Indoor Golf: Top 10 Best Golf Simulator in Kansas City, MO

Indoor Golf Best Golf Simulator Kansas City, MO

Indoor Golf: Best Golf Simulator Kansas City, MO

Do you love playing golf, but don’t have enough time to get out on the course as often as you’d like? Do you live in Kansas City and want a way to improve your golf game without leaving town? If so, a golf simulator is a perfect solution for you!

Golf simulators are becoming more and more popular and for good reason. They allow you to play golf year-round, regardless of the weather conditions. They also help improve your accuracy and ball control.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using a golf simulator and provide information on the best golf simulator Kansas City has to offer!


Top 7 Golf Simulators In Kansas city


X-GOLF LEAWOOD is the perfect place for golfers at any level. Whether you want to sharpen up your game and gain that competitive edge or are just starting out, they have a variety of services designed with both beginner players in mind as well as more experienced ones looking to learn new skills without battling outdoors!

They also offer simulator games where data on swing speed can be recorded by their computer systems so they know exactly how far each club will travel when hit correctly.

This is the perfect place to come with friends, family, or colleagues. They have a comfortable and inviting lounge area with a full-service bar where you can relax and unwind after your game. Or if you’re looking for something more active, they also have a pool and darts.

EpicSports Lodge

EpicSports Lodge is a cool place to hang out with your buddies or family. It is a great place to have some sports fun. The staff is friendly and helpful, the equipment is top-notch, and the facilities are clean and well-maintained.

It houses two soccer fields, two basketball/volleyball courts, and two sand volleyball courts. You can also find a turf practice field that measures 60 yards by 40 yards. The best part of the EpicSports Lodge is that it is open to people of all ages and skill levels.

Here you can play indoor golf, tennis, or even basketball. You can also use the batting cages to work on your hitting or take some pitching lessons. The EpicSports Lodge is truly a one-of-a-kind facility that has something for everyone.

So if you’re looking for a place to have some fun and stay active, then be sure to check out the Epic

Imperial Golf of Parkville 

Imperial Golf of Parkville is a great place to improve both your mental and physical golf game. Their instructors believe that throughput focusing on the mental side of golf, you can better manage your game and improve your score. They also offer group and private lessons to help fine-tune your skills.

You can also book golf simulator time at Imperial Golf of Parkville. This is a great way to get in some extra practice or play a round when the weather isn’t cooperating.

With the E-Yardage Pro system, you have access to over 80 different golf courses from around the world. You can also keep track of your progress and stats so you can see how much you’ve improved.

The Golf Stable

The Golf Stable

The Golf Stable is a performance academy that provides resources to improve your game, whether you are a Tour Pro or a weekend warrior. You can also access Foresight and Trackman bays for self-practice and immediate feedback. This is an important part of the process to apply what you are working on in your golf game. The Golf Stable gives you the tools you need to improve your game and reach your potential.

Its located in the heart of Kansas City and provides top-notch resources to help you improve your game. If you want to get better at golf, The Golf Stable is the place for you.

True Aim Indoor Golf 

At True Aim Indoor Golf- Overland Park, KS, they focus on providing an affordable and friendly neighborhood entertainment facility. their state-of-the-art indoor golf simulator allows you to play at your own pace, without the time-consuming interruptions of expensive food service.

In addition, their systems are designed to give you a realistic and challenging experience, whether you’re playing by yourself or with friends.

You can choose to play on one of the many virtual courses, or set up a custom game to practice your skills. The simulator is perfect for all levels of experience, from beginners to experienced golfers. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about the weather!


The Tee Box is the perfect place to come and work on your golf game. With four state-of-the-art TrackMan simulators, you can play a full round of golf, hit away at the driving range, or get a detailed analysis of your shot.

The Tee Box is also a great place to just have fun with friends. With a fully stocked bar and a menu of delicious food, you can enjoy a great night out without even stepping foot on a golf course.

So whether you’re looking to improve your golf game or just have some fun, the Tee Box is the perfect place for you.

TrackMan is the world’s leading provider of indoor golf simulators and their technology is used by professionals all over the world. So if you’re looking to get the most realistic and accurate golf experience, the Tee Box is the place for you. And with a variety of membership options, it’s easy to find a package that fits your needs.

Clubhouse Golf

 It is the perfect place to come and work on your golf game, or just have a fun time. Its location is ideal for those in the Waldo Kansas City area. They offer a wide variety of services, including golf lessons, club fitting, and more.

The clubhouse is on a mission to provide an enjoyable, family-friendly environment for people of all ages and skill levels. They strive to create a fun and challenging atmosphere that will help you improve your game. Their staff is passionate about the game of golf and happy to help you enjoy it as much as possible!

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Indoor Golf: Top 10 Best Golf Simulator in Kansas City, MO
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