Best Golf Wedges For Mid Handicappers


Best Golf Wedges For Mid Handicappers 2020

A golf wedge is an important piece of equipment for every type of golf game. With it, you can hit nice shots and thus achieve a lower score.The Best Golf Wedge Rankings

There are different types of wedges available in the market. The different models and makes of golf wedges are offered by different brands.

This makes it difficult to decide which one is the best golf wedge for you.

Therefore, we have listed some of the Best Golf Wedges For Mid Handicappers to help you choose the best one for yourself.

These golf wedges are offered by the topmost brands.

So, have a look at the top wedges for mid handicappers. You can choose any one of these golf wedges depending on your preferences and requirements.

These wedges can improve your performance in a golf game within 100 yards.

Best Golf Wedges For Mid Handicappers  2020 List

1)  Callaway Mack Daddy Forged:- Best Golf Wedge For Mid Handicappers

Callaway Golf Mack Daddy Forged Wedge Nickel Chrome with Copper Strike, Right Hand, Steel, 35" Length, Wedge Flex, 60 degrees

Last updated on July 22, 2023 03:13


  • Exceptional control from signature shaping and progressive CG - beautiful new shape and progressive CG locations to promote a lower, more controllable trajectory in the higher lofts
  • More spin from new 16 groove configuration - new 16-groove configuration incorporates an added groove near the leading edge for more spin, especially on pitches and chips
  • Increased versatility from new gear will grind - a defined crescent sole creates more precision shot-making options in the short game, especially on half shots and off of tight lies
  • Forged of soft 1025C steel for great feel and consistency. Choice of two finishes: nickel chrome with Copper strike for a refined look, brushed slate for a raw look
  • Equipped with true temper's dynamic gold Tour issue shaft - #1 wedge shaft on Tour - and Lamkin's custom-designed UTX grip for great feel, traction and control

The Callaway Mack Daddy Forged wedge comes with a half-crescent shaped grind and a square sole, which makes it one of the most versatile wedges out there.

This helps the golfer to hit half-shots with ease. It is created for the advanced golfer, as it has a less forgiving straight leading edge and a less offset that aids in increasing precision.

The new R grind of this wedge has a clear mid bounce and curved shape, which allows the golfer to hit a wide assortment of greenside shots with ease.

Moreover, the Callaway Mack Daddy Forged wedge has progressive CD (Centre of Gravity) positions that move upward with the increase of lofts. This results in a lower and controlled flight in high lofts while making the right spin.

2. Cleveland RTX-3

Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3 Cavity Back Wedge, Right Hand, Steel, 52 Degree, Tour Satin

Last updated on July 22, 2023 03:13


  • Patent-pending feel balancing technology - nine grams of mass are removed from the hosel and redistributed to the wedge head for a center of Gravity closer to the impact zone
  • V sole grinds add shot consistency and control - three Tour-proven grinds feature a V shape with more leading edge bounce to help the club head through the turf faster at impact for crisper feel and more consistent performance
  • New Rotex face increases spin - the third-generation rtx face features a refined groove shape, a new Rotex micro-milling pattern engineered to optimize spin performance by loft, and laser milling

The Cleveland RTX-3 comes with the technology of New Feel Balancing, which moves its CG (Centre of Gravity) towards the clubface center.

Plus, the wedge has a short hosel with a microcavity, which saves its weight. This design of this wedge reduces the vibration and thus improves the feel.

Moreover, this wedge increases the stability of the clubhead at impact, in turn, giving better distance control as well as forgiveness.

The Cleveland RTX-3 has a sole in a V shape, which helps to improve the turf interaction.

The Tour Zip Grooves of this wedge have a narrow and deep U shape with a razor-sharp edge radius, which in turn helps prevent fliers and enhances control.

The Laser Milling technology carves lines between the wedge’s groves to add friction and increase the spin, while playing greenside shots, in addition to maximizing the roughness of the surface.


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3. Mizuno T7

Mizuno Golf Men's T7 Blue Ion Wedge

Last updated on July 22, 2023 03:13


Package Quantity1
Product GroupSports
Product Type NameGOLF_CLUB
TitleMizuno Golf Men's T7 Blue Ion Wedge

The Mizuno T7 wedges are one of the first wedges by Mizuno that benefit from Boron infusion, which in turn makes the material of the clubhead much stronger and thus results in long-lasting spin control.

