Voice Caddie VC300SE Review

Voice Caddie VC300SE Review:-

We can all agree that everything we do nowadays require voice interaction. Today, you can easily talk with your phone to check the weather while playing golf, or to check the closest golf course along the way.Voice Caddie VC300SE Review

At the same time, you can talk with the GPS inside the vehicle so that you can reach the course with ease.

However, with a device such as Voice Caddie VC300SE Golf GPS assistant, you will be able to reach any distance you want without any additional problem.

It is not the first talking GPS device, but you will get unique features including the compact size, lack of display or screen. You just have to take it out of the pocket and ask whatever you need.  The next step is to wait for instructions.

It is as simple as that.

That is the main reason why I decided to present you with a comprehensive guide on Voice Caddie VC300SE talking golf GPS.

Voice Caddie VC300SE Review:- Features

Voice Caddie VC300SE Voice Golf GPS, White

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  • Gps, audio distance information by voice
  • Free and easy to update
  • Automatic course and hole recognition
  • The vc300 automatically recognizes the course and hole so that you can focus on your game
  • Accurate GPS golf voice assistant
  • Affordable price tag
  • Voice commands due to lack of screen
  • You can update the software in a matter of minutes for free
  • A clear voice for additional convenience
  • Preloaded with 30,000 courses


When compared with other GPS rangefinders, you should know that Voice Caddie VC300SE comes with an appealing package.

As soon as you open the box, you will not notice batteries or cords, just the sleek and compact Voice Caddie VC300SE.

It comes with no buttons or screen at sight, which makes it perfect for placing it in a pocket while on the course. Generally, the design is similar to a guitar pick, but it comes with more rounded corners in general.

After a while, you will notice two small buttons on the side and one on the back in combination with the magnetic ball marker and a clip. You need to look hard to see that it features a rubber cover over the charging port, which is not transparent but you will be able to enjoy it all the way.

It seems awkward that something so compact can act as a golf GPS. However, it is the combination of the latest voice technologies as well as additional features you will need on a course.

You will get both a compact and lightweight device that you can place on a belt or pocket while playing. It is a convenient solution that will reduce the hassle of determining the range and numerous courses, which makes it accurate similarly to laser rangefinders.

Apart from the GPS, within the next layer of the package, you will notice the USB cable and user manual. You can easily charge it via a wall charger or computer depending on your preferences.



Voice Caddie VC300SE Review:- Golf GPS features/modes

Distance Measuring

With a single click on the front, you can reach the distance to the middle of the course. At the same time, you can determine the front distances by swiping it from right to left.

Apart from that, when you swipe it from left to right, you will be able to hear back distances, which makes it an appealing consideration for the cheap price tag.

The first time you get used to it, you will use it after each shot. Remember that you can reach the proper yardage in a single instruction, which makes it both appealing and perfect consideration.

You can measure the distance in a straight line from the current device’s location. However, people are skeptical when it comes to accuracy and correct distance measurements.

Since the device will provide you yardages to the hole based on the playing order, you may get confused along the way. You can also change the hole manually by changing the volume buttons, but that could be problematic during the round.

The main reason for that is that you will not get the screen to guide you throughout the process. Apart from the distances to the hole, you can also measure the individual shots among other things.

You just have to press and hold the front of it, and that will start or stop the measurement. The problem lies in the idea that not many people will use these particular features because they already know the distances from hole to hole.

Therefore, it is perfect for novice players that wish to improve their shots while practicing. The thing you should remember includes the idea that you will not experience too much noise while using this particular voice device.

You just have to test the volume coming from the back speaker to determine the perfect volume based on your preferences. On the volume buttons, you can differentiate seven volume settings, while the loudest one is not something that will affect players around you.

If you are looking for a handheld GPS device with a display then you can consider Garmin Approach G8, which has a 3″ color screen and several other important features. You can get it from here.


Having golf GPS with high-end bells and whistles is just an addition to the most important feature, which is accuracy.

Therefore, when compared with laser rangefinders and high-end and more expensive GPS devices, you will get decently accurate readings with Voice Caddie VC300SE GPS.

When it comes to yardage, you will get very close accuracy with the other GPS devices. Generally, it is accurate within the two yards when compared with GPS devices. On the other hand, when compared with laser rangefinders, the accuracy is within three to four yards.

