Best Golf Balls For Seniors Review & Buyers Guide

Best Golf Balls For Seniors

Golf is a great sport for people of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or an expert – golf can be the perfect sport for you.

However, when it comes to golf balls, choosing the right ones for you is important. Seniors might think that there are only certain kinds of balls their age group can play with because they’ve heard older people say golf balls are hard on your body.

But the truth is there are many options available to seniors that will make them feel like they’re playing their best game yet! 

In this article, we will look at the golf balls for seniors that can assist with their golf game.

Also analyze how a golf ball can help with distance and spin control, and look at areas such as cost and durability – hopefully allowing you for a clearer understanding of what you should look for next time you are buying the best golf balls for seniors.

Quick Rundown

  1. Overall Best Golf Ball for Senior Golfers (Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls)
  2. For Soft Feel Without Sacrificing Distance (TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls)
  3. For Slow Swing Speeds (Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls)
  4. Golf Ball with Low Compression Core (Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls)
  5. Golf Ball for Distance (Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls)

Best Golf Ball For Seniors 2022 Buyers Guide

Golf is a game of precision. If you want to be the best player you can be, there are some things that you should know about golf balls before your next round on the course.

What type of ball do I need? What size am I looking for? You may not know the answers to these questions, but don’t worry!

We’re here with all the information you need to choose our best golf ball and get more distance from your swing.

First, let’s understand why the right golf ball matters for senior players?

As we get older, many things slow down, and sadly on the golf course, the same is true.

One of the main differences between senior and younger players will be swing speed,

within most cases (there are exceptions of course!) a senior player having a slower swing than their younger counterparts, is primarily down to a loss in strength and flexibility.

To accommodate for this crucial loss of swing speed, there are golf balls that are marketed as softer.

A softer golf ball should gain better distances off both tee and iron shots as due to the ball’s softness it doesn’t require vast amounts of clubhead speed to travel far.

The ball is aerodynamically designed and should fly quicker through the air, enabling a golfer to keep more of their original distance.

Slower swing speeds will also have an impact on ball flight and spin.

Softer ball designs (which we will go into more detail on later) allow a senior golfer to achieve better levels of ball flight and due to the ball’s soft nature, it shouldn’t react negatively when it lands on the fairway or green, allowing the golfer a better handle on their spin control.

The other part of our body that slows as we age is our eyesight, thankfully the large variety of colored golf balls now on the market can assist if all of a sudden it becomes tricky to track and locate the golf ball

.Below we break down how golf balls can vary and what ball you should choose depending on the part of your game you are looking to improve.


As noted above, if all of a sudden you find that your tee and iron shots aren’t traveling as far as they used to, this could be down to a critical loss of swing speed.

The faster the clubhead speed, the further the ball will travel. It’s no surprise to see that on the modern PGA Tour, Bryson DeChambeau has the quickest clubhead speed and averages the longest distance on Tour.

To allow for a loss of club speed, balls have been developed with low compression. This simply means the core of the golf ball is softer than your standard golf ball which means when the clubface makes contact with the ball, the softer ball is more forgiving and should aid with further distance and loft.

To put it in some sort of comparison, the ball you hit in the driving range is one of the hardest balls you can hit.

The purpose of the orange ball is for the ball to be whacked mercilessly all day – hence why range balls are fairly indestructible! Next time you are playing or at the range try a softball as you will find the difference is immediately noticeable.


Due to the way the clubhead hits the ball when using a softer golf ball, it also creates a higher spin rate, the result of this is that the golf ball will go higher into the air.

If you are a golfer that has been struggling for loft, using a softer ball should enable you to hit your shots higher.

There is nothing more frustrating than when you hit a nice approach into the green only to then see it bounce and roll off.

A lower compressed ball should aid you here as the softness of the ball should result in a ball stopping quicker in comparison to a more standard ball.

If you are struggling for both height and control, a softer ball might be the answer for you.


It’s important that the golf balls you play with not only offer high performance but also are durable and provide good value for money.