These are the new milling tools with more precision that have loft-specific grooves as per the limits of R&A. These pitching wedges have different lofts ranging from 45 degrees to 48 degrees.

The Mizuno T7 wedges feature a straighter top line as well as a leading-edge to enhance full shots.

On the other hand, this turns into a rounded shape for wedges with high lofts, ranging from 58 degrees to 62 degrees to play more open-faced shots.

Moreover, these wedges have visible grinds, which in turn make them more versatile by helping in striking the golf ball from different lies.


4. Cobra King

2016 Cobra King Satin Wedge (Men's, Right Hand, Steel, Wedge Flex, Versatile Grind, 58.0 Degree)

Last updated on July 22, 2023 03:13


  • Progressive milled grooves-new groove design features wider grooves and gapping on weaker lofted wedges, and narrower tighter spaced grooves in stronger lofted wedges providing optimum spin and trajectory
  • Variable face roughness-variable face roughness delivers an optimized surface roughness across the face to maximize spin and Control for greater shot making around the green
  • Notch technology-notch Technology enables the sole and trailing edge to sit lower to the ground, resulting in the blade height being closer to the ground on square or open shots
  • Premium chrome plating-satin nickel chrome plating provides a glare reducing durable finish

The Cobra King wedge is inspired by the Tour and has three different sole designs, including widelow, versatile, and classic.

This, in turn, offers different golfers with different types of techniques to find the right set up according to their varied needs and requirements.

Moreover, the progressive grooves in the fewer lofts of the Cobra King wedges are further apart, which reduces the backspin and thus deliver a stronger flight for playing the ideal pitch shot.

Moreover, the grooves are closer in the high loft wedges in order to maximize the control of the spin while playing chip shots.


5. Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack

Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack (Right-Handed, Steel, Regular, 52/56/60-Degrees)

Last updated on July 22, 2023 03:13


  • Built standard with high quality Pinemeadow steel from Apollo(R), a 125 gram shaft with a low to mid kick point.

The Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack is a pack of three different types of golf wedges. However, all of them are offered at a reasonable price of one wedge. They are so much affordable and pocket-friendly.

The Pinemeadow brand is a well-known brand in the world of golf, as it provides high-quality golf equipment.

The Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack is ideal for beginner golfers and all those who are above 10 handicaps. This is because these wedges give the right spin and control to above 10 handicap golfers.

All these wedges come with a chrome finish and weigh 4.4 pounds. They are made of high quality steel and come in 52 degree to 60 degree lofts.


6. Titleist Vokey SM7

Golf Clubs Vokey SM7 Limited Edition Wedges | Spin Milled 7 Tour Chrome | Right Hand (Gray, 58°10 S Grind)

Last updated on July 22, 2023 03:13


  • Limited edition wedge
  • Progressive CG creates precise distance gaps and trajectory control. Know exactly how far each wedge will fly and dial in your yardages.
  • Spin Milled Grooves optimize spin, control, and consistency for more confidence on all wedge shots.
  • Spin Milled technology provides players with maximum spin, control and consistency. The grooves and parallel face texture have been optimized based on loft and finish.
  • SM7 features a progressive center of gravity optimized for each loft, bounce, and grind for improved distance control, tighter shot dispersion, and exceptional feel throughout the wedge set. CG gets lower in the low lofts and higher in the high lofts to produce consistent ball flight and trajectory control.

As compared to the earlier Titleist Vokey SM6 wedge, the new model offered by Titleist has got a progressive CG (Centre of Gravity) design. This design aligns with the position of impact of every loft, in turn producing an accurate trajectory control as well as distance control.

This wedge gives a great feel to the golfer and is available in 3 finish types, including Jet Black, Steel Grey, and Tour Chrome.

Plus, it has nice looks and comes in 5 different sole grinds, namely L, M, S, F, and K, which are inspired by the Tour golfers. These sole grinds cover all types of swings and shots.

The new Titleist Vokey SM7 model has a Spin Milled TX4 combination of face texture and grooves, which facilitates more spin of up to 200rpm on the golf ball from a rough surface.

