Viridian CR2 batteries, and a Lumintrail Cleaning Cloth

• LED illumination system with automatic brightness control
• First Target Priority/Distance Target Priority modes
• Single and continuous measuring modes
• 6x Magnification
• Five to one thousand yards measurement range

What’s in the box

• One ACULON Rangefinder
• One CR2 battery
• One adjustable strap
• One neoprene case


This unit, like other similar Nikon rangefinders, is equipped with a 3v CR2 battery.

The display will let you know the battery condition, with a flashing battery icon indicating when it should be replaced.


The Prostaff 1000 is compact enough to fit in your hand, measuring 2.9 by 1.6 by 4.6 inches.

It is also pretty lightweight -6.9 ounces- so carrying it around in any cargo or breast pocket is no problem.

You can hang it around your neck using the adjustable strap, or use the neoprene case and attach it to your backpack or belt.

The rubberized, non-slip surface will give you a firm grip even in humid conditions. This rangefinder is completely sealed and rated as waterproof.

The optical system won’t be damaged if it is dropped in water or submerged to a maximum depth of 3.3ft.

You can use your rangefinder without worrying if the day is too humid, dusty, or rainy; nothing will get inside it.

A feature that not many people know about is that this unit is nitrogen-filled.

This is meant to make it resistant to condensation and mold.


The first thing you will notice is the vast improvement this rangefinder has when compared to prior models.

The ocular is 28% larger and has a 23% wider field of view.

Using Nikon’s legendary anti-reflective lens coating, it has 6X magnification and gives you clear, high-resolution images.

The lens also minimizes the effects of reflection to provide a much more unobstructed view. The monocular eyepiece can be used even if you have your eyeglasses on.


Having a good display is essential to skim the measurements quickly. When you are hunting, every second is important.

The display in a rangefinder must not be too dim to see, but if it’s too bright could also be a problem since it interferes with the line of sight.

You want a screen that is clear and easy to read. As soon as you use this rangefinder you will be captivated by its clarity.
Active Brightness Control Viewfinder is a new feature offered in this model.

It will automatically detect light conditions on the ground area mainly in the view field. If it is too dark, it will turn on the orange LED illumination.

When light conditions improve and the day starts to get bright, the LCD will switch back to gray.

This means that you will get very fast readings against almost any background, even in the toughest lighting conditions.


If you’ve ever used a Nikon rangefinder before you will realize that the Prostaff 1000 works as other models by using a single button operation.
Measurements are done by following just a few simple steps. First of all, you press the power button to turn the unit on.

The unit will enter a standby mode and crosshairs will be shown on the display. Aim at the target and position it at the center of the reticle.

Press the power button again to start a single measurement. The display will either show a “failure to measure” warning, or the measured figure.

If it failed to measure, just press the power button again to get a new reading. You can do this with just one finger!

Continuous measurement is possible by keeping the power button pressed. This is great to use when you are panning and trying to measure moving targets.

After showing the measurement for 8 seconds, the rangefinder will shut off automatically to preserve the battery.

It doesn’t matter if you want to measure in meters or yards, this rangefinder offers both options. It is pre-set at yards, and pressing the mode button for a couple of seconds will change it to meters.

The measuring range for linear distance is 5.4-915m/6-1,000 yd. with 1.0m/yd.

Increments and is accurate to within 1/2 yard. As with most rangefinders, targets with highly reflective surfaces or large size will be easier to measure than smaller ones.

Nikon Prostaff 1000 Rangefinder:- User Review

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Target Priority Modes

The Prostaff 1000 offers a Distant Target Priority mode so that it can read your target through grass or bushes.

How many times have you had a big buck standing out there on the edge of a food plot where there’s a little bit of switchgrass and you can’t get the reading because it’s trying to pick up the grass? This range finder will read right through that.

However, there may be specific situations when you don’t want this to happen and you actually want to measure whichever object is the closest.

The Prostaff 1000 Rangefinder lets you do this by switching to the First Target Priority mode.

You do this by pressing and holding down the mode button and then pressing the power button.

Notice a pattern here? Everything you need to get done on this rangefinder only takes pressing one or two buttons.

Linear and Horizontal Distance Mode

This rangefinder is able to calculate both linear and horizontal distances.

This is useful when you are hunting out of an elevated tree stand.

It also means that you’re always going to get the right reading whether you’re shooting straight uphill with your range finder or straight down into a deep canyon where that deer buck might be hiding.

When you are aiming for a decline or incline, it can be much harder to judge the distance correctly.

However, once you adjust your sight to match the rangefinder, you can bet you will never miss a shot again.

Switching between these modes is as easy as can be, just press the mode button on the top of your rangefinder until the desired mode is shown on the LCD.

You can also press this button after you have taken measurements to convert between both modes.

Nikon Prostaff 1000 Rangefinder Review:- Conclusion

Sure, you can pay more for fancier products, but why would you do such a thing? This rangefinder does everything you need it to do. The Nikon Prostaff 1000 Rangefinder is as sharp as it is accurate.

Easy to use, small and comfortable in your hand, and has a rugged case that should stand up to years of rough use.

Since it is waterproof, you will never have to worry if you accidentally drop it in a puddle.

Its clearness in optics is fantastic and will give you an accurate reading even in low light conditions. This is the best hunting rangefinder you can get, so what are you waiting for?


No, it doesn't have illuminated numbers, but the display is very clear and bright.

Yes, it can be used for golf, but its more suitable for Hunting than golf.

Prostaff 1000 uses a CR2 battery. It ships with 3 extra Viridian CR2 batteries. However, it doesn't include a rechargeable battery.

No, it's not waterproof. But, Water Resistant design with multilayer coating applied to all lens and prism surfaces.


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