Golf balls are an essential tool in the bag, they are the one and only constant regardless of what club or shot you are trying to hit, so you must get your choice of ball right.

Both softer and firmer balls are roughly made from the same materials, both will have a rubber center, but the material they use to cover the ball could differ.

On a more standard tour-level ball, these balls are often covered in a material called Surlyn. Surlyn covered golf balls are really durable and as explained earlier, these are the types of ball you would find down the driving range.

The hard exterior of the Surlyn ball will enhance the distance your ball can travel, this is because the firmness of the ball will meet less resistance in the air as it flies.

The other material that can be applied to the outside of a golf ball is Urethane. Urethane is often used on softer balls.

Urethane balls are perfect if you are a golfer looking for more control and feel but as they are softer these balls could be more likely to mark or be impacted by repeated striking.

It’s important to stress that both materials are incredibly durable and it’s rare that the balls would get damaged throughout around.


1. Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls

Overall Best Golf Ball for Senior Golfers

best golf ball for seniors

The new Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are designed for seniors.

They’re made with an innovative cover, core, and flight technology that makes them perfect for your game.

The new Hybrid Cover is made by DOW Chemical. It has a PARALOID Impact Modifier that can help you get the ball to go faster and with less spin.

This new cover helps you feel the ball more, which helps you control it on the green.

You can get these incredible benefits without sacrificing any distance or accuracy!

The new Callaway Supersoft uses special materials that dramatically increase distance while still offering great spin around the greens, which means that it’s easier than ever to improve your game no matter what level you’re at!

These are great balls, even if you want to play golf but don’t have the strength in your arms.

These balls are made of a soft, low compression core that provides incredible feel and control around the green.

The new Hybrid Cover is incredibly durable so it won’t scuff easily on those tough courses.

And they fly straight off the tee or when you need them most on approach shots.

You can even get more distance because these balls are engineered to be aerodynamic which reduces drag for faster ball speeds across the face of your club.

These golf balls will help you keep up with your game while giving you all-day comfort in your swing!

Most Golf balls are expensive, but Callaway Supersoft golf balls are perfect for seniors looking to play good golf without spending too much money.

If you often have a hard time hitting the ball straight. Then try these golf balls.

These balls fly straighter than most other brands, but they also feel soft when you make contact with them. This means that even if your swing isn’t as smooth anymore, you’ll still be able to hit the ball far enough for par or birdie!

These soft golf balls also give your game a boost by boosting confidence and helping you recover from bad shots quickly so you can focus on playing better instead of worrying about losing another ball!

Best Golf Balls For Seniors Review & Buyers Guide 1


  • Improved clubhead speed.
  • Soft feel
  • Better greenside control
  • Fastball speed
  • High launch
  • Low spin
  • Designed for seniors
  • Great Visibility
Best Golf Balls For Seniors Review & Buyers Guide 2


  • None


The new SuperSoft is engineered for seniors who want high launch and low spin off the tee, soft feel around greens, and confident approach shots into greenside bunkers or rough.

These durable golf balls also feature an innovative cover that provides incredible control around green edges and traps so you never have to worry about hitting it too far past the hole again.

Plus, they’re available in multiple colors so you can choose one that matches your style!

2. TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

For Soft Feel Without Sacrificing Distance

best golf ball for seniors

TaylorMade’s TP5 Golf Balls are the softest and highest spinning Tour ball, perfect for seniors.

They’re designed to be soft and high-spinning, which means they won’t slice or hook as easily as other golf balls.

With a larger core that is more reactive, these golf balls have enhanced stopping power inside 100 yards with their increased greenside spin that provides control in precision in close-to-pin situations.

Fueled by a soft cast urethane cover, its increased greenside spin provides control and precision where it matters most: Closest to the pin.

With the new Tour Flight Dimple Pattern, TaylorMade unlocked aerodynamics that promotes maximum carry distances and a steep angle of descent for extra stopping power, especially on long irons.

You can expect more distance and control with these balls than any other ball on the market today!

Enjoy the softer feel that makes it easier to say no when your pesky grandchildren ask if they can play too!

You know! golf balls are hard to hit from the rough, and most seniors struggle with this.

The new TP5 is made of a softer material that allows it to fly further when struck off the tee or fairway.

It also has a larger core which gives it more spin around the green for better control of approach shots. This ball was created with you in mind!

The larger reactive core in TP5 is what gives these balls their impressive distance as well as incredible feel around the green that other golf balls just don’t have!

TaylorMade golf balls will give you an edge on your next round, no matter if you’re playing from the rough or just trying to get those extra few yards out of your drive.

Playing golf can be a great way to spend time with friends and family, but it can also get expensive.

Golf balls are the most expensive part of your game. One round of golf uses up 4 or 5 balls, which adds up quickly! You know that there must be an affordable option out there somewhere.

TaylorMade TP5 is a high-quality ball for a reasonable price.

The new dimple pattern helps you hit longer drives without losing too much accuracy around the green, so you save money by hitting fewer shots into water hazards!

These balls are designed to help you hit it further than ever before!

Best Golf Balls For Seniors Review & Buyers Guide 1


  • Designed for seniors
  • Offers max carry distances
  • Control and precision when you need it most
  • Smoother feel
  • Get more control over the greens.
  • Good contact feeling
  • Cool Design and feel
Best Golf Balls For Seniors Review & Buyers Guide 2


  • Quality issues


TaylorMade Golf Balls are the best balls you can buy! Soft and high spinning, perfect for seniors with slow swing speeds or just learning how to play.

Exclusive soft cast urethane cover provides enhanced greenside spin while aiding in control and precision closest to the pin.

It also features a larger reactive core so there’s no doubt your ball is going right where it needs to go.

Designed by golfers like you who know what it takes to get better at their game without spending too much money.

Why leave all these benefits up to chance? Get TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls today.

3. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Best for Slow Swing Speeds

best golf ball for seniors

The iconic golf ball has been outfitted with advanced design technology and materials to deliver more distance and better short game control.

The new Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls are out to leave your competitors eating dust.

This golf ball distance is improved through a specially-formulated 2.0 ZG Process solid core that’s softer on impact but kicks off more speed downrange than ever before.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls provide faster speed off the driver for even more distance than before while maintaining its legendary softness around the green so it feels just like your favorite Pro V1x on every shot from tee to green.

Plus, the new softer cover formulation delivers increased greenside spin control for improved short game performance too!

The faster high-flex casing layer also increases long game spin so it wears longer and, with less friction than ever before, you’ll be getting up and down for birdies in no time.

Crafted from ionomer materials that are designed to be lightweight but durable, these balls are perfect not only during games of golf or practice rounds by yourself, they also make excellent collectibles due to their limited availability giving them an exclusive cachet.

You can also take control of your short game, lofting greenside approaches with ease because these golf balls come with a spherically tiled 388 tetrahedral dimple design that gives them fast speeds across the turf.

Best Golf Balls For Seniors Review & Buyers Guide 1


  • New aerodynamic packaging
  • Enhanced spin
  • Control for your short game
  • The faster high-flex casing layer
  • Increased distance
Best Golf Balls For Seniors Review & Buyers Guide 2


  • Pricey


The new Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls are the best golf balls you can buy.

They’re made with a soft cover that helps maximize spin on short game shots, and they have an innovative dimple pattern for the increased speed of the driver. If you want to improve your game, these golf balls will help you do it.

4. Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls

Best Golf Ball with Low Compression Core

best golf ball for seniors

Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls are designed to help seniors play their best golf. These Golf Balls are specifically designed with senior golfers in mind.

They have 38% more surface contact with the club for better energy transfer and straighter shots.

The high energy transfer rate of these balls means that more of your shots will be better placed because the clubhead has transferred more force to them during impact.

These balls have an improved feel and a softer core that makes it easier to hit off the tee or approach shots close to the green.

The softer core also contributes to an improved feel on all shots, reducing slice and hook spin on full shots.

The softcore also increases spin on full shots so you don’t slice or hook as much when you swing your driver at full speed.

The aerodynamics of these balls help reduce the slice and hook spin on full shots, so you can hit it straight every time! The aerodynamics of the dimple pattern reduces spin and help shots stay on target, so less goes off course!

The unique dimple pattern reduces spin by up to 15% when hitting full shots, which helps reduce the slice and hook spins that can cause your ball to go off-course.

This means more of your shots will stay in play so you’ll get better at this fun sport!

This ball is useful for golfers of all levels. but, since this ball has a softcore, it will help reduce the slice and hook spins for shots where you swing your driver at full speed.

This is especially helpful for seniors who struggle with these types of shots!

For golfers of any skill level, this ball can be used to make sure that you’re hitting more on target.

Best Golf Balls For Seniors Review & Buyers Guide 1


  • Better for straighter shots
  • Improved feel
  • Reduces slices and hooks
  • Go farther
Best Golf Balls For Seniors Review & Buyers Guide 2


  • Slightly Less Durable


This is a great ball for senior golfers and beginners since it has special features designed to improve accuracy.

It will help you get more of your shots on target so you can work on improving with less stress! The softcore also gives the balls a softer feel that makes them easier to hit, whether they’re teeing off or coming in for a short shot.

These balls are made with a Surlyn cover, which is designed to reduce hook and slice-spin when you make contact with the ball.

The more of these softcore balls you have, the more you’ll be able to work on your swing with less stress!

5. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls

Best Golf Ball for Distance

best golf ball for seniors

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls are different from any other ball you’ve ever played.

They’re made of a special titanium core material that’s ultra-lightweight and super reactive, which means it delivers explosive distance off every club in your bag!

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls are designed to be aerodynamic and spin less in order to give you a longer distance off your woods or irons.

This is especially important on long shots where there isn’t much room for error.

These Golf Balls are designed to give you more distance off of woods, irons, wedges, and drivers without having to change your game or swing speed.

The aerodynamic design gives these long-range shots incredible spin control around the green so that even amateurs will be able to hit accurate chip shots into greens from greater distances than ever before possible!

Plus, these high-velocity golf balls have wind-cheating flight stability so even if the wind picks up while you’re playing, your game won’t suffer!

These high-performance 2 piece Titanium core golf balls will cut through the wind better than any other ball on the market while providing an excellent feel around the greens.

These balls are virtually indestructible with Dupont Lithium Surlyn cover construction that will last for years of enjoyment without having to replace them every few rounds due to scuffs or cuts from rough terrain.

These balls have long-term durability, high performance, outstanding resilience, and excellent playability every time.

So whether it’s your backyard or on the course, Nitro Golf Balls are perfect for any golfer!

These Golf Balls will improve your game by delivering more yards off each shot! You’ll get an unbeatable performance with this no-nonsense ball!

Best Golf Balls For Seniors Review & Buyers Guide 1


  • Maximize the energy transfer
  • Spin less and give an explosive distance
  • Improved feel on and around golfing greens
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Durable, resilient
  • Gives that extra-long shot
Best Golf Balls For Seniors Review & Buyers Guide 2


  • Feels hard


The Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball is crafted to be both your long game and putter’s best friend.

For explosive distance off the tee, the titanium core maximizes energy transfer while spinning less for wind-cheating shots.

It also features aerodynamic dimples that generate lift, decreases drag to provide maximum velocity for virtually unstoppable distances.

The cut-proof cover provides maximum durability while remaining soft enough for a great feel on or around the greens.

How is the golf ball made?

To beginners of the game, they might not be aware that a golf ball can be made in four different ways all of which incorporate different technologies, with each different way the ball is constructed offering different advantages to a player.

One-Piece Golf Ball

The one-piece ball is the most basic of balls and is most likely the ball you would find down your local driving range. Ideally suited for beginners, they are softer in comparison to Tour-level balls, but are incredibly durable and cheap.

They normally just consist of a hard center with dimples coated on the outside. These balls are ideal for distance but will give you very little control.

Two-piece Golf Ball

A two-piece golf ball is the most common ball that is produced, these balls have a solid inner core and are then cased in the tougher Surlyn material.

The two-piece ball is ideal for a higher handicapped golfer or someone who is a beginner. This ball will allow shots to travel further, but if you are looking to really control the golf ball, there could be other options.

Three-piece Golf Ball

For senior players, if the more commonly used two-piece golf ball doesn’t give us everything we need, then the three-piece ball should.

This type of ball is structured the same way as the two-piece ball but has an additional layer, usually consisting of rubber between the core and the outer layer.

This additional layer makes the ball softer and provides some cushioning when the club strikes the ball. For higher handicapped players the three-ball construct is a good choice as although it won’t go as far as the two-piece option,

it will enable you greater control of the ball, which would be particularly useful when trying to shape balls into the green or when you are on the green itself.

Four-piece Golf Ball

A four-piece option is structured like the three-piece ball but has another additional layer that exists between the core and outer layer.

These balls are aimed at top-end golfers who are looking to peek every ounce of performance out of their golf balls.

Due to their advanced technological functionality, these balls are often more expensive than the other balls we have reviewed.

For ultimate spin control, this is the ball to use, but this ball might not be the option for you if distance and cost are your primary concerns.


Putting dimples onto golf balls was one of the first scientific breakthroughs in golf. Before dimples existed, players were finding that the first kind of golf balls performed better when they were slightly damaged, this was because the damaged ball reduced drag on the ball allowing it to fly further.

Not wanting damaged golf balls to be the future, golf manufacturers started to manipulate the surfaces of golf balls until they settled on the dimples – and the modern ball as we know it was born.

There is no set limit to how many dimples can be on a golf ball, they can range from 300-500, but dimples allow for better ball flight and control.

They can be any shape and tend to be either circular or hexagonal. Senior players should look for golf balls with wider and shallower dimples as this will help you gain better length and control of your shots.


This article would recommend those senior golfers next time they look to buy golf balls opt for a softer ball. There are some fantastic options out there but how much do they cost? Take a look at some of our recommendations below.

Callaway super soft – fantastic for senior golfers beginning the game and more experienced golfers looking for better ball flight, this ball is perfect.

Srixon Ad333 – these balls are probably the most durable out there so should provide value for money in the long run.

Srixon Q Star – if you are wanting to master your spin control, then there is probably no better option than the Q star. It’s reasonably priced.

Chromax metallic M5 colored golf balls – if tracking the ball is a problem, these Chromax balls are great and one of the most visible balls you can buy.


As noted at the top of the article, golf is a sport that can continue to be played well into our later years, it’s what makes the game so unique.

It’s a thrill when as a player you are playing well and have the opportunities to make birdies and pars to post a solid score. As we get older, we still want to be competitive and play good golf, so despite not being able to hit the ball as far, or potentially as high – it’s fantastic that we can buy a ball that can help us stay competitive.

A softer ball does take some getting used to, trust me this writer knows, as I myself play with a Callaway Super Soft Ball.

The noise it makes off the club is different, so is the way the ball flies as soon as it makes contact with the clubface. When I started playing with the softer ball, I was almost scared to hit it with all my might as I just felt the ball was going to launch and take off on me.

However, with time and familiarity, it’s a ball I have learned to love and it has taken my game to new territories.

A three-piece ball, I have mastered control over it and have felt no loss to my length or have I experienced a loss of control. The ball I play with is also pink so that takes a while for not only you but your playing partners to get used to!

There is such a variety of softer compressed balls you can buy and experiment with. Ranging from different colors to the way the ball is physically constructed, finding the right ball will not only assist your game but also provide excellent value for money and durability.

I would implore anybody that is interested in the softer ball to try one as soon as you can, hopefully, you will find them as useful as I have and the effect on your game will be as impactful as it has been for mine.

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Best Golf Balls For Seniors Review & Buyers Guide
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