This wedge gives a buttery soft feel to the golfer at impact. Plus, the deep and narrow grooves in its lower lofts allow you to make the right spin for hitting full shots.


Types of Golf Wedges

In golf, a wedge is a type of specialized iron used for making short-distance shots.

Back in the eighties, there were only two wedges available (pitching and sand), but this category of clubs has grown to include at least three additional different wedges (gap, lob, and ultra lob) all serving a different purpose with varying lofts and bounces.

This discussion of wedges is certainly not comprehensive but does cover the most popular ones in use today.

Gap Wedge

A gap wedge is a versatile tool, useful for both pitching and chipping around the green. Gap wedges have more loft than a pitching wedge, but less than the other wedges.

These wedges are typically available with 46 to 54 degrees of loft.

This allows for an easy to control swing that provides enough height for the ball to land accurately. The loft on a gap wedge makes it a great tool for playing both pitch and chip shots.

A full swing with this wedge should get the ball about 80 to 110 yards.

Typically, a gap wedge is a specialty purchase as it does not come with a standard set of clubs and is not included in a three-set wedge system.

When selecting a gap wedge, make sure you choose one with a loft in between that of your pitching wedge and your sand wedge.

Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge is often included in most sets and is usually grouped with the other irons since its design is close to a 10-iron.

This wedge has the least amount of loft, making it a great option for high altitude shots such as sending the ball over trees.

With a typical loft between 42 and 50 degrees, you can easily strike the ball a distance of about 110 to 140 yards.

The pitching wedge is often used by golfers approaching the green since the ball travels so far in the air, it has less propulsion to roll when it lands on the green.

Sand Wedge

The name of the sand wedge belies its use. Sand wedges are one of the heaviest clubs and were designed with the most bounce specifically to help golfers hit balls out of sand traps or bunkers.

This club can also be useful for any type of soft, soggy ground.

On firmer ground, they can be used for lobs or chips onto the green. Sand wedges generally have a loft between 54 and 58 degrees.

Sand wedges are also shorter than other clubs, which helps to put a spin on the ball. A full swing shot from should get the ball anywhere from 60 to 90 yards.

A sand wedge is sometimes included in a standard set of clubs.

If you don’t have one it’s not a necessity, but once you get serious about your game you will certainly want one.

Lob Wedge

A lob wedge is one of the easiest clubs to use to quickly get high altitude with a soft landing.

They are designed with the shortest shaft and the most loft, between approximately 60 to 65 degrees.

This wedge produces a very high arc and is useful for precision shots and to get over hazards and obstructions.

The distance covered with a full swing lob wedge should get you 40 to 60 yards.

Like gap and sand wedges, lob wedges are not included in most golf club sets, and as a result, must be purchased separately.

Ultra Lob

An ultra lob wedge is an extension of the lob family. It has a typical loft of 64 degrees and is used to hit a shot with a higher and shorter trajectory than a standard lob wedge.

It is a highly specialized iron designed to make extremely high-angle shots such as from the “lip” of a bunker. It is not a club for beginners as it requires skill to judge distance with such a high lofted club.


Having the correct wedge for a particular shot is only half the battle. An expansive set of clubs with all the wedges doesn’t guarantee a great game.

The key is knowing how to use your clubs. With time and practice, you’ll be able to develop a solid and reliable short game technique which is the best way to improve your game.


Best Golf Wedges For Mid Handicappers:- Buyer’s Guide


In general, golfers do not pay much attention to their wedge lofts as they do with the irons.

But paying attention to the spacing of the wedges in your set can do your game plenty of good.

A golf wedge loft chart helps you understand the spacing between the wedges.

With the appropriate spacing, you can make the right yardage gaps for the clubs.

This way the distances will be consistent. And you can get more of the short shots, which restrict the number of strokes you play and take you closer to a pinhole in a much faster time.

Golf wedge loft chart: What you should look for

The loft in a wedge is the angle formed by the wedge face and a vertical imaginary line. With a high loft angle, you can get more shot elevation. This leads to an elevated ball flight with a reduced distance.

Generally, professional golfers carry a minimum of three wedges and even four at times.

This helps them to vary and choose short games.

The vital factor to note in wedge selection is to not leave any big loft gaps between the iron with the lowest loft and your first wedge and further with edge wedge.

A 4-degree loft gap is recommended between the clubs.

Golf wedge loft chart

The above Golf wedge loft chart displays only the average values. Distances too vary widely between golfers. The values can change based on the pitching wedge loft angle you use.

The ideal loft angle you should use is based on two important factors namely

  • The speed of your swing
  • Your attack angle

And the selection of golf club has certain thumb rules to follow which will help you choose the right set.

  • Higher degree denotes higher loft
  • Higher loft results in a shorter distance, more control and less roll of the ball

With the aid of the golf wedge loft chart and the tips given above, you can decide on the appropriate use of your wedges in your game and master the short game perfectly.

Key rules to keep the gaps consistent

Here are a few key rules to follow to have consistent gaps between the wedges and score in your short game:

Rule#1: Make four wedges mandatory

Count the clubs you need to include in your golf bag including your 9 iron. If the number reaches 11 including the putter and 9-iron, you can add only three of the wedges.

You can add 4 wedges if you have 10 clubs. With just three wedges to take care of the distance after your 9 iron’s 40-degree loft, you will have to play plenty of halves and in between shots, instead of fuller swings.

Rule#2: Base the wedge selection on your pitching wedge

When you have chosen the pitching wedge of say 45 degrees loft or a lesser degree, including the other three wedges in such a way that each of them is separated by a degree of 4 or 5.

Rule#3: Consider the gap wedge

It is advisable to include a wedge in between the sand and pitching wedges. A gap wedge that has a loft angle of 50 degrees can compensate for the wide difference in yardage that exists between the two.

By matching your gap wedge to pitching wedge and short irons in your club set, you can use it for full swing shots too.

Rule#4: Customize your wedges

It is possible to decrease the loft angle by a couple of degrees if needed. You can bend the wedges to make them weak or strong and get the loft spacing you desire.

But while you weaken or strengthen your wedges, you should remember that the bounce angle is affected by the changes. For every degree you strengthen the wedge, the bounce angle reduces by one degree and the opposite happens in the weakening of the wedge.

Rule#5: Decide on the highest loft

While it is true that ultrahigh loft degrees can launch the ball higher quickly, the 58-degree loft is the maximum angle that can provide the perfect versatility for your wedge with the highest loft angle. It also enables close contact for the ideal green side spin.

Ideal wedge loft progression

The ideal order of wedges to add to your club set is as follows:

  1. Pitching wedge of 45 degrees
  2. Gap wedge of 50 degrees
  3. A sand wedge of 54 degrees
  4. Lob wedge of 58 degrees

Few recommendations

With 14 being the limit to the clubs you can carry in your bag, the four or three wedges should be considered and not anything lesser.

Most golfers differ in the selection of wedges they want to include in their club set. You may also consider having one wedge less to accommodate a long club-like fairway metal or hybrid club.

To set up the wedge progression, you need to first know about the loft angle of your pitching wedge. The pitching wedge degree ranges from 46 to 48.

If for instance, your pitching wedge is 46 degrees, you should use the progression given above which is 52, 54, and 58 for the gap, sand and lob wedges.

Or you can consider using a gap wedge of 52 degrees and 56 degrees for a sand wedge and lob wedge with 60 degrees for a pitching wedge of 48 degrees.​

Most often lob wedge is ignored and the wedge count stopped with a sand wedge. This is due to the inability to use the 60-degree lob wedge appropriately.

The high level of the trajectory the 60-degree lob wedge produces can be hard to control for many players.

Since wedges add versatility to your game, it is best to use the golf wedge loft chart and diversify the shot selection, so you score on the greenside easily.

Most amateurs leave glaring gaps in the wedge loft selection, which is akin to not including a 7-iron in the set. With the above recommendations, you are sure to find the right set up for your golf game.

It takes only a few minutes to look at the contents in your golf bag and find out your existing selection. With a few well-placed tweaks, you can easily lower your scores and perform remarkably in the short game.



So, these are the top & best golf wedges for mid handicappers in 2020. Ensure that you see that the wedge has the right mix of bounce angles, sole grinds, and lofts, to choose the right one for your golf game.

These 6 Best Golf Wedges For mid handicappers are the ones that golfers always swear by to give them the right distance, lift, and spin and thus boost their confidence around the greens.


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Best Golf Wedges For Mid Handicappers
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