Most people tend to trust laser rangefinders because they think that this rangefinder technology is the most accurate. However, you should have in mind that Voice Caddie’s accuracy is ample and accurate enough for both beginner and everyday golfers.

At the same time, if you are next to an obstacle such as a blind spot or a tree, the laser is not that efficient compared with this particular one.

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Remember that when it comes to battery, you will get a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery pack that you can charge by using a USB connection.

Of course, you can use both a car charger and power adapter for additional convenience, but you can also connect it with the computer and charge it in two hours.

According to the manufacturer, the full battery can withstand up to eight hours of constant usage. Generally, with a single charge, it will last enough to handle two rounds all the way.

That is specifically efficient when compared with other golf GPS devices, especially when you have in mind its compact size. It will last a course for professional players that tend to play up to 36 holes daily, which is an important consideration.


Generally, when you take it out of the box, you will have problems understanding its efficiency and capabilities. That is why you should conduct homework beforehand by reading the instruction manual you will get within the package.

As soon as you read everything through and charge it completely in two hours from the start, you will be able to power it up by using the small and almost hidden button from the back of the device.

You will hear the voice that will greet you and tell you the remaining battery percentage. When you reach the golfing course that is the first moment, you should try powering on it. Of course, the idea is to pick up a GPS signal, because the device uses satellite communication to operate.

Sometimes, it will require a few seconds until it reaches your current location, so you have to be patient at the start. According to users, it will require approximately two minutes to locate the closest golf course, which is not too bad.

Finally, you will have a preloaded number of golf courses that you can update for free by connecting them to the computer. You just have to visit the official website, and you will have proper information on how to do it.

We recommend you analyze everything so that you can determine when to do it.

Unique Features

Based on the instruction manual and manufacturer’s consideration, you should wear it on your golfing cap. However, most people find this particular addition awkward, especially since it appears strange to others and you can easily lose it if you neglect its existence.

That is why you can place it on your belt, but that is another problem because you may click it accidentally while playing. When your band picks the ball from the hole, you may prompt the unwanted instructions, which will frustrate you in the long run.

Of course, everything depends on your preferences, but we recommend you place it in a pocket or golfing bag. That way, you will be able to reach a ball and learn what you need before picking the club for the next shot.

Finally, you should know that the clip is both tight and strong, so even if you knock it down, it will not cause any permanent issues. Therefore, place it where it is convenient for your particular needs.



Voice Caddie VC300SE Review:- Pros & Cons

Voice Caddie VC300SE Review 1


  • More consistent playing due to knowing the distances upfront
  • It is as accurate as laser rangefinders
  • Compact and lightweight design so that you can wear it with ease
  • It will provide you the basic info for numerous courses
  • The affordable price tag makes it appealing for beginners
Voice Caddie VC300SE Review 2


  • It cannot keep track similarly as more expensive devices
  • You won’t be able to determine the distance to hazards


Voice Caddie VC300SE Review:- Conclusion

In general, the Voice Caddie VC300SE GPS is a perfect and accurate device that will provide you both accurate features and an appealing design. Due to its convenient design, you can place it wherever you want without affecting your play.

It is also highly accurate, so you will be able to reach more consistent playing when compared with other GPS devices or Golf GPS watches. Even though it lacks a screen, which makes it more challenging to use, you will be able to understand its features by reading the thorough instruction manual.

Finally, you should know that you would get one of the most affordable GPS golfing devices that you can use regularly. Remember that the combination of accuracy, convenient design, and the cheap price tag makes it one of the most popular choices on the market.


Voice Caddie VC300SE Review:- FAQs

You can change Voice caddie VC300SE's calculations from Yards or Meters by pressing and hold minus volume button.

No, it does not require Bluetooth or mobile to use. It's not a Bluetooth Driven GPS rangefinder.

Voice Caddie VC300SE itself is a GPS Unit, you just need to click on the Voice Caddie button for the distance to the center of the Green & click two times to get the distance to the front and back of the green.

No, it won't come with a charger. But they ship a USB cable using which you can recharge it by connecting it to a laptop or any USB charger.

No. It's not a waterproof device.

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Voice Caddie VC300SE Review
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