Airsson Golf Rangefinder Review

If you want to enjoy the efficiency of the accurate rangefinder for a throwaway price, you should consider Airsson Golf Laser Rangefinder.

Thanks to its weatherproof design, you can use it without being worried about adverse weather conditions. 

This tournament legal golf laser rangefinder is what you want to hold on to in every golf tournament and use to acquire more accurate yardage.

This innovative tool featuring 6x magnification with clear optics and a clean display is designed to impress and offer high-quality performance.

This golf rangefinder makes flag acquisition very easy and improves the level of accuracy in your results. You will easily fall in love with its looks as well as its ability to deliver.

Airsson Golf Rangefinder Review:- Features

AIRSSON Golf Rangefinder Laser Rechargeable

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  • ABS

  • 【High precision Range Measurement】AIRSSON golf rangefinder delivers accurate measurement from 5 to 650 yards, Accuracy:±1yard. 6X magnification and fast focus ensures you have a clear view. Whether daily training or in competition, they make it easy for us to play a ball game with ease

  • 【Fast Flag Lock Technology】This range finder golfing can quickly and accurately scan and lock flag range, not what’s behind the green. This flagpole locking function supports a distance up to 250 yards. Please Long press the "Action" button to enter scanning mode. Continuous Scan function allows golfers to acquire distances to multiple targets at once - making your confidence touch the sky!

  • 【Slope On/Off Switch Function】The laser rangefinder with slope compensation technology can be adjusted based on the hole’s incline or decline, providing a better perspective of your shot and making club selection even more correct. The slope-adjusted switch between slope mode and non-slope mode at the push of a plate, you can turns off in tournament-legal mode or at any time

  • 【Multifunctional Golf Rangefinder】The laser rangefinder has 7 modes: flagpole locking function, scan measurement mode, slope compensation mode, speed measurement mode, angle measurement mode, height measurement mode, horizontal distance mode. It's a perfect choice whether you use range finders for hunting, golf, shooting, archery or other purposes

  • 【Convenient charging】AIRSSON Rechargeable Rangefinder is built-in 500mA rechargeable lithium battery which can be charged by USB cable(red color means charging, green color means fully charged). More convenient and no need to replace battery, saving your time and energy. If you have any problem about the rangefinders, please contact us, we can reply you in 12 hours


It is a lightweight and compact golf rangefinder. It is a well-built golf rangefinder with an ergonomic design. It’s simple to use. Once it is powered on, you just need to point towards the target and press the power button to find the distance. 

It’s easy to hold and doesn’t feel slippery. However, you need to hold it to study to measure long distances. 


This golf laser rangefinder comes with multiple modes, it’s great to have so many modes for such a low price.

Flagpole locking Mode:-  In this mode, the rangefinder will provide you with the recommended flagpole distance after locking the flag.

Horizontal distance mode:-  this golf rangefinder measures the distance from the rangefinder to the object. In this mode, it will also provide information about the angle to that object. 

This is the straight distance from the rangefinder to the object.

Slope compensation mode:- In this mode, the golf laser rangefinder measures both the height and the horizontal distance as well as the angle and displays it to you.

This mode calculates the slope-adjusted distances based on the uphill or downhill. 

Scan measurement mode:-  In this mode, the rangefinder does the same thing as the slope measurement mode but continually reads off the height, distance, and angle to whatever object you point it at.

Height measurement mode:-  In this mode, you can use the rangefinder to measure the height between two points. In this mode, it lets you point and take a measurement of one point, then you take a measurement of another point, and it will tell you the difference in height.

Speed Measurement Mode:-  This mode is useful if you would like to measure the speed. You can measure the speed of the object moving toward or away from you. 

Airsson golf rangefinder allows us to store up to 10 measurements. 

Airsson Golf Rangefinder Review


Pin Seeker with JOLT Technology

Using this rangefinder that features a pin seeker with JOLT that gets rid of all doubts in your findings while increasing your experience in the golf court; is your let you lock on to the flag like a pro.

This golf rangefinder guarantees high-quality results and increases your confidence in every shot that you make in your plays.

Airsson Golf Rangefinder Review

6x Magnification

This is a better function than most of the rangefinders in the market today. This kind of magnification makes this laser gadget more dependable and worth relying on every time you hit and aim for the flag.

Get better images with admirable brightness and clarity in any lighting condition easy and fast.

Weatherproof Design

What can be more amazing than a rangefinder that gives you the exact yardage whenever you need it without relying on good weather only? This weatherproof design makes this Airsson laser rangefinder your perfect golfing partner, come rain or sunshine.

You will be impressed with the results it offers even in the worst weather ever.

Clear Display 

In short, this rangefinder does not give room for confusion and mistakes. It acquires and displays yardages exactly as they are.

The clear display technology gives this Airsson product an improved clarity, contrast as well as light transmissions that lead to a top brightness for the digital readout.

Airsson Golf Rangefinder Review

5 Yards to 650 yards Range

It has the best range coverage and relative accuracy of up to ±1 yard for yardages ranging from 5 yards to 650 yards.

You can never be disappointed with this golf laser rangefinder at any moment, and you will always be provided with the exact results as they are.

Apart from golf, you can use this golf rangefinder to measure the distance or height of the target. Interestingly, this golf rangefinder is useful for calculating the area of the land by measuring both length and width and multiplying the values together.


Airsson’s golf laser rangefinder comes with a rechargeable battery. It comes with a 500mAH battery which can be recharged using any USB charging box or using a laptop.

What’s in Box.

This rangefinder shipped in a small brown box. It comes with the golf rangefinder, a micro USB cable for charging, a soft bag, a lanyard, a microfiber cloth wipe, and instructions manual.

Airsson Golf Rangefinder Review 1


  • Multiple modes.
  • Accurate and fast
  • Locks on to the flag quickly
  • Works with great speed and precision
  • You get the exact yardage for every single shot you make with this rangefinder
Airsson Golf Rangefinder Review 2


  • Too small for big hands

Airsson Golf Rangefinder Review:- FAQs

No, it doesn't have a mounting thread on it.

The Airsson golf rangefinder provides accurate and faster yardages among other important features.

Airsson Golf Rangefinder Review:- Conclusion

Working with a golf laser rangefinder that uses an eye-safe class 1 beam puts you at a secure hand yet delivering you with improved means of acquiring the most accurate yardage.

With an exclusive design and top-of-class functionality, this rangefinder is exactly what you require.

Explode your golfing experience with this legal-for-tournament-play and professional level rangefinder from Airsson. It ranges from five yards to 650 yards and offers results accurate to one yard.

Overall, you’ll find this rangefinder is value for money with a lot of features. It’s priced reasonably. It’s fast and easy to use with a rechargeable battery with a compact design. 

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Airsson Golf Rangefinder Review
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