Garmin Approach G80 Review

Garmin Approach G80 Review:-

Garmin is a company known for creating many high-quality GPS products that are available in a wide variety of different sports and industries.Garmin Approach G80 Review

They are uniquely innovative when we talk about gadgets that are used to improve your decision-making and overall experience on a golf course.

Garmin Approach G80 is a GPS and a launch monitor that is HANDHELD, which is something completely new in this branch.

Let us see what you will get with this particular best golf gps rangefinder. If you are looking for only handheld GPS then Learn more about it from this Garmin Approach G30 review.

Garmin Approach G80 Review:- Features

Garmin Approach G80 - All-in-one Premium GPS Golf Handheld Device

Last updated on October 3, 2020 05:00
  • Touchscreen display with the quick button to access to radar.
  • The launch monitor can quickly track the ball speed, swing tempo, smash factor as well as estimated distance.
  • It comes with more than forty thousand detailed golf course maps from all across the globe.
  • You can enjoy various game and practice modes for improving your skills.
  • The battery will last more than fifteen hours, which makes it an efficient solution that you can find on the market.



The Garmin Approach G80 has a straightforward design. With a precise touchscreen and just two buttons, it is enjoyable even for people who do not like modern technology standing in their way of having fun.

Once you are ready to start using GPS features, just click on “Start New Round,” and the app will create a list of courses near your location. Select one and you are ready to go.

Garmin is famous for producing state of the art GPS devices, but with this price tag? Most people were pretty skeptical about the launch monitor.

A Launch monitor is a device that tracks stats of your swing, which are speed, ball speed, smash factor, etc.

It is similar to Voice Caddie VC300SE that we mentioned before. The launch monitor operates in this case as simple as it can: choose one of the modes, set the device next to your ball, and “shoot for the stars.”


Garmin Approach G80 Review:- Video


Golf GPS features/modes

When they first announced Approach G80, its features sounded too good to be real.

We knew that people from Garmin are more than capable of perfecting all GPS features, but it is only half of the deal. The other half is the launch monitor.

Of course, not all of them can be measured correctly. Some of them are products of calculations based on the stats G80 can measure.

Ball speed, club speed, backswing time, and downswing time are measured precisely. From these stats, and if we use them in the right equation, we can calculate swing tempo, smash factor, and, of course, shot distance.

If you want some extra features such as full ball flight simulation, launch angle and spin rates, you should check other, more expensive products.

When we compare Garmin Approach G80 against SkyTrak launch monitor, you will get modern high-speed cameras it can give you an insight into what your ball is doing, or what is a presumed trajectory.

The Garmin Approach G80 is far from perfect, but in this price range for launch monitors, these are more than consistent results.

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If there were a flaw that displeases all golf lovers, it would be battery life.

There is no more irritating and annoying feeling like losing your GPS in the middle of a hole, and you just charged before you went out.

How about 15 hours of battery life? That sounds like more than enough to finish a few courses before you have to search for a hub.

It makes it a highly efficient solution when compared with other models that you can find on the market. Of course, you need to charge it fully before entering the course, but in general, you will be able to improve your gameplay with it.



1.    Quick, Easy to Use, and Great Features

One of the most important things you should know when evaluating products like this is how easy they are to use. How much user-friendly they are.

If it takes to much time to set it up or if the technology is ruining the feeling for us, the product will likely find it is placed in a remote part of a closet.

The Garmin Approach G80 is comfortable in this area. Just set it to practice mode and place it next to your golf ball and you will get a reading of your shot almost instantly. You do not need to specify what club you are using, which is a considerable improvement.

For those who just discovered beauties of golf, there are some excellent practice features. You can use warm-up mode, which will allow you to hit with any of the clubs in your bag.

One of the most useful features is the target mode. You can choose a targeted area for one or two players and play a sort of competition to improve your skills. Scores depend on overall accuracy.

Most people love it because it gives your training some sense and helps you to become the next Tiger Woods.

This device also allows you to play “virtual,” simulated round.

You can download a GPS map of any golf course in the world. You then hit the ball, and the device calculates where it would fall. It is not some over the top feature, but it can make you go through all your irons and do something new.

Another built-in feature we think is worth mentioning is Swing tempo training. We all know that swing tempo is essential for becoming a better player.

In this case, Garmin has created a beneficial practice companion. The Approach G80 can stand toe to toe too many other more expensive units when it comes to accuracy. We also think that it has a reasonably wide variety of features at this price level.

We are talking about the HANDHELD GPS unit that comes with more than 40000 loaded courses and the battery life that is more than 15 hours. There is a question about how functional maps on your devices are.

The course will not change overnight in shape and size, but as a course manager, you should maybe know yardages to critical points on each hole, and we believe that this can help golfers make some better choices.

Garmin has excelled in this area since they are one of the best GPS companies on the market. We have tried out their golf gadgets, most famous among them the Approach S62 watch, which is probably still the best GPS golf watch on the market.

The Approach G80 displays you maps of every hole, with a possibility to pick spots you want and see yardages between them. It is almost a larger version of Approach S60 watch, but with some more useful tools.

Here are several examples of map displays

You can relocate pin on each green, mark shots to see how far the ball went, and it does include elevation changes in calculations (this option can be disabled if you are in tournament mode.

In addition, it can track the score of up to four players, so you can make a competition of a regular daily practice (handicap formats are also available).

The unit is also tiny, so you can fit it in your pocket, but it comes with a mounting kit, and it is possible to attach it to the cart or carry bag.

GPS works perfectly. It is most notable opponent at this price range is the newly released SkyCaddie SX500.

We would probably give a slight edge to SX500 because of enhanced map functionality a resolution.

However, SkyCaddie SX500 is only a GPS device without launch monitor features included in G80, and maps included in SkyCaddie are charged by SkyGolf.

Garmin Approach G80 Review:- Unique features

Advanced distance features

It is effortless when you are hitting a ball on perfectly flat terrain. But what happens when slopes enter the equation? We get annoyed and confused.

The solution for this problem is called G80, with its slope adjustments that ease up the game even more. Watch out, though, because this feature is illegal if you are playing tournaments.

It also has something called “Green View,” which allows you to zoom into the green and locate other yardages.

For an extra few bucks, you can get a portable charger, cart mount, and protective case. We think it’s a smart move to protect your investment.


  • Easy to use interface
  • No additional charges
  • Updated courses and yardages
  • Lots of practice features
  • A very punctual measurement system


  • Missing some features of G8
  • Does not save shot data


Garmin Approach G80 Review:- Conclusion

If you are genuinely in search of a good practice companion, good course manager, and coach in a certain way, Approach G80 is a perfect choice for you.

You will get state of the art GPS technology combined with a decent launch monitor, with many features to improve your game.

Of course, we recommend you compare it with other GPS golf devices to determine the one, which is best for your particular needs and requirements.

You will be able to improve the game by following the courses, and since it does not require a subscription, you can rest assured along the way